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Light Up Your Home With Antique Table Lamps

Antique table lamps would be a great addition to any parts of your home. These antique table lamps come in a variety of styles with designs. There are many antique stores out there that will provide you with a wide selection of antique table lamps whether offline or online. However, if it’s your first time to buy an antique, specifically a table lamp, you should know how to choose properly.

Shopping for antique table lamps

When starting to shop for antique table lamps, you will realize that there are a lot of antique table lamps for you to choose from. Buying a beautiful antique table lamp is very easy but when it comes to the price, authenticity, rarity and the value of the table lamp, it might become tedious.

Spotting a beautiful antique table lamp doesn’t mean that you just pick it up and tell the dealer that you’re taking it. Instead, you will need to know the history of the table lamp before you purchase it. Antique table lamps have lasted for a century and it is very important that you know where it came from. This is vital information especially if you’re buying antique. In fact, you will only get to appreciate antique if you know its history and you realize the many decades it have gone through.

Tips when shopping for antique table lamps

The next thing that you should do is to inspect carefully the antique table lamp. If you’re buying antique table lamps online, it is very important that detailed pictures are posted and any flaws of the object must be posted. It is very important that you have communication with the antique dealer which is why it is also important that you find a reputable antique dealer before you decide to purchase any antique objects.

The rarity determines the value of the product and this is also the basis of the price. For first-timers, it is always very important that you consult the help of an appraiser before you decide to purchase. This way, your antique buying will be worth it and you will be assured that you are getting a valuable antique. There are many reproductions or replicas of antiques out there which is why you should always be careful when you decide to buy antique, in this matter, antique table lamps.

These are some of the things that you should always keep in mind when you’re buying antique table lamps for your home. Antique buying is not like buying stuff from the mall and putting it in your shopping basket, it is more of discovering and knowing the whole history of the particular antique.

Antique Stores In Denver

The city of Denver is the most populous city of Colorado and in this popolous city thrives a number of antique stores in Denver that antique collectors will find very enjoyable. It’s like the end of the rainbow, the treasure awaits but not in the pot of gold form but in an antique store. Many antique collectors and even antique collectors from different cities are fond of antique stores. This is because of the many treasures that one will find which will really make antique collectors very happy and satisfied, not to mention the great deals that they will encounter.

Finding Antique Stores in Denver

If you are new in Denver and you are on the hunt for antique stores, then you won’t have a difficult time. The World Wide Web, Yellow Pages, and newspapers have all the information that you need. However, you may need some reviews before you walk out of your home and proceed to antique stores.

Denver is a huge and busy city. Sometimes, you might not even notice that you have passed by an antique store. Here are some of the antique stores in Denver that have gained a lot of thumbs-up signs from customers.

Some Antique Stores in Denver That You Must Visit

If you are a fan of antique firearms, then the Frontier Gallery in S Broadway is the best place for you to visit. They don’t just sell firearms but the also have jewelry and artifacts, most are from India. They offer products such as antique guns and Holsters, Old cowboy leather, western paintings and bronzed, old India turquoise jewelry and antique swords and bayonets. A wide selection of brands are free for you to choose from. The antique stores also have all the needed accreditation which are required.

Another antique store that you must definitely visit in Denver especially if you have a fondness for rare coins and jewelry is the Fort Lauderdale Rare coins and Jewelry in N Federal Highway. They also buy and sell vintage jewelry, sterling silver and flatware, treasure coins, silver dollars, silver bars and coins. Aside from this, they offer selling and appraising services. A huge selection of brands are also available if you are looking for a specific brand.

Antique stores in Denver hold a lot of treasures. As you can see, most of them have their own specialties ranging in different categories. This gives customers a wide selection of antiques to choose from.

Antique stores in Denver


Antique stores Chicago

If you are looking for antiques in Chicago, then you will be surprised that there are many antique stores Chicago where you can get different kinds of antiques, from furniture to collectibles. So looking for antique stores Chicago won’t definitely be a problem.

Finding antique stores Chicago

If you search online for antique stores Chicago, you will find that most of the stores have earned good reviews from a lot of people. The yellow pages and newspapers will also serve as your guide in locating antique stores Chicago near your area. Most antique stores are tucked away in streets where people tend to pass by without noticing that there is an antique store there. This is also the reason why people search for antique stores because most of the antique stores Chicago are not visible enough. On the other hand, once you discover an antique store, prepare yourself because you will definitely savor the smell and the wonderful treasures you will find inside.

Chicago residents have described antique stores Chicago museum-like because of the many historical items that you will see inside. To make it much better, the items come with price tags and because of this, antique collectors in Chicago are very happy. Aside from this, even non-antique collectors are enjoying visiting antique stores Chicago with the knowledge of finding treasure inside. There is also a chance for you to score great deals and bargains.

Antique stores Chicago – Popular antique stores

There are also antique stores Chicago in their malls. Here are some of the antique stores Chicago that you might want to visit:

 Broadway Antique Market located in Broadway St. If you are searching for mid-century modern furniture this is the best place to go. They also have a wide selection of jewelry and art deco that will really captivate the eyes of many.

 Edgewater Antique mall located in the neighborhood of Edgewater. If you are looking for vintage clothing and accessories, this is the best place to go. You may even score a lot of vintage gowns, dresses, handbags and jewelry!

 Lincoln Antique mall in Irving Park Road. For antique furniture, this is the best place to go and the place is also known for selling great mattresses!

There are still a lot of antique stores Chicago out there but these three are the most popular. Aside from this, each antgique store listed above has good customer service which is a big deal. When buying antiques, it is very important that the store will provide you with excellent service because you will have a lot of questions that need to be answered and you surely don’t want sales assistants or even the owner scowling at you or behaving in a rude manner.

These suggestions of antique stores Chicago will serve as your guide. Consider this your first step on unraveling more antique stores in Chicago.

Antique stores Chicago


Survival Bracelet Instructions

Survival bracelets are becoming very popular nowadays. Do you know that you make your own with the help of some simple survival bracelet instructions? You will be able to make your own survival bracelet by following simple instructions. The nice thing about this is that you can customize your bracelet to your own liking as well as make some more for family and friends.

Here is a list of survival bracelet instructions that you can easily follow:

  1. You must have your paracord ready. Once you have it, wrap it around your wrist and make a note of where the cord meets.
  2. Hold both the ends together and find the center of the loop.
  3. Take the center of the cord and pull it through one end of the buckle.
  4. Pull the cord ends through the loop until they’re tightened and attached to the buckle.
  5. Take the buckle apart and pull the free ends of the cord through the other part of the buckle, sliding it up towards the attached part.
  6. Measure the distance between the two buckle ends for the bracelet size for your wrist and add about an inch to your measured wrist length.
  7. Start the stitch.
  8. Take the cord on the left side and place it over the center strands running between the buckle ends. Take the cord on the right side under the left side cord, under the center strands and through the loop of the left side cord.
  9. Tighten up the cords so the half-knot you just formed is next to the buckle.
  10. Take the right side cord over the center strands; the left side cord goes under the right side cord, under the center strands and through the loop of the right side cord. Tighten up the cords.
  11. Use a heat source to melt the cut end and to keep it from fraying.

These are very simple survival bracelet instructions that you can follow so that you can make your own survival bracelet.

There are a lot of paracords that you can choose from and they come in different colors. You will definitely enjoy making your own and making some for your friends. These survival bracelet instructions will really be helpful, especially if you plan to give away some as souvenirs.

The best serrated knife

We all want the best, and when it comes to knives in your kitchen, there are different types of knives that you should have and having the best lot is very important. One of the very popular types of kitchen knife today is the serrated knife, which is the reason behind the constant search of homeowners to find the best serrated knife.

A dull knife would be useless and the best serrated knife is a requirement inside the kitchen. You surely don’t want to take all the time in the world slicing through that loaf of bread! So, if you’re looking for the best serrated knife today, then there are a lot of brands out there that offer serrated knives that might suit your requirements.

Since you are looking for the best serrated knife, it is better that you check out reputable brands today. These knives may be more expensive but you can guarantee that these knives will be the best for you. However, if you are on a tight budget and you only want to get an affordable serrated knife, you can also find affordable serrated knives today.

So, if you’re looking for the best serrated knife, it’ll be best if you do it online. The World Wide Web holds a wide selection of serrated knives that you can choose from and from there, you get to read reviews from customers who have tried the specific serrated knife you’re eyeing on. This way, you will be able to determine if that knife is the best one for you. Aside from this, you also might want to check out what people are raving about when it comes to serrated knives and why. They are raving about those knives not for nothing and finding out why will let you know the big deal about it. In fact, you might have some brand names in mind already and if it’s your first time to get a serrated knife, you might want to start your search with those brands and from there, work your way until you find the best serrated knife for your kitchen or for your needs.

best serrated knife
by oskay under CC BY  


The best serrated knife is not difficult to find! In fact, it’s very easy because most serrated knives today can guarantee you that will give you the best quality and performance that you will need inside your kitchen. Doing your research would be great as well!

Tupperware rice dispenser

The Tupperware rice dispenser is very popular because of the reputable brand and they are known to design extraordinary storage system to bring innovation and order to any type of home. The main staple of Asia – rice, inspires their rice dispenser.

by randomidea under CC BY  


The Tupperware rice dispenser ensures a fresh way to store rice and it comes with a unique drawer and a slide to dispense rice. You can also count Tupperware to be very hygienic especially when it comes to food storage such as their rice dispenser. Another great feature of their rice dispenser is its first-in-first-out rotation that keeps the rice fresh and one swipe exactly dispenses 1 cup of rice or 150g of rice. Aside from this, it can store up to 10.5kg or rice, which is perfect for every family and it comes in beautiful neutral colors that will definitely match any kitchen décor!

With the Tupperware rice dispenser, you can assure that you never have to deal with spills anymore and its see-through window is a clear indication of the remaining level of rice. You never have to go out, rushing, just to get rice because you will be warned once your rice supply is low. Also, don’t worry about water getting inside because it won’t! Its non-slip rubber base will keep the water out and for cleaning purposes; it comes with fully detachable parts for an easier cleaning.

Tupperware caters different storage systems today and the Tupperware rice dispenser is one of their most popular products because of its wonderful features. In fact, it has gained a lot of awesome feedback from customers who have one in their homes! You can find reviews online or you can go to their website as well.

When it comes to the cost of a Tupperware rice dispenser, it is very affordable! There is no need to break the bank with this one. Tupperware also has other rice dispensers or containers that you can choose from but this rice dispenser seems to be the most popular choice of homeowners today. Its durability and functionality makes it very worth it. So, if you are on the search for a rice dispenser, a Tupperware rice dispenser would be the perfect choice for you! Why don’t you start shopping for one? The easiest way would be to do it online and you might even get great discounts if you do your shopping online. However, for those who want to purchase it personally, your local stores have it.

Everything you need to know about an RCA to HDMI cable

Are you looking for an RCA to HDMI cable? Well, you will definitely find loads if you look online but before you purchase and before you get your hopes up; an RCA is used for analog signals while an HDMI is used for a digital system. Since you are looking for one, you might need to connect an RCA device to an HDMI device and you think the solution is this particular cable. However, once you get your hands on it and you connected both, it might be missing an output while it can be done successfully.

If it is missing an output, then your RCA to HDMI cable will be useless because you will need to get yourself a converter. Remember, there are some connectors that only carry Composite Video + Audio while there are some that carries RGB while others only carries Component Video. These are all not compatible with each other and they are definitely not compatible with the digital HDMI system.

You see, a simple RCA cable plugged at one end and an HDMI plugged at the other end cannot possibly work. A digital analogue box is really needed here and you have to make sure which direction you want the conversion to go. To cut this whole explanation short, an RCA to HDMI cable cannot really work without any converters.

That is also the reason why a lot of experts encourage people who looks for an RCA to HDMI cable to just but a new HDMI device because it’s cheaper and there won’t be any hassles anymore when it comes to connecting the devices. However, not all can afford it while others only need to transfer some files for a short period of time. They won’t be disappointed but their wallets will definitely be disappointed once they are about to purchase a converter, which costs more than a new HDMI DVD player and to think it will only be used once.

Aside from this, the ‘hassle’ begins when you are in the search for an RCA to HDMI cable. Sure, there are plenty of these cables online but how do you know if that cable will work and how sure are you that the seller is reliable? Even if you purchase from a reliable seller, it’ll still be a hassle since there is a big chance that you will need to purchase a converter that will cost you more or less $50. SO, should you really take the time in finding an RCA to HDMI cable or just get yourself a new device?

Antique Silver Spoons – Through The Years

Antique silver spoons – the beauty of collecting

Collecting antique silver spoons is known to be a prized hobby of antique collectors. The joy and satisfaction they feel when they search and find unique and perfect antique silver spoons to add to their growing collection. The spoon is a tool that has been used during the prehistoric period. In the Bible, it mentions that gifts of gold spoons were used for religious and ceremonial purposes. It is also known than an antique silver spoon was used for Christening and was engraved with the Chi Rho symbol which means “Christ” and is given to the child to confirm baptism. Also, antique silver spoons or silver spoons back in the days were only used among the wealthy and royalty and many of the antique spoons did not survive but luckily, there are still many antique silver spoons and those made of gold that have survived to this day.

All about antique silver spoons

Antique silver spoons are very valuable, indeed. During the 1300s in England, every silversmith was required to have his own mark including his city, date, duty and standard marks to make it easier for collectors and dealers to identify the age and value of antique silver spoons. Even though these antique silver spoons were created for beauty and use, most of these tell a store by its own design and markings. Antique collectors are amused by the whimsy and humor represented in many of the antique silver spoons. There are some silver spoons that denote royalty and display the crest of markings of the family.

Today, you can find antique silver spoons of the 16th century presented with birds, doves, owls and pinecones while there are others with flutes, balls, spears and scallops.

The mid-17th century showed the change in the shape of the bows and stem of the antique silver spoons. The stem became more simpler and flat in order to suit the Puritanical taste and knops on the end of the stem disappeared. Throughout the next century, the shapes of the stems on the spoons began to display a variety of graceful artistic shapes . Some are curved up while others are curved down and these changes were made in the shape of the stem, from plain to ornate.

As you can see, silver spoons went through a lot of changes as the years go by. It is very fortunate that these silver spoons have been well-kept and preserved making then value much higher. As the years go by, these antique silver spoons will continue on increasing its value as long as you maintain it properly.

Best Man Speech Outline

Preparing your best man speech can be quite a difficult task and to help you with this, making a best man speech outline first would be perfect. It is very important that you know what you’re about to say when you are called to get up there, and make your speech.

To help you, a best man speech outline for you:

Beginning of the speech  – You can start this part by introducing yourself. There is a big chance that not everyone in the room knows who you are. Give a quick introduction and say that you’re the best man. After the introduction, you can insert a one-liner to catch the attention of your audience. Once you have drawn the attention of the audience, thank the host for organizing the occasion.

Middle of the Speech – in this portion, this is the body of the best man speech and the most important part as well. As you write in this portion, keep in mind what you’re writing about. This may be the perfect chance for you to tell a brief story of the bride and groom. It can be a funny moment that you remember about the couple. Always keep the story fun and PG rated for the kids and family in the crowd. It is very likely that you know the groom more than the bride does but keep your speech as balanced as possible.

Closing of the Speech – this is the last part of the best man speech outline and this is the part where you will want to wrap it up. Keep the speech short and to the point. Wrap it up with a wish or blessing to the bride and groom, and raise your glass with a cheer or congratulations.

This best man speech outline will definitely be a great guide for you, especially if it’s your first time to become a best man. You see, it’s not every day that you get to be a best man and you would want it to be perfect. Your speech will be such an important part of the wedding because the newlywed and the guests are excited to hear what you have to say since you are closest to the groom. Just follow this simple outline when writing down your speech and you will surely be able to make a well-organized speech for your friend or brother. Let this outline serve as your guide and you also might want to look at some best man speech samples over the Internet, just make sure that you don’t copy it!

Survival Bracelet Uses

What are the uses for a survival bracelet? There are a lot of survival bracelet uses and you’ll be surprised to know about the unusual ones, especially if you’re new to this kind of bracelet. In this article you’ll learn some of its most common and out of the ordinary functions.

If you ask about survival bracelet uses, you will most likely be answered with “anything”. In fact, it really is that. Its use depends on your imagination because you can literally do ANYTHING with it. The bracelet can be used as a shoelace or a thread; helpful if there’s an immediate need. You can also use it as lashing for a tarp shelter. By taking out the inner strands of the bracelet, you’ll have all the cords that you need to build one. Among other uses of a survival bracelet are for fixing a broken gear strap on your kayak or making an improvised rope for a bear bag. The list goes on.

A survival bracelet as a shoelace. One of a survival bracelet's uses.

The best thing about a survival bracelet is that you can wear it just like any other accessory. When you need it, you can simply unravel the bracelet. Survival bracelets have even become a part of fashion these days. There are now a lot of designs that you can choose from. There are also several colors available. This is probably enough reason for you to grab more than one. After all, having several survival bracelets increase your capacity to think of better solutions in desperate situations.

In case you didn’t know, survival bracelets are usually included in all survival kits today. They are one of the most versatile accessories that you can take to the field. They are lightweight yet super strong and compact. Fun fact: the sheath is braided with 32 strands and the inner strands are made up of 7 two-ply yarns. Survival bracelets are used by both military and ordinary people around the world.

A survival bracelet helps people realize its importance and why they should have it. Did you imagine that a simple cord wrapped around your wrist has the ability to save your life? Sounds unbelievable, but such are the uses of a survival bracelet. If you’re doing your research about survival bracelet uses and survival bracelets in general, hopefully, this article has helped you. It’s definitely something that you should always have, especially if you take a trip outdoors regularly. You will definitely be happy to know that you are wearing it.