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Philips SHS500 Review

The Philips shs500 are perfect for activities such as running, exercising or dancing. Any activity that requires full-body movement, these headphones will accommodate you with your activities. What makes this very popular is its hip design. The headphones boasts of 24k gold-plated plug which ensures bass beat vents reliable connection and these vents allow air movement for high-quality sounds.

The Philips shs500 are available on Amazon for just $44.99. Click on the pic for more details.

The ear cushions of these headphones have been improved and enhanced for comfort and the bass response was also been enhanced and improved. The cushions also are ergonomic which a lot of people will surely love and this will add more points regarding the product. The increased cable dependability is because of the pull-relief system feature of the headphones. The neckband is reflective so during the dark it can still be seen and for safety purposes also. You don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangled because it only has a single-sided cord which will prevent cord tangles.

The Philips shs500 headphones are available on Amazon for just $44.99 through this link right here.

The bass quality is excellent and gives high-quality sounds from iPods or MP3 players. The headphones are also perfect for people who have jobs that require them to transact over the phone, the headphones will be the perfect one for them and it’s very affordable.

To read more product specifications regarding the Philips shs500 headphones click this to be redirected to! There are a lot of good feedback from customers also and there are no bad feedbacks so far. A lot of people have been saying that everything is perfect about the headphones itself! You can use these headphones anywhere you like whether for running, exercising, dancing, work, leisure or just listening to music in your iPod or MP3 player. The headphones are very in the trend right now; these headphones are usually worn by the newest generation today and make them feel the coolest kids around. It doesn’t slip; its perfect neckband avoids it from slipping from your head.

As said above, these headphones can be purchased in the link above for a more affordable price! Get one now and turn your music players on! You can use it anywhere. It’s very flexible and it doesn’t look like a “sports” headphones. Everyone who purchased the headphones loved it and I’m sure you will love it too! Its rich bass and durable cable will really give you the best quality of music you’ve never experienced before, go grab yours now.

The Philips shs500 headphones are available on Amazon for just $44.99 through this link right here.

How To Make A Good Goal Setting Plan

When you have goals and you have already set them, it is time for an action plan and this is what you call goal setting plan.

Instead of just setting your goals in your head that you will obviously forget because of a lot of things that are happening in our lives, you have better set it. Goals will motivate us regarding our progress in our lives. A goal setting plan will help us with our goal priorities and to keep our goals organized. Setting a clearly defined goal is the 1st step for your goal setting plan. You have to know what you’re aiming for and you also need to know how it will be achieved. 2nd step is to set your priorities. This will help you to keep on moving forward. Make a time frame for your goals so you will be more motivated to do it. Lastly, in goal setting plan, you have to have the right focus. This will help you attain that goal. If you’re a person who gets distracted easily, this is the time to test that focus and to learn for yourself how far you can go.

Goal setting plan should always be implemented when you have goals, which most of us have. This will make it easier for us to sort out the goals we want to achieve this whole New Year. Writing it down will be a great help and posting it somewhere in your bedroom where you can see it every waking day will help you a lot and will give you bigger chances to achieve the goals you have made. Another thing in goal setting plan, make sure that all your goals are realistic and attainable. Don’t make something that even you know you can never achieve, like those movies we see, some of these are fiction or if it’s real, it only happens in a few people.

Make a goal setting plan and you will for sure achieve every goal you set your mind into. Determination, courage and discipline should be possessed by you. Without these, it will be impossible for you to achieve the goals you have made. Keep in mind that everything starts small and it’s up to you to make it big, if it’s your first time to make a goal setting plan, start with a small goal then slowly make it bigger and bigger.

Funny New Year’s Resolutions

We have welcomed another year in our lives. Every end of the year, it has become a tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year. What do we want to change? What do we want to improve? What do we want to have something new in our lives? People from all over the world came up with their resolutions. However, there are also some funny New Year’s resolutions that will surely make you laugh. Here are some funny New Year’s resolutions that are funny yet true!

  • Games on Facebook will stop becoming a chore, especially Farmville.
  • I will stop sending e-mails to my wife/husband.
  • I will spend less than an hour on the Internet.
  • Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store.
  • I will never eat a medicine just because it looks like candy.
  • I will never again eat a jack fruit before going to a public function.
  • I will stop saying,” Ooh, that feels nice” whenever the security guys frisk me at airports.
  • I resolve to work with neglected children — my own.
  • I will stop making resolutions about weight.
  • I will not congratulate any woman on their pregnancy unless I am sure she is pregnant and not fat.
  • Just for today, I will not sit in my living room all day in my nightdress. Instead, I will move my computer into the bedroom.
  • I will not tell the same story at every get together
  • I will not ring the stewardess button on airplanes just to get her phone number.

There are really funny New Year’s resolutions that really happen in real life. We just don’t notice it at that exact moment, but whenever we write everything that we’ve been through for the past year and promise not to do it again, it will actually look funny. This is merely to lighten everyone’s mood right after the holidays. We all know everyone is working so hard just to be able to have a better year than before, but let those frown lines on your forehead ease up and read about these funny New Year’s resolutions. Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun! Laugh and smile at strangers. These resolutions will surely make your day, especially if you have experienced them. Laugh those worries away and remember that whatever happens in your life, there’s always a reason why. These resolutions will make you think back of the past year. Think about those funny moments in your life that you promised never to do again.

Christian New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year means a New Start, and this saying goes to Christians as well. However, there Christian New Year’s resolutions that will improve your relationship with God. What are the common Christian New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Improve your prayer life – How do you do this? Simple, just pray. It is very easy as long as you believe in God and you know that God will help you with everything and he’s the reason for everything. Get closer to God; you don’t have to go to chapels or churches just to pray. You can do this everywhere and every time. Get closer to your creator and you will feel inner peace once you have established that communication with your creator.
  • Read the Bible – For Christians, this is very important. The bible lays all the information you would want to about God. You will learn more about his life, his teachings and his apostles.
  • Get more involved in Church – sure you go to the every Sunday mass, but maybe you can do a bit more for this church? As your Christian New Year’s resolution, why don’t you help your parish?
  • Help people – this is very essential when it comes to being a Christian, they should know how to help people and they should be able to help them even in the simplest and smallest things. These things will come back to you, double.
  • Strengthened your faith – God will give us obstacles that sometimes we think we cannot go though, we think everything is too much but this is just God’s way to strengthen your faith and trust Him, He will not do something that He knows that is not good for you or something that you cannot go through.
  • Bring a friend to Church – why don’t you let others know where you find that faith and what keeps it together, let them meet God and let them participate in the Church.

The Christian New Year’s resolutions will give ideas to all those Christians out there, and even if you’re not a Christian you could also try to implement these resolutions to your life too. You might just get something from it and learn more about life. God really is powerful, all we need is more faith and more trust, He will never leave us in the dark side without any sign of hope. Everything happens for a reason as they say, and God gave you obstacles to conquer because there’s a reason behind it.

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Review

The Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 will definitely wow the sports lovers out there. The headphones are best for runners or those who simply run to get fit, working out in the gym or exercising.

These headphones are available on Amazon for just $44.95 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on the pic for more details.

What makes the headphones perfect for sports lovers and people who enjoy doing activities that can help their body fit? One good feature of the headphones is it is sweat and water resistant that is usually an issue for those who work out, people who undergoes training and etc. it also has neckband headphones that can easily be worn and has neck support that will avoid the headphones from falling once doing body activities. It also features a DuPont Kevlar cable for incomparable sound. It also has high-output drivers for a more energized sound.

These headphones are currently available on Amazon for just $44.95 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

The brand Sennheiser combined to Adidas will really make good headphones that cater to the sports-minded people. Sennheiser and Adidas have been making a lot of products sports-related through the years and gained the trust of many making both brands a trusted brand. These headphones are designed and optimized for iPods, MP3 players, iPhones and portable media players. Sennheiser partnered with Adidas to give their customers more comfortable fit and ergonomic design which a lot of people will really raise their thumbs for the gesture that says OKAY.

Check out for more information! You could also read feedbacks from other customers who bought the Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 and see for yourself. These feedbacks are of course came from real people which will convince you enough whether to buy it or not. Also, for a more affordable price, the link posted above will surely give you the best deal on these headphones. If you have been looking for headphones that with earbuds that will really stick and with a neckband that will stay in place and won’t slip, this one’s perfect for you. Whether you are jogging/running, working out in the gym or training for a sport, these headphones are the one for you. You’ll enjoy your music more and will give you even more good-quality music that you surely will appreciate and love.

Click the link above to be redirected. For more product specifications and technical details, click the link posted above. You never have to worry about your headphones slipping while doing your thing, Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 will give you the best fit and with these 2 brands that joined forces, it will sure be made from good-quality.

These headphones are currently available on Amazon for just $44.95 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

Sennheiser PMX80 Review

When working out, or running around the city we want music to fill our minds while working out. It makes us feel more in-tune with the workout and it is also a way of “alone” time for ourselves. Headphones are very essential since it is where we listen to our music that’s why we need headphones with capability to keep up with out workouts. One of the best headphones in the market is the Sennheiser PMX80.

The Sennheiser headphones are available on Amazon for $44.95. Click on the pic for more details.

Sennheiser PMX80 it is a polished and sporty neckband which can be worn anywhere. The Sennheiser PMX80 comes into different styles, the Sennheiser PMX80 Sport II and the Sennheiser PMX80 Eco friendly sport headphones.

Sennheiser PMX80 Sport II – These headphones have been gaining a lot of good reviews from a lot of satisfied customers. These can stand out to the mightiest workout. It features an ergonomic neckband and vertical transducer system for the best fit and comfort. It is water and sweat resistant. It contains powerful neodymium magnets for a balanced and detailed sound quality. It is also washable with running water. It comes with a cable clip and can be connected to any mP3 players, iPod, iPhone, and portable gaming consoles. It also comes with a single-sided cable.

Sennheiser PMZ80 Eco friendly sport – comes with a bio-degradable packaging. This also attracts a lot of people because almost everyone wants to help improve the environment and these headphones are one way for you to help Mother Nature. It is also water and sweat resistant and washable. It can used and worn anywhere, working out, jogging or just relaxing at a café having coffee outside and listening to your favourite music.

Sennheiser has been making high-quality headphones for quite some time now and it never fails to get the attention of a lot of people because of its features and the eco-friendly headphones they made earned a lot of stars and good reviews in the Internet. Sennheiser PMX80 is very affordable and everyone can avail it especially those people who wants to have a sturdy and long-lasting headphones especially when working out. The unique neckband received a wide applause and good reviews of people because of its flexibility and the audio quality of the headphones are amazing.

If you are looking for a study, flexible and long-lasting headphones that can be worn anywhere, check out Sennheiser headphones on Amazon.

All of the Sennheiser headphones are currently available on Amazon through this link right here