4 Tips For Graduation Banners

If you have a loved one who’s about to graduate, a graduation party won’t be complete without some graduation banners! Express how proud you are through these banners. There are well-designed graduation banners out there that you can just purchase but if you want to put more effort into it and have it customized, then you can design it on your own!

Here are some tips that can help you create creative graduation banners:

  1. Color combinations – this is very important as the colors will definitely play such a huge part in designing graduation banners. Since you want it to be very creative as much as possible, good contrast will make the lettering and graphics stand out and this will ensure that the banner will catch the attention of the person you dedicate it to. Make sure that the contrast id dractic enough to make sure that the banner can stand out and the format can easily be read.
  2. Margins and white space – the width of the margin is usually the mosty abused spaces on graduation banners and other banners. A general rule of thumb is to have the top and bottom margin be 10% of the heigh, and righ and left margins be at least as wide as one of the banner’s main font character width. Don’t fill the empty space of the banner with graphics. The white space can help keep the person’s eyes concentrated on the text.
  3. Graphics – the school logo, photos and other images can help reflect the spirit of graduation but you shouldn’t overpower the message you intend to give. Looking at professional sign company graduation banner template will help you get a good idea.
  4. Fonts – keep in mind not to use more than two type of font styles. Helvetica, Futura and Ariel are the most recommended font styles for graduation banners and these are widely used because of its clarity at a distance.

These are some of the best tips that can help you create the best graduation banners. However, if you are not gifted with creative hands, then you buy banners and have a professional customize it for you but you have to relay to him or her your vision. There are also cheap banners if you are on a tight budget and you can find a lot of banners available like church banners and others.

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