About antique console table

An antique console table is a piece of furniture that can be used and is applicable and less expensive than a larger piece of furniture of a dining room set. For antique collectors who wish to purchase an antique console table, it must be one hundred years old. However, for some people, an antique object or piece might be an acquired table which is fifty years old or from a previous era.

Shopping for an antique console table

Shopping for an antique console table means that antique collectors must pay attention to the idea that such piece is second hand or used. Price negotiation is not frowned upon and it is not unusual to find weathered wood or unfinished wood underneath as indications of the timeliness of the antique console table. However, if a specific piece is very weathered or which has unfinished wood does not mean that the console table is an antique. It is very important that you don’t purchase refinished tables if you want to retain its true value. If an antique console table has been refinished even in only a small amount, it has lost of its value already. An antique console table which has suffered from aging of the original finish and darkened has increased value.

Design of an antique console table

When it comes to the design of an antique console table, there are many popular styles. Originally, the design was meant to attach to a wall with the use of brackets. This style was developed in France in the latter half of the 17th century because it fits perfectly within a long and narrow foyer of a townhouse. It is two-legged though it is also found with at least a single straught side which remains undecorated and can be placed against a wall. The most popular shape associated with an antique console table is the rectangular shape, though the demilune table shape was also popular. It is a half-moon or semi-circle shape which can contain a drop leaf which the user can flip up to form a complete circular table. This style was integrated during the 1750s and was popular design for Louis XVI.

Knowing about an antique console table and its history is very important especially if you wish to purchase one for your home. This will definitely increase the value of your home and will evoke a nostalgic feeling in your home.

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