All about antique chair styles

There are different antique chair styles that you can choose from. In fact, antique collectors take pleasure from this wide selection of antique chairs. This leaves them with a lot of choices.

Understanding Antique chair styles

There are Victorian antique chair styles that will speak of historic times. This will evoke a feeling of elegance and timeless beauty. You may often find such antique chair style in waiting rooms and these chairs are usually re-upholstered over the years but the sturdy construction and careful selection of the fabrics can make it last for a very long time and still hold its value. These Victorian antique chair styles have rounding seats are curved waist-like backs that reflects the clothing stiles during the Victorian era. The Victorian era started during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and such chairs can bring us back into the peaceful time in the British Empire.

There are also Australian antique chairs that followed European designs very closely and its major distinguishing factor is its local cedar timber which isn’t hard or as tight grained as the mahogany that is used in England.

Identifying antique chair styles

As said above, there are plenty of antique chair styles in the market these days. That is why it is also important that you know how to identify an antique chair style. You must pay attention to the details and craftmanship of a particular chair as this is the hallmark of antique chairs which makes these chairs desirable.

The first thing that you have to pay attention to to identify antique chair styles if the arms and legs of the arms. A chair with cabriole legs with scallop-cut mount is likely an antique chair in the Queen Anne style. This style was known in the early 18th century. The next thing that you have to do is to compare the shape and size of the chair. If it’s a smaller chair, it may be the Regency style which started in 19th century.

You may also need to look at the chair to see if the arms are attached or not. If the arms are not attached, it is possible that it is the Rococo style which is made of mahogany. Lastly, you have to feel the weight of the chair.

Visiting your local antique stores, participating on auctions and visiting antique auctions online will do the trick. You will definitely find a wide selection of antique chair styles in these places. On the other hand, it is always important that you know the history and the current condition of the particular chair or chairs that you wish to purchase. This is very important because you will be getting an item worth a hundred years and is very valuable which will definitely cost you a lot of money.

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