All about bentwood chairs

Bentwood chairs – explained

What are Bentwood chairs? This a type of furniture that is made by bending wooden rods into the required shape after they have been heated with steam. Michael Thonet is the famous Austrian cabinetmaker who experiemented with designs that are based on birch rods that are bent into curvilinear shapes. His bentwood chairs are among the most successful examples of the early mass-produced furniture.

Bentwood chairs are known to be light, comfortable and inexpensive, it is also known as strong and graceful and because of this, these chairs were widely used in clubs, hotels, shops and restaurants. The early bentwood chairs were stained black or dark brown and seats were commonly made of cane or plywood and were the only portions not made by the bentwood method. The Thonet rocking chair is one of the most aesthetically pleasing example of bentwood chairs.

Variety of bentwood chairs

There are a number of designs and shapes from which you could choose. You will find that each design is unique and stylish. There are scroll accents, open heart shape or simply heart shape, v shape or inverted v shape. Also, the curved spoon back should not be forgotten.

Bentwood chairs are often made out of oak wood. This is the best wood as it gives an antique look. Oak wood is also known for its great preservation and aging. Aside from this, oak wood also gives the chair or bentwood chair its antique value making it more valuable as time goes by. Walnut and mahogany are also used in the making of bentwood chairs and these are more valuable than oak wood. You will also find bentwood chairs made out of ash, birch, beech etc.

The cost of bentwood chairs depends on the value, age and history behind it. You should also consider its current condition. Old chairs will show some damage or aging but this can be repaired. There are many sellers of bentwood chairs in the market today. You can start searching online for antique stores and other furniture stores in your area that sells these chairs.

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