All about French settee

Antique lovers adore and appreciate the classic French settee. This kind of chair has exposed wooden frames that are usually carved and its seats and backs are upholstered. Usually, a French settee is fairly small and can fit two people comfortable. This is very regal and elegant.

It is very possible that it is your first time to encounter the word settee and you might be surprised to know that a settee, a sofa and a couch are all the same, all have the same meaning. Now this French settee that we’re talking about is a sofa but comes in French style. If you are not an antique collector yet you appreciate French furniture, you will surely love this particular piece.

Expect a French settee to look very elegant and classy. It’s not your ordinary couch or sofa that you can just sit on. In fact, when you see one, you will definitely fix your posture and you might not even have the urge to lie down and put up your feet. Yes, this settee is really very elegant. Putting one in your living room or other parts in your home will evoke a Victorian feel.

A lot of people loves Victorian-inspired homes and to achieve that “feel”, a French settee will do the trick. It may look all so regal and elegant but you will be surprised how comfortable the couch is. The most common setter are the two-seater but you can find a French settee the size of the regular sofas we have today. However, most people today prefer the two-seater as this is much easier to find instead of the large ones.

You should know as well that there are genuine antique French settee that you can purchase but this is very rare and its rarity affects its cost which simply means that it is really expensive. On the other hand, if you don’t have the right amount of budget for a genuine antique, you will find a lot of reproductions of this which are more affordable without sacrificing its elegance and comfort.

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