All you need to know about torque wrench calibration

Do you know anything about torque wrench calibration? This is important as this will offer safety and effectiveness of your home and car repairs as well as the functionality of the torque wrench.

Prepare your torque wrench, vise, string, 20-pound weight, calculator and marker.

  1. In the center point of the wrench head that can be found of the back of the torque wrench, mark this spot.
  2. Measure from the center point to the point at which you apply the most pressure when using the wrench.
  3. Write down the measurements either in inches or in feet.
  4. Use the vise to clamp the wrench horizontally.
  5. Hang a 20-pount weight from the handle of the wrench with the use of the string.
  6. The weight along the handle of the wrench must be moved until it measures exactly 40 foot pounds or 480 inch pounds.
  7. Measure the distance from the center point on the head of the wrench to the string and write the measurement.
  8. Divide the measurements you have take with the calculator to find the calibration ratio.
  9. Your torque wrench must be set for a specific application by multiplying the required torque of the bolt by the calibration ratio.

Calibrating your torch wrench is recommended. A torque or a tightening force is critically important when working with any fasteners that will be subject to some kind of load. The bold will need to be preloaded with the correct amount of force so that it will break or come loose and fall off.

Torque wrench is used when tightening automotive engine as this is commonly used in this particular field:

  • Cylinder head bolts
  • Connecting rod cap bearing
  • Crank cap bearing
  • Cam shaft
  • Crank case

This torque wrench needs to be calibrated as well because this is used in industrial machines such as factory equipments.

Although it is said that a torque wrench is often calibrated if it has been damaged as it is very possible that it lose its calibration that is why you will need to calibrate it once again. However, it is very necessary for the correct tightening of nuts and bolts as per screw must have the same measurement. For example, the cylinder head: the surface of the cylinder head and the engine block there is a gasket in between these two, it is important that you retighten the bolts equally because if not there is a tendency that the cylinder head will get deformed which will cause loose compression leading to rough idle, over-heating and this will be the start of gasket damage. That is why it is important that you know how or you know about torque wrench calibration.

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