Antique dining room tables

If you want a touch of elegance in your dining room, then you might want to take a look at the wide selection of antique dining room tables. There is nothing more grandiose than period furniture that evokes artistry of long ago. In history and even today, a dining room table is a place where friends and family can gather while having a wonderful meal and at the same time swapping stories. Such occasions are priceless and to make it more priceless, antique dining tables can also bring a feeling of nostalgia and it can also hold memories that will last through a lifetime.

Taking you back – Antique dining room tables

Back in the days, specifically during the 1600s to 1730, Walnut trees play an important role to craft antique dining room tables that we have today. An ample supply and craftsmen labored over this beautiful hard wood to create dining room tables that showed off the grain of this beautiful wood. Walnut is very impossible to thin down which simply means that the dining room table was made very thick. Its legs is cradled with beautiful ornate designs because Walnut easy to carve.

The 18th century introduced an abundance of new and exciting furniture with the different eras of time. Queen Anne, Chppendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Federal, Georgian, Louis and Empire styles all shared its own unique designs with a new wood that offers more than Walnut. The 18th century introduce the use of Mahogany as this is easier to cut and sculpture and the grain left a beautiful glow to a room when it is treated with a hard clear finish. These dining room tables have become masterpieces along with matching chairs and buffets. Rosewood, tulipwood and ebony are exotic woods that were also used and these have brought out the grain much further.

Antique dining room tables – Good investment

The history of these dining room tables, which are known as antique dining room tables made it valuable today. When you are planning to purchase antique dining table, you need to prepare your budget because these will definitely not come in a very cheap price. Whatever the cost, it will definitely be worth it. Its timeless beauty will capture the heart and captivate the souls of money. Imagine a time capsule that have lasted through a century and continues to open itself up for new memories that will never be forgotten hence, always remembered.

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