Antique stores Chicago

If you are looking for antiques in Chicago, then you will be surprised that there are many antique stores Chicago where you can get different kinds of antiques, from furniture to collectibles. So looking for antique stores Chicago won’t definitely be a problem.

Finding antique stores Chicago

If you search online for antique stores Chicago, you will find that most of the stores have earned good reviews from a lot of people. The yellow pages and newspapers will also serve as your guide in locating antique stores Chicago near your area. Most antique stores are tucked away in streets where people tend to pass by without noticing that there is an antique store there. This is also the reason why people search for antique stores because most of the antique stores Chicago are not visible enough. On the other hand, once you discover an antique store, prepare yourself because you will definitely savor the smell and the wonderful treasures you will find inside.

Chicago residents have described antique stores Chicago museum-like because of the many historical items that you will see inside. To make it much better, the items come with price tags and because of this, antique collectors in Chicago are very happy. Aside from this, even non-antique collectors are enjoying visiting antique stores Chicago with the knowledge of finding treasure inside. There is also a chance for you to score great deals and bargains.

Antique stores Chicago – Popular antique stores

There are also antique stores Chicago in their malls. Here are some of the antique stores Chicago that you might want to visit:

 Broadway Antique Market located in Broadway St. If you are searching for mid-century modern furniture this is the best place to go. They also have a wide selection of jewelry and art deco that will really captivate the eyes of many.

 Edgewater Antique mall located in the neighborhood of Edgewater. If you are looking for vintage clothing and accessories, this is the best place to go. You may even score a lot of vintage gowns, dresses, handbags and jewelry!

 Lincoln Antique mall in Irving Park Road. For antique furniture, this is the best place to go and the place is also known for selling great mattresses!

There are still a lot of antique stores Chicago out there but these three are the most popular. Aside from this, each antgique store listed above has good customer service which is a big deal. When buying antiques, it is very important that the store will provide you with excellent service because you will have a lot of questions that need to be answered and you surely don’t want sales assistants or even the owner scowling at you or behaving in a rude manner.

These suggestions of antique stores Chicago will serve as your guide. Consider this your first step on unraveling more antique stores in Chicago.

Antique stores Chicago


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