Aquatic turtle food

So now that you have your turtles with you, are you ready to feed them? Do you know any aquatic turtle food that will not only satisfy your turtle’s hunger but will also make your turtle healthy and live long? This article will give you some great ideas that will surely give you and your pet turtle the benefits you both need.

Most pet turtle owner feed their turtles some turtle foods which are typically bought from pet shops. Some even include supplements on their meals. But you can have another option and this option is a lot healthier than those pet shops bought turtle food and supplements. It is far better to provide your pet turtle the natural kind of food and supplements that will help it stay strong and protected from any diseases. To make even make this method effective, it is advisable that you also provide your turtle the right and balance diet. You may still provide your pet turtle some supplements if you think that their aquatic turtle food has lacking of vitamins and minerals needed by your turtles to live long and healthy.

But some experts prefer to give their pet turtle the kind of aquatic turtle food that it usually gets from the wild. Below are the list of natural foods you can easily provide and give your pet turtle without the fears and worries of any side effects.


Did you know that turtles love to eat aquatic turtle foods such as goldfish, minnows, trout and guppies? You can either feed your turtle whole fish or you can chop it into pieces or halves. But it is always best to freeze your aquatic turtle food so you can still feed your turtles for the following days. This will help get rid of the parasites from the turtle’s body. You should feed your turtle thrice a week.

Some greens and vegetables

It is also important that you give your turtle some greens. This will help your turtle to stay healthy and protected from diseases. You can provide you pet turtle some cabbages, lettuces, alfalfa and clover. Sometimes turtle eats berries so you can try giving your turtle this sweet but healthy treat as well.


It is also essential that you give your turtle some supplements aside form the aquatic turtle food you provide them. Calcium supplement is important. You can provide your turtle calcium block. This mineral should be provided in form of supplements since you it can’t be easily find in the aquatic turtle foods you give your pet turtle.

It is important that you know exactly what your turtle needs especially what aquatic turtle food you should provide your pets. If you are unsure about this matter, you can always ask your vet for advice or you can check the net for some details. From here you will get the full description of the product plus some customer reviews and how much it will cost you.

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