Aquatic turtle supplies

You might want to know what your turtle needs in order to live long and healthy. After all turtles are lovable among other pet around. This is why people prefer turtles than any other amphibians. But since they do not make noise or even movements that might catch up your attention, you need to provide their needs on your own. Though they may not be as demanding as other house pets, still you need to provide their needs such as the aquatic turtle supplies.

So to help you out I gathered some of the aquatic turtle supplies that will definitely make your pet turtle happy and healthy.

Make sure to consider different species

You should always remember that not all turtles are alike. There are different species as well as sub species. This means each of them has different needs when it comes to food, sheltering and water needs. There are also some differences even when taking care same species. For example, box turtle is divided into subspecies such as American and Asian turtle are different from each other even though they are both considered box turtle. It is important that you know what turtle you have so that you can provide the right care your pet turtle needs.

Outdoor habitat

Bear in mind that turtles do not live in solid indoor environment. As much as possible, you need to make the same environment they usually live in. This means you should prepare and provide your turtle an outdoor habitat. This is one of the most important things you need to consider in aquatic turtle supplies. Giving your pet turtle the right kind of outdoor habitat will help them live long and healthy and free from any diseases.

You should provide and make sure that their outdoor habitat has 15 feet from side to side. The enclosure should have the right water source wherein your turtles can swim freely. They should also have their own basking place and shedding area.

Indoor habitat

If you can not fully provide the right and proper set up of outdoor habitat, then you need to give your turtle indoor habitat. Bear in mind that some turtles will love to swim in deep waters while there are others that love to swim in shallow water. So make sure that you provide the right amount of water in their aquarium or enclosure.


The last aquatic turtle supplies is the turtle food. Bear in mind that turtles are omnivores. Turtles can be plant eaters or animal eaters. Again you have to find out what species your turtle is so you won’t have problem feeding them. But in general, you can give your turtle variety of foods or you can even mix their foods. You can mix worms with some fruits and veggies. Some turtles may not eat every day while others need to be feed every day. If you don not have any idea about this issue then you can always call your vet for advise.

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