Arbor Presses: How To Use Them

You can easily find different arbor presses that range in size from small table mounts of about five pounds to large presses which almost exceed 500 pounds. Typically, smaller ones are used by jewelers for inserting precious metals into small tubes or orifices, while large presses are used for pushing bearings into precision machinery. Regardless of the sizes, all of them have a rack gear that’s attached to a long handle.

The handle of this press moves the gear up and down. This simple machine is contained or held into place by a frame casting. The casting frames can be mounted to a workbench, and they usually have a specially designed metal frame made for a stand-alone station. The rack gear is typically square in shape, and the end of it is one that pushes a part into place. The larger part is placed on a lower press plate that normally rest on the lower half of the casting frame. Typically, the plate can be easily moveable. You will also find this plate to have a series of slots which is already built into it to allow a pushpin to fall through directly to the pressed part.


Step 1
Make sure that you place even a small part on the moveable press plate of the arbor press. You can use a bearing assembly in which the old bearing must be removed and replaced with a new one before you insert it on the press. Don’t forget to turn the part over so the bearing is set up in its upside down position securely on the arbor plate. It is important as well that you align the bearing with the large hole at the bottom of the arbor press you are going to use. The bearing will easily fall out with this position.

Step 2
The second thing you need to do is to insert the pushpin into the rear of the bearing assembly to make sure that it will securely set against the backside of the bearing. You should also lower the square rack gear so it can touch the end of the pushpin. Now slowly pull the handle of the arbor press downward. Don’t forget to push the bearing from the assembly you set up. The bearing will surely fall out when you will apply enough pressure and force to the handle. Always return the handle of the press upwards to its first ready position.

Now that you have learned some of the basic things about arbor presses, make sure to apply these tips when using this machinery to help you get the best results.

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