Arts and Crafts furniture

Arts and Crafts furniture – Something you don’t see everyday

Looking for Arts and Crafts furniture? You might have heard of this already but for those who haven’t and are wishing to know more about it, you have come to the right page. Arts and Crafts furniture making is a movement that is based on dedication to quality and integrity. They offer furniture in a number of categories such as Mission, Craftsman, Stickley, Quaint, Handcraft, Green &Greene, Prairie style and Roycroft. The idea behind these categories is the same, hand made furniture that is made attractive by its structure which is usually made of white oak or red oak.

History of arts and crafts furniture

The Arts and Crafts furniture was very popular in the early 20th century. However, its popularity diminished when new forms of modernism were introduced. The Mission design and Prairie Styles has both earned loyal advocated even though the movement became less popular. This is not the end, because the start of the 21st century revived Arts and Crafts furniture.

Arts and Crafts furniture offers a lot of different styles of antique furniture. Not your usual antique furniture, something more different and more rare than what you normally see in most antique stores. You will fall in love with the wide collection of furniture that is very simple yet at the same time made with integrity of design and workmanship.

Arts and Crafts furniture revolves around notions of quality materials, practicality and superior craftsmanship rather than fancy, detailed ornamentation. This makes their furniture stand out and draw people.

You can really see the hard work and the intricate details of these furniture offered by Arts and Crafts furniture. There is no doubt that the movement has gained more advocates or supporters. Antique collectors are flocking to get a piece of furniture from them. This is really not surprising because they really have the best quality of antique furniture.

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