Best Tents for Camping

Do you love camping or are you planning to go on a camping trip? Either way, a camping tent is very important. Campers today are still looking for the best tents for camping while newbies want the same thing. There are different types of camping tents that you can choose from and knowing these different types will let you know the best camping tent for you.

  1. A-Frame Camping Tent – this type of camping tent is very simple and light. It requires staking to hold it down. Its sloping walls makes headroom at a premium. Strong winds stability can often be a factor with this type.
  2. Modified A Frame – this tent type is very similar to the A frame, the only difference is that this is the modified version. There is a center hoop pole or a ridgeline pole or curved sidewalls to make more space and more stability.
  3. Dome – this comes in various shapes, sizes and pole configurations. This is a freestanding type of tent that comes with arched ceilings.
  4. Freestanding – this particular type of tent does not require stakes. It has vestibules outside the sleeping portion of the tent. It is easy to pitch and you can move it around very easily because there is no staking involved.
  5. Hoop/Tunnel – tube type tents that involves staking.
  6. Pyramid/Teepee Tents– this is the oldest type of tent in existence. It consists a rain fly with or without a canopy and it is supported by a center pole. Just like most tents, this must be staked to the ground.
  7. Single Wall and Double Wall – traditional tent that is a double wall tent that uses an inner canopy that serves as the sleeping area while having a rain fly to keep the water from rain at bay. It uses just one layer for doing both jobs. It is very light and some type models have vents or a partial fly to keep the air circulation good and to reduce the possibility of condensation.
  8. Wedge – this type of tent is higher at one end to the other. The head portion is higher than the foot portion. The whole idea is to have it pitched with the low end into the wind for the best aerodynamics.

Now, you know the different types of tents and you have bigger chances to get the best tents for camping. Since there are many types, when you are choosing among them, you must always consider the weather condition and the area where you will camp out.

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