Cat Vacuum: Important Things You Should Do When Cleaning Cat’s Hair if the Cat Vacuum is not Available

Cat hair in your rugs and carpets, fuzzy fur on your furniture, a velvet dress embellished with feline hair…these are old stories from all cat owners. But since there are now different kinds of cat vacuums, cleaning and getting rid of that feline fuzz is no longer a nightmare. Still you can have other great alternatives you can easily use when cleaning your house from cat’s hair.

Cleaning your house with cat vacuum cleaner will surely not juts make your house clean and cat hair free place but it can also get rid of those pet mites if your cat has it. This is important especially if you have young kids or newborn in the house. Getting rid of those cat hairs will even help you get protected from certain allergies that may lead to other health issues such as asthma and skin rashes. Wiping and sweeping are not enough to get rid of those wispy feline hairs off from your carpets, sofa, and beds and even from your clothes. You need more help. A stronger kind of help from a reliable cat vacuum cleaner.

Below I gathered more ways which you can do to clean your furniture, floors, carpets and even your clothes juts in case you are on a tight budget and getting a cat vacuum is on your last list.

  • You can use a sponge or washcloth to wipe your floors and other furniture.
  • Use a lint roller on your rugs, carpets and other fabric made furniture.
  • Use a rubber shower squeegee to clean your sofa, rugs and carpets.
  • Use a chamois cloth on your clothes, furniture and other fabric made stuff.
  • Wear a latex glove and wipe down using your gloved hands the surface of your furniture and other fabric made stuff.
  • Use a rubber bristle broom and sweep your floor, carpets and rugs to get rid of that feline fuzz.
  • Before you vacuum the area of your house where cat hair is more visible, sprinkle the area with some baking soda first. This will help loosen those stubborn cat hairs from your carpets and rugs.
  • Borrow your child’s balloon and wipe it across your clothes. The hair will surely get stuck on the sticky surface of the balloon.
  • Spray some fabric softener on the area where you will vacuum clean. The fabric softener will help loosen those cat hairs from your carpets, rugs and clothes.
  • Use a duct tape and pat the area to get those stubborn cat hairs off your floor and furniture.
  • Use a fabric softener sheet and wipe the surface of your furniture.
  • A nylon bath puff is also useful in removing cat’s hair.
  • Use and wipe the hard to reach area with some lint mint. You can get lint mint if your grocery stores.

So here you go! Follow these simple cat vacuum alternatives to clean your house today.

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