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Antique bed

Are you looking for an antique bed? Well, such beds are indeed magnificent and valuable. There’s just something about an antique object and in this matter, an antique bed. What makes antique beds even more valuable is that these beds are rarely manufactured. A lot of people are in search for standard queen-sized bedding while others are looking for the old standard which is the double-sized antique beds.

Antique bed – Blast from the past

Back in the days, an antique bed measures 72”X52” which is the standard full size bed during the 1890’s. Such beds are referred to as three quarter sized beds even though the size varies a lot. This issue become even more complicated when European beds came in the picture which were built with different dimensions.

Most antique beds are the four-poster ones which are usually made from brass or metal. There are others that are made of wood as well but an antique bed made of brass or metal are most sought after by antique collectors. Metal antique beds are also said to suit all types of homes which is a huge advantage.

Antique bed being used in a modern way

Nowadays, an antique bed is being used in a modern way. A mix of antique and contemporary is favored by many these days such as interior designers, creative directors, production managers etc. and turning an antique bed into a modern bed exudes creativity which is such a big deal nowadays.

You can find an antique bed on auctions and antique auctions online. There are many auction sites that you can visit through the World Wide Web and you might even score the one that you are particularly looking for. Auctions hold the most valuable antique items, items that you cannot see on your local antique stores. So, if you are looking for a nice antique bed, auctions are the best place to check.

It is always important that you make sure that the antique bed is in good condition. Asking for the full specifications and current condition of the antique bed is very important. You could always arrange viewing to see the item personally and to inspect it on your own for assurance that you will get the best antique bed with no flaws or minimal flaws. This is also the reason why you have to go for reputable websites if you plan on bidding through antique auctions online.