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Antique Pendants

Antique pendants are full of meaning and comes in various designs. There are some antique pendants that are very detailed and intricate while others are simple and to the point. Back in the days, these pendants are used to demonstrate wealth or status. It is also used to attract the opposite sex. Also, it can be used to indicate beliefs.

Timeless beauty of antique pendants

There are a lot of antique pendants being sold these days and you will definitely fall in love with these pendants if you’re not really a fan of antiques. In fact, today, antique pendants are favored by a lot of stylists and other people who are in the fashion industry. Aside from this, majority of women of all ages are rooting for antique pendants paired with their long chains to serve as a necklace.

Where to find antique pendants

Buying antique pendants may cost you such a high price but it is also possible that you get a great deal. Going to antique stores is your first choice when you’re looking for antique pendants. Antique stores offers a wide selection of antique pendants. Aside from this, if you really want to find rare and very valuable antique pendants, going to auctions will be the best place for you to go to. You just have to make sure that you have the right amount of cash.

There are also flea markets where you can score yourself a couple of antique pendants. Flea markets have a lot of treasures and trinkets that might catch your attention. There is also a bigger chance that you get an antique pendant for a great deal. Another place where you can get antique pendants is through the World Wide Web. There are a lot of websites out there that offers antiques. The tricky part is finding a reputable website. This is easy as long as you know what to do. You could always research on reputable antique websites and take it from there. Also, there are forums that you can join in where you can get suggestions or recommendations from forum members.

Antique pendants

Antique Earrings

Antique earrings are attention grabbers. These antique earrings come from different eras of history and from different countries and continents which makes these earrings really valuable. You can find French jewelry blue rhinestone earrings to sterling based jet earrings. Aside from these, there is a huge collection of museum earring that you can find through the World Wide Web. For modern women, antique earrings will really spice up their whole image and outfit by adding a touch of vintage feel.

Antique earrings for all ages

These antique earrings can be worn by women of any age. There traditional earrings that are made of sterling silver and a variety of gemstones that would be perfect for teenage women. For adults, you can get yourselves diamond earrings that belonged to royal families. For special occasions such as weddings and engagements, including these antique earrings in your jewelry kit would be perfect.

Antique earrings are trendy enough and such earrings have become the part of modern fashion jewelry collections. Even designers today consider these antique earrings inspirations for their work. This also helps them visualize these antique earrings being worn with modern dresses.

Buying antique earrings

If you are looking for quality antique earrings, the best place for you to search and find great deals is with the help of the internet. There are a number of online stores that offers earring designs that belonged to different cultures. When you are buying antique earrings online, the first rule is always to select a reliable online antique jewelry dealer. There are auction websites out there but you could also find a wholesale dealers on antique earrings online.

The next thing that you must lean when you are buying antique earrings online is to learn the history of each pair of earrings you come across at online antique jewelry stores or a pair of earrings that have caught your eye. Aside from this, you must confirm from authorized sources whether the information about the antique earrings is correct. Once you have purchased a pair of antique earrings, you can avail right insurance plan for th esame as this will keep your valuable possesions safe against damage or theft.

Antique earrings


The beauty of antique diamond rings

Have you seen antique diamond rings? If you have, you might have been captivated by its timeless beauty and elegance which antique diamond rings evoke. Antique diamond rings are ideal for engagement, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and other important events. Giving an antique diamond ring to a loved one will be deeply appreciated. In fact, if you are planning to get one for a loved one, there are a lot of antique diamond ring that you can choose from. You can choose depending on your preference, the color, size and workmanship.

Antique diamond rings are forever

A diamond is forever and the same applies to these antique diamond rings. Showing everlasting love to a loved one is definitely a sweet and sincere thing to do. It also promises eternity and forever which are heavy words to say but committing to it will seal the deal with a diamond ring. Women, in the deepest of their hearts, wish for diamond rings and women are usually captivated by the beauty of antique diamond rings. What better way to give a woman a present but an antique diamond ring that will brighten up their eyes and give a beautiful glow on their faces.

However, when you are planning to purchase an antique diamond ring, prepare your budget because antique diamond rings don’t come cheap especially expensive ones that were worn by well-known people. On the other hand, most of the antique diamond rings that have a very well-known history are usually not sold but displayed on museums but some high families often sold such heirlooms for charity and other causes.

Tips when buying antique diamond rings

There is no need to buy antique diamond rings that are way beyond your budget. It is very possible that you score antique diamond rings that will fit your budget and you can assure that these rings are indeed very valuable and rare and in good condition. Going to jewelry shops and antique stores will do the trick and you will be faced with a selection of antique diamond rings. On the other hand, a wider selection of antique diamond rings can be found online.

Antique diamond rings

Different kinds of Antique brooches

There are different kinds of antique brooches. Every woman takes pleasure on these antique brooches and who can blame them? These antique brooches are really one of a kind and comes with very intricate details that will not be missed by anyone. Antique brooches are ear ring-like pieces that can be attached or clipped on clothes.

How antique brooches are used

However, some women have different uses for antique brooches, some of them use these in a more experimental fashion like making it as ornaments on their shoes, bags, belts, wrist bands and also to accessorize plain accessories.

As said above, there are many kinds of antique brooches that you can choose from. With these many kinds, women will have the pleasure in choosing among the many antique brooches in the market these days. The kinds of brooches depends on how valuable it is, this means how long a particular brooch has been around.

Kinds of antique brooches

There are Victorian antique brooches which are designed during the reign of Queen Victoria of England and this took up all of the 63-year period from mid-1830s to the 1900s. The design of these Victorian brooches shows its appreciation to romance with its ornate and bodily curves. Most of the brooches during the Victorian era have coral accents and there are some in locket forms.

Another are the Edwardian antique brooches which came out after the reign of Queen Victoria of England. King Edward was the heir to the throne as he is the son of Queen Victoria and just like his mother, he promoted great style. During his reign, it is noticeable the emergence of soft and flowing designs, stones that have a pale and delicate color and brooches, a lot of brooches.

The Albertian brooches should not be forgotten as well. These antique brooches are black and mostly indicates a kind of mourning. This is because these brooches started when Prince Albert of England died. The Elizabethan brooches on the other hand, are adorned with pearls, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Most of these antique brooches are said to be gifts from fellow monarchs to the Queen.

Lastly, there are the Roman Period brooches. Romans are known for their very artistic and skillful nature and it shows on their brooches. Most of their brooches have loop attachment which will enable them to be compatible to any kind of clothing. Also, the designs of their brooches are made from crude materials and are gigantic in size. This is because these brooches are meant to secure the robes of Romans back in the days.

Now you know the different kinds of antique brooches and you will be more knowledgeable when you are out shopping for one.

Antique brooches


Maintaining your antique bracelets

Antique bracelets are very valuable. These bracelets started to be discovered during the early and mid 1800s in the United States and this is when the Cape Diamond Bracelet was introduced in the market. The Cape Diamond bracelet is one of the most expensive antique bracelets and had to be remounted because of its limited supply.

The beauty of antique bracelets

Antique bracelets are very lovely and beautiful. Nothing beats having the feel of such beautiful bracelets that have survived thousands of years wrapped around your wrist. That is why it is very important that you know how to clean or maintain the bracelet to preserve its look and value.

High-price antique bracelets are to be taken care of. In order to preserve the external and original features of the bracelet, you will need to clean it regularly by using a non abrasive soft cloth for polishing. Another thing, you could use soap and water to clean your antique bracelets. This will keep your bracelet look good and shine like new.

How to take care of your antique bracelets

Always keep in mind not to dry your antique bracelets with paper towels or tissues. Make sure that you always have a smooth cloth ready to use for removal of wet portions. Aside from this, you can also use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove tarnish from the beads of the bracelet.

When it comes to the storage of your antique bracelets, always keep it in a cool dry place when you are not using it. There are locker bags that you can purchase as well in order to prevent scratches and tarnishes. It is always important that you store your antique bracelets in a proper place. Also, if you are about to swim in a pool, remember to remove your bracelet because the chlorine ,it may be harmful to your bracelet and may cause discoloration.

If your antique bracelets have gemstones or pearls, always keep in mind not to immerse it in water as this can loosen some of its original settings. Always avoid abrasives in cleaning pearls and gemstones.

Knowing how to take care properly of your antique bracelets will preserve its features and value. Follow these simple tips and you will surely get the worth of your antique bracelets.

Antique bracelets