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How To Bench Press

This amazing article on how to bench press will surely give you all the best results you want to see. It will not only help you get the maximum results form all your bench press reps but it will also help make your muscle stronger in no time at all. So if you want to learn this great workout routine that would shape up the muscles on your arms and chest, then you better drink that glass of protein shake up and start reading this article now.

If you want to learn how to bench press, you can get all the details, information, and even tips and advice from the net or from the conventional books and magazines that you can easily obtain from your local bookstore. If you are going to search for articles or free videos regarding this kind of workout, you will be amazed at just how many of them are around the net. But make sure not to settle for the very first one you see, especially if you haven’t tried any bench press workouts before. Don’t get too overwhelmed with the promises you read like ‘see amazing results in as little as 5 days!’ How can you get the results you want in as little as 5 days? Well, unless you will spend day and night doing those bench press reps, then the promise is possible. But doing so will not do your body any good. It will actually bring more harm than good.

Overstraining your muscles as well as your body from endless bench press reps will make your muscles and body weak. The more reps you perform your muscles will tend to lose all the nutrients it needs to be able to perform well. Make sure to take a break or rest even once a week. By doing so, you will be helping your body and your muscles recover and recuperate from all the strenuous activities such as those bench press reps you performed for the whole week. It will also prevent you from any accidents and injuries. Bear in mind that straining your body and your muscles excessively will give you weeks of sores and aches!

It is very important as well that you eat a lot before and after you do your bench press reps. Make sure to add up more calcium, protein and carbohydrates enriched foods in your diet so as to get the maximum results of your bench press workout. It is important that you help your body get all the nutrients it needs to be able to work well during your workouts. These nutrients will not only help you tone your body, but they will also make your muscles stronger. They will also protect your body from any ailments that you can acquire while doing this kind of workout.

Make sure to read more articles on how to do bench press before you start to venture on this kind of workout to avoid any accidents or injuries in the long run.

How to bench press: tips and tricks

Bench press is an exercise tool to help you gain some muscles in your arms or if you want to build up your chest. This is usually done by men especially those who wish to have a toned and nice body. In this article, you will be able to find information on how to bench press. Follow the quick simple steps and you will surely get the perfect chest or toned arms loaded with muscles.

  1. Lie flat on the bench in a relaxed position. Make sure that as you lay flat on your back, your body is in a natural state as you need your shoulders to be relaxed. The curve of your back should be balanced. Your feet should be flat on the ground and your shoulders should be touching the bench.
  2. Now it’s time to put both arms at both sides, elbows must be bent and then touch the bar. Go for the normal grip but if you wish to increase the amount of muscles and to increase the involvement of triceps, go for a wider grip.
  3. Lift the bar and position it above the middle of your chest. Inhale and exhale during lifting the bar is the best technique. So, inhale as you lower down the bar and exhale as you push the bar up. Do not bounce the bar in your chest because this can cause a major injury. The right thing is that the bar should ONLY gently touch your chest and then push the bar up again.
  4. Once you have done 1, 2, and 3 it is time that you add more weight to the bar. The bar weighs 45 lbs. Try increasing 5 or 10lbs. Find a comfortable weight which will suit you best.
  5. A spotter should help whenever you lift a heavy weight. This is to avoid dropping the bar on yourself or straining yourself too much.
  6. Drink lots of water and a 2-minute break every the end of each set should be done. This is to avoid straining yourself and to keep you well-hydrated as well.

Listed above are the quick and simple steps on how to bench press. However, the tough part of this particular exercise is you will need to provide the right amount of strength and determination to get the results you want. A well-conditioned body before working on a bench press is a-must. Also, remember that if you wish to build muscles on your chest or on your arms, a well-balanced diet should be observed too. The exercise will result to nothing if you eat fatty foods that can only make you fat. Discipline and motivate yourself. The right attitude and the right diet will give you accurate results.


The top recommended bench press equipment

You should be familiar with bench press equipment if you plan to bench press or you have been working out on the bench press for quite some time now. Knowledge when it comes to these equipments is a-must, especially if you want to own one for your home. What are the different bench press equipments?

Bench press equipments:

Flat bench – this is the most essential part of the bench press because this is where you lay down or where you sit during lifting weights. It consists of raise padded platform to support the bar and for you to lie on. There are various types of flat benches but this is the standard one.

Multi-benches – this usually comes with attachment for leg exercises. This is perfect for your home if you wish to have a multi-purpose bench on which you are given the options to do leg exercises and lift weights.

Inclined bench – this is perfect for weight lifters who also wish to enhance their chest. This inclined bench is positioned in a 30 degree angle in which the person is not lying down but in a sitting inclined position. This type of bench is proven to work best with your chest. There is also an inclined bench available in which it can be adjusted to stay flat or inclined.

Weights and bar – this is the most important since you won’t be able to do a bench press workout without these. In fact, the bench will be of no use if you don’t have a bar to lift because that’s the main purpose of the bench press.

Bar plates – these are the plates attached to the bar to add more weight. It comes in different poundage.

These are all the equipments of a bench press. It’s pretty simple and all gyms have these. You can also have it in your own home and you can buy a whole set if you do not want to buy everything separately. Bench press equipments are meant for arms, shoulders and chest enhancements. This will help the person build some muscles in order to achieve a well-muscled body and this is very popular for weight lifters and men. Although, some women do bench press workouts, there is a wider majority of men because most women are more feminine and doesn’t want too many muscles in their body.

Bench press equipments can be purchased through fitness stores or through the Internet for more options. You may also check the Internet for locations where you can purchase these equipments near you. Now you have an idea on what the equipments are. As they say, don’t go into a battle unprepared and the same goes to working out on a bench press. Knowing bench press equipment is essential and you just don’t go in the gym and use the equipments without knowing what it’s called and its purpose.


How to improve your bench press technique

A bench press technique will help you build the perfect muscles in your chest and in your arms. There are simple techniques that you can do when working out and lifting weights on a bench press.


One technique is to find the right grip when lifting the bar. The perfect grip should have your forearms exactly in a 90° angle. A closer grip must be used by people who have triceps. A close grip can be done by moving both hands together when gripping the bar. For those who don’t have strong triceps, a wider grip is recommended. Remember that it will take quite a few workouts on the bench press before you get used to a new grip.

Work on weaker areas

Another technique is to work on weaker areas. When you work-out on a bench press there are 2 motions that you do the upward and downward motion. If you feel like you’re having a hard time lifting the bar you should concentrate on that particular weak area and vice versa. Your shoulders take much of the stress at the bottom of the movement because your triceps work hardest at the top of the movement.

Warm up!

If you are a beginner, warming up your body before going to a bench press is proven to be helpful and it is strongly recommended as well. Maybe you can some cardio exercises before lifting weights. This will keep your body in-condition and strains and stress during the whole exercise can be prevented. However, if you are an expert or have been doing bench press workout for quite some time now, you should already know this.


It is also said that resting 2-5 minutes after each set is one useful technique as well. Why rush it, right? You will only stress yourself out and will result to nothing because you will get tired easily and frustrated which will lead to a bad workout. When you “max out” it only means that you are using a different energy system in your body. Don’t rest for more than 5 minutes!


Inhaling and exhaling during your bench press workout is another useful and helpful technique. Before lowering the bar, inhale and hold your breath. A more solid torso will be created in order for you to generate more power.




Remember to always use a spotter for every workout! This is very essential especially if you’re lifting really heavy weights. A spotter will be there to assist you and to keep the bar moving upward in a continuous motion.

…to top everything off

Lastly, do not over train, have a well-balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated. There is no more explanation needed on these things because you already know the reasons why as these are automatic. A bench press technique will guide you to get the best muscles in your chest and arm area.


What is the best bench press routine?

The right bench press routine can help you have the proper strength to build muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders. This routine will be a part of your bench press workout. Whether you are working out in the gym or in your home, a routine is a-must. It is best that you change routines when you are working out on a bench press. Don’t stick with just one routine to avoid hitting a plateau. Rep changes are also recommended. If you are a beginner, naturally you will start with less rep but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is best that you increase your repetitions. This way you will be able to enhance your chest, shoulders and arms in a rapid time.

It is also best that you have a bench press that can be adjusted from flat to incline. Lifting weights while lying down is different from lifting weights when inclined. This gives different effects which will be very beneficial to you. Also, when lifting weights it is best that you try lifting dumbbells as well. Don’t settle for just one routine, try different routines every other workouts. This will cause you less strain.  Dumbbells will allow you to stretch deeper which can make you stronger. Lifting dumbbells can give you more strength when lifting weights.

A mix of flat bench press and incline bench press every workout will work best. Why don’t you try 15 minutes of flat bench press then rest, and then another 15 minutes for incline bench press? The best routine is a mix of flat bench press, incline bench press decline presses and dumbbell bench presses. A combination of everything during your bench press workout will work best and will really strengthen you and build strong muscles in your chest, arms and shoulders.

Resting between every set is recommended so you will not strain and stress yourself. Keep yourself hydrated while doing the routines. Doing each set for 15-20 minutes is enough. Also, don’t overdo it. After a workout you can rest for 3 days or 4 days before doing the workout again. Those who bench press everyday are experienced and well-trained but if you are only a beginner and still learning the different routines, rest for days before working out again. As much as possible, don’t train when your body is still aching because this can cause serious injury and you might not be able to lift the bar. A spotter should also be present when you’re doing these routines for safety.

Doing a different bench press routine every workout is perfect; this will enable your body to function well and to have the perfect muscles in your chest, arms and shoulders.


Finding a good bench press for sale

Looking for a bench press for sale? You have come to the right page. This article will provide you different bench presses for sale and where to find them!

There are bench presses for sale that you can buy in pieces. For example, you can but it per equipment in order for you to create a bench press. You can buy first the bench where you can choose from flat, inclined or multi-purpose bench. Remember that a flat bench is the most standard type for a bench press where the inclined bench allows you to sit upright in a 30 degree angle. There are also benches for sale that you can buy which can be adjusted. The multi-purpose bench allows you to do some other exercises as well with the use of the bench.

You can also buy the bars separately; you can choose your own plates as well in order to add the specific poundage that you can lift. However, majority of the people buy a bench press in a complete set. This is for their convenience especially if they don’t have time to scout for all the equipments in different stores. The good thing about buying a bench press’ equipments separately is that you get to have a good chance of getting low prices than buying the bench press as a whole. This all depends but Gyms usually buy their bench presses as a whole, complete with all the necessary equipments.

A bench press for sale usually cost around $400 and that’s a good deal already. You can also get a bench press for sale second hand. The second hand bench presses are not really very popular because who would want something that has sweat stains all over the padded cushion of the bench press, right? Although you will really get a low price when you buy one from a second hand store or from a person but think about the hygiene. It is not really hygienic to buy gym equipments second hand as these equipments have sweat all over it. Enough about the gross part but that’s reality that’s why I strongly suggest that you get a bench press in brand new condition.

You can find bench press for sale through the Internet for more options or you can just check the local fitness store in your area. Also, ask for referrals in the Gym that you go to. Nothing beats having your own bench press in your own home that is why it is best that you look up bench press for sale over the Internet for a variety of options and it is more possible for you to get great deals.


The best bench press tips

If you are searching for bench press tips then you have come to the right page. This article will give you information on the different tips when it comes to bench pressing in order to help you with you muscle building. Before we proceed on the different tips, ask yourself what area of the body do you want to enhance or build more mass? However, I will provide you with different tips for your arms, chest and shoulders as these are the reasons why a person bench presses.

Close grip bench press

If you are aiming for enhancement on your triceps and more mass on the area, you should do the close grip bench press. The close grip bench press is where both your hands are quite close together in the middle of the bar. When doing this, you should have your elbows tucked in at your side. This way, when your elbows are tucked in, you will gather more strength in your triceps area in order to lift the bar which will result with firmer triceps.

The other bench press tip is, when you are doing the regular bench press, use your whole body in the lift. Push against the floor with your lift. Your upper back muscles should be tensed and the upper back for stability. Always remember to push the bar straight up to reduce the movement distance.

Have a bench press routine

Have a bench press routine! Don’t just do the same routine all over again and don’t just concentrate on one particular exercise. A combination of flat bench press, incline bench press, dips and dumbbells will really give you the best results. Different routines will provide your bench press exercise to hit a plateau.

Know your weakness

Ask yourself what your weakness is when performing the bench press exercise and then concentrate on that particular weakness and overcome it.

Well-balanced diet and plenty of water in-take

Keeping yourself hydrated and eating a moderate and well-balanced diet will do the trick and plays a big role in your bench press exercise. In fact, this plays a big role in any exercise that you do. Don’t overeat and as much as possible eat healthy!

Break every end of each set

5 minutes break after each set in your bench press routine is highly-recommended. Don’t over train yourself.

Warm up!

Warming up before the bench press exercise will really help you. Cardio exercises will help as this will get the heart functioning well and gearing up your body for more heavy exercise.

There are some of the most essential bench press tips that you should follow and this will help you exercise in a more effective manner leading to more accurate results.

Increase bench press

Many people love building their muscles especially in their chest and arms, in order to do this it is recommended that you should increase your bench press to get the right muscles which will really satisfy you. Increasing your bench press means that you will get more muscles. How do you do this and what are the factors that you should consider to increase your bench press workout?

Technique improvement – obviously you are using a particular technique when you bench press. Improving this technique will gain you more muscles and will also give you more strength.

Strengthen your back and arms – this is very essential since both will be used during the workout. The back and the arms are the most used body part when lifting the bar. If you wish to increase your bench press, then this is very important.

Lift faster– if you think that if you lift very slowly it will make you stronger then you got it wrong. If you lift the bar in a fast way, the faster you will be able to increase your bench press.

Balanced-diet – when working out, there is a tendency that right after the bench press workout you will feel very hungry. However, it is not good to starve yourself especially after a hard workout. The best thing to do is to eat more. Eat more but still keeping everything moderate. Not too many fatty and oily foods and not too many sweets. A well-balanced diet will help you increase your bench press. Just eat enough, enough to gain your energy back and enough to strengthen you.

Prevent/avoid injuries – shoulder injuries are the most common injuries when bench pressing. Balance is very important and the proper training to avoid injuries. If you have an injury it will be very impossible for you to work out for a couple of days and even weeks. The best thing to do is to train moderately and know your balance. If you know that you can’t lift such weight then don’t. That only means that your body is not that strong enough to lift heavier than the usual weight of your bar.

These are simple tips that can help you in order to increase your bench press.

3 factors to gain more muscles/increase bench press:

  • Nutrition
  • Proper lifting
  • Workout

The 3 factors listed above are very significant and should be kept in mind especially when working out on the bench press. There are no magic solutions and no magic muscles that can appear over night. The best thing that you can do is work out in the proper way, eat healthy, stay hydrated and lift properly. Following the simple tips and keeping in mind the 3 factors will definitely help you increase bench press.


How to do the Close grip bench press

Close grip bench press is similar with the regular bench press but with your arms positioned close on the bar. This has such huge effects just like having your hands apart. Both give different results and different effects.  The close grip emphasizes more the triceps and a lesser extent on your shoulders and lower chest. The triceps play a huge role in your bench press. That is why a close grip strengthens the triceps more and enables you to be stronger.

How to do the close grip bench press:

  • Lie on a flat bench and your feet positioned on the floor widely apart. Make sure that your feet will stay firm on the floor. Lift the bars directly from your shoulders.
  • Lower the bar to your middle chest in a slow manner and don’t let the bar bounce off your chest. Keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to the body. Pause, and then lift up the bar once again over your chest. Remember to not lock your elbows back on the top.

That’s how simple it is. A close grip bench press is very similar to your usual bench press only with this; your hands are quite close together. Simple tips will help you lift the bar on a close grip rightly. Tips are listed below:

  • Keep your elbows tucked in at your side throughout the exercise.
  • Keep the weight high and the reps down.

The close grip enhances more the triceps and stronger triceps mean stronger you and firm muscles. Close grip bench press is known to be the most effective for enhancing the triceps. If you want more mass in your triceps then this is the right form of exercise for you. You could also alternate it from wide grip and then to close grip during your bench press routine. For bench press exercises, it is very important not to stick with only one routine, changing it from time to time will help.

Close grip bench press will also require you to have a well-balanced diet. Most exercises do and close grip is not different. Keep yourself hydrated during the whole exercise and a spotter should be with you in order to assist you and keep the bar up. This is very important because close grip can be a little difficult. That is why you don’t need to do a lot of repetitions. Few reps mean more strength. Also, remember that after each set, it is best if you rest for 5 minutes before proceeding with the next set. Build those triceps more and do close grip bench press for more strength and mass.


How to Increase Bench Press Max

These tips on how to increase bench press max I have gathered will definitely get you those bulges in as little as two weeks! Believe me, these tips are proven safe and very powerful that you will no longer have to look for more tips and methods claiming to be the best amongst the rest! But make sure that you are fit and healthy enough before you start on this workout since this will involve some heavy weight lifting. If you are not sure whether you are fit and healthy enough then you’d’ better consult your doctor first as he will run some test on you to determine if you will fit on this kind of weight lifting workout.

Okay, here are the tips on how to increase bench press max that will surely wow you and your friends! The very first thing you need to do is to increase the strength on your triceps muscles. Since bench press workout involves some heavy weight lifting, you need to make sure that your muscles are strong and capable enough to handle such stress and strain. This will even prevent you from any injuries. Make sure to have some workout that will help strengthen your triceps and perform these reps before and after you do your bench press routines. The second thing you need to do is to have some close grip bench press workout routine. This kind of workout reps will actually help make the muscles on your triceps long and strong. Actually this is one of my favorite triceps workouts ever! With these two tips I mentioned above, it is important that you do not over strain your body as much as your muscles. Over straining will not do your body or even your muscles any good. It will actually not even give you the results you want and what even makes this fact worst is that you will surely get weeks of aches and sores!

Now the most important thing you need to remember in this amazing how to increase bench press max is to have variations in your workout routines. As what weight lifters often says ‘shock your muscles!’ This is important so as not avoid your muscles from getting lazy. It is actually just like those times when you are trying to lose weight. Your muscles also get that plateau stage and actually stop increasing its size. So to avoid such then you’d better apply some great variations on your bench press routines.

If you want to get more details and information on how to increase bench press max, then you’d better check out the web for more great articles, free videos and even for some great and proven effective virtual products such as supplements and ebooks. Through these products, you can get the results you want to see on your body. Just make sure to get the best one so as to avoid further problems in the long run such as injuries and even some health issues. But whatever you do, don’t just read how to increase bench press max; reading is fine, but go exercise!!!