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Best Puppy Food

We all love our puppies. They are so cute. The best thing about these puppies is that they remain loyal to us no matter what happens. They protect their owners as if they are the owner’s flesh and blood. There is really something satisfying and fulfilling in having puppies to take care of. What better way to repay their love and care for us than giving them the best puppy food available in the market today.

Puppies enjoy eating and the best puppy food will definitely make them happy, satisfied and fulfilled. There are a lot of puppy foods out there. Some puppies are picky, so you will really need to do some experimentation before you can discover the food that your puppy will eat and love.

Here are some of the tips to help you find the best puppy food in the market:

  • Choose one that is formulated according to the nutritional profiles of the AAFCO or the American Association of Feed Control Officials. This applies to ALL stages of the puppy’s life.
  • The best puppy food must have a good source of protein. You should really look for this on the label. What are the two best sources of protein? Chicken meal and catfish. A lot of dog owners don’t realize this, but a chicken meal has more protein in it than a regular chicken. Catfish is also a good source and it contains a lot of essential oils.
  • Puppies need vitamins as well and it must contain antioxidants and minerals. Good nutrition is very important to a puppy. What they receive in their first year can set the stage for their entire life.
  • Stay away from food with corn, wheat, glutens, dairy or soy. These ingredients are very hard to digest and your puppy might end up wailing due to stomach pain or indigestion. They can also be allergic to grains like corn and wheat.
  • Make sure that the puppy food doesn’t contain chemical preservatives. There are additives in a lot puppy food today. They are actually a toxin to the body. Foods with BHA, BHT and ethoxoquin should be avoided.
  • Don’t go for by-products! These are leftovers after the best meat has been removed.

Hopefully, these simple tips will lead you to finding the best puppy food for your puppies! Keep in mind all these tips and your puppy will definitely grow up into a healthy and active dog. We all want the best for our puppies because we love them like human beings. Take care of your puppies well and they will definitely repay your kindness and love.

Kinds Of Instinct Dog Food

What is Instinct Dog Food? First of all, this brand is produced and manufactured by Nature’s Variety, Inc. which is independently owned.

Instinct dog food formulas are marketed as being grain-free. The brand itself also contains quality ingredients. There are three different dog food formulas offered under the brand name and all of them are designed for all life stages. Their formulas contain tapioca, a gluten-free starch. Aside from this, you can buy them in three different bag sizes for small to large bags.

You can guarantee that the Instinct dog food will give your dogs the best nutrition as the company, Nature’s Variety is very passional when it comes to providing pure nutrition for your dog. You should know that every ingredient is chosen with care. Their dog foods are free of corn, soy, chemicals, wheat, and artificial colors and preservatives. Aside from that, you can really assure that their diet is very rich in meat, poultry or fish proteins to give your dog everything he or she needs.

Kinds of Instinct Dog Food:

Instinct Raw Frozen Diets

  • Free from allergies
  • This can help with weight loss
  • Improve skin and coat
  • Complete and balanced diet
  • Ready to serve
  • Passed AAFCO Protocol

Instinct Kibble and Cans

  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Perfect for satisfying your dog’s carnivorous cravings and nutritional needs
  • Highly digestible
  • Nutritionally dense

Prairie Holistic Nutrition

  • Kibble and canned diets for dogs
  • Ideal blend of meat, poultry, or fish proteins, hearty whole grains and healthy fruits and vegetables

It really looks like Instinct dog food is the perfect choice for you. Their products look very promising and the company has been able to build a good reputation. It’s really a great choice for dog owners out there.

If you want to know about the personal views of customers who have tried Instinct dog food, you could always read some good reviews online. There are a lot of reviews from customers all around the globe and majority of the reviews are very positive. This will help you determine if you should go for this particular brand.

Pro Plan Dog Food

Looking for the best dog food? Why don’t you get the Pro Plan dog food? You know that there are various brands of dog food in the market today and there is a big possibility that you have come across this particular brand. So, let us discuss why the Pro Plan dog food is considered to be one of the best or even the best dog food by some in the market today:

  1. The focus of Pro Plan dog food is on nutrition.
  2. With this dog food, you can guarantee that you will not need to spend a lot of time worrying about the nutrition of your dog.
  3. The Pro Plan dog food contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that you dog will need.

Pro Plan Adult Dry Dog Food

This dog food contains a unique combination of wholesome, natural ingredients that are carefully selected to deliver high quality taste and nutrition that you can feel good about. The difference it will bring to your dog can easily be recognized and you will definitely love this change and improvements!Pro Plan dog food offers a specialize nutrition for giant, large, small and toy breed dogs. Each one is formulated for proper nutrients to meet the unique metabolic needs of that breed. It also has a performance formula that is specially formulated for endurance and lean muscle mass.

Pro Plan Adult Wet Dog Food

This promotes strong muscles, a healthy immune system, radiant coat, strong teeth and bones. Each of their Pro Plan Selects Natural Wet Entree for Adult dogs is formulated without corn, wheat, animal by-products, including those from carrots, tomatoes and blueberry pomace as well as the goodness of wholesome grains and potatoes. It comes in great tastes as well and a variety of flavors to choose from. It is made of high quality ingredients like real chicken, beef or turket to be able to provide exceptional nutrition with a yummy flavor that your dogs will definitely love! They also have formulas for adult dogs with sensitive skin and stomach and formulas for weight management.

Looks like the Pro Plan Dog Food is really the best choice for you! You have a lot of flavors to choose from, so if your dog doesn’t like a particular flavor, there are more flavors to choose from. Feel more at ease now because with Pro Plan, your dog will be able to get all the nutrients he or she needs.

Eagle Pack Dog Food

If you’re looking for dog food, why don’t you try out the Eagle Pack dog food? During the time of recalls, a lot of people were so confused but only the Eagle Pack dog food remained standing and stocked on the shelves.

The Eagle Pack dog food incorporates a holistic approach to pet nutrition and the brand has been a pioneer since the 1980’s. The company has developed healthy and nutritious dog foods that consist of two produc lines, Holistic Select and the Super Premium dog formulas.

All of their formulas contain over sixty nutrients, with an optimum blend of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Their extensive research led to more than eight custom supplement packages that result in better wellness and longevity for dogs. The Eagle Pack dog food is one of the most sought-after dog food in the market today. A lot of people are very happy and satisfied with how the company view their goals and objectives and how they put everything into action. More dog owners are very much happy and content with this particular brand of dog food.

The main objective of Eagle Pack dog food is to make a product that is nutritious without adding synthetic supplements. The end goal is to make a wholesome and natural dog food that is nutrient dense and with superior quality. When it comes to the quality of this dog food, you can easily see the ingredients they use. They use meats that are antibiotic free and with no added hormones. They also use grains that are herbicide free, purified fats and quality oils.

Eagle Pack dog food is really a great brand. So for dog owners out there who are feeling overwhelmed with plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to dog food, it is very important that you try out the Eagle Pack dog food. In fact, there is a bigger chance that you’ve heard of it because of its outstanding good reputation and we all know that when it comes to buying dog food, go for a brand with a good reputation, it will never disappoint you. This brand of dog food guarantees a healthier dog for you full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your dogs can benefit from.

5 Tips To Choose A Diabetic Dog Food

Dogs can also have diabetes and if your dog has it, then it is time that you feed your dog diabetic dog food. Dogs are like humans and just like humans, they are not safe when it comes to diabetes, anyone can have it. There are a lot of diabetic dog foods that you can choose from, but how do you choose the best one for your dog?

How do you choose diabetic dog food?

  1. The diabetic dog food should food should contain less sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium.
  2. When choosing a diabetic dog food for your dog, you must take into consideration the dog’s fitness first. If your dog is overweight, the diet should be low-calorie and low-fat food and for underweight dogs, the nutrient content of the meal should be balanced and should contain appropriate quantity of fats.
  3. It should also contain fiber in an appropriate amount. This is very benificial when it comes to slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates and it can also help maintain the blood glucose level of the diabetic dog.
  4. Always check the label of the diabetic dog food you’re buying.
  5. Read some puppy food reviews or dog food reviews online.

Those tips will really help you in finding the best diabetic dog food for your dog. If you have a puppy that has diabetes, you can also follow these simple tips for you to be able to have the best puppy food. It’s pretty simple.

Taking care of your dogs that have diabetes are very important. They are like humans, too and since we are responsible for them, show your love and care for them. Help them get through their diabetes. Don’t worry, you will be able to find the best diabetic dog food in no time. At first, it will be pretty overwhelming but you’ll get these just by simply following the tips mentioned above. Let this article serve as your guide.

6 Things That You Should Know About Low Protein Dog Food

Does your dog need a low protein dog food? Well, this kind of food has a lower protein content compared to regular dog food. It is not really recommended to put your pet in this kind of diet unless prescribed by a veterinarian. Keep in mind that dogs require more protein in their diets.

Things that you should know about low protein dog food:

  1. This type of diet is to be given only to dogs that are suffering from an acute health problem and not due to age. Dogs that have acute or chronic kidney failure, congenital or genetic kidney issues, kidney failure due to diseases caused by parasites, urinal stones and congenital heart failure are encouraged to take low protein dog food.
  2. Proteins produce a lot of toxins. When the kidneys are not working correctly, the body will be unable to get rid of these toxins and the levels could become alarmingly high within the dog’s body. To prevent this from happening, one should reduce the amount of protein in the dog’s diet, and that is the need for a low protein dog food.
  3. Dog owners face difficulties when their dogs are placed in this diet because dogs usually dislike the taste. This is because the dog got used to commercial pet foods. The flavor is not as tasty when there is only a low amount of protein present.
  4. The diet has the ability to limit the amount of Uremic toxins produced. Uremic toxins are the byproducts that are created when the kidneys are functioning normally. For normal dogs, these are excreted when they urinate. But if the dog has kidney problems, they won’t be able to get rid of these substances easily. That is why there is the need for this type of dog food for overall protection of these toxins.
  5. This can also reduce nausea. When uremic toxins build up in the body, the dog will develop feelings of fatigue and nausea. A dog who is in a low protein diet can prevent this from happening.
  6. The diet only has little amount of phosphorus.

These are some of the things that you should know when it comes to low protein dog food. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessary to all dogs unless they have a medical condition. Before you put your dog in this diet, make sure that you consult a veterinarian first. If you have puppies, make sure that he or she is perfectly healthy so you can get your puppy the best puppy food if the puppy has a medical condition.

Healthiest Dog Food

The healthiest dog food is very important. Your dogs are like humans, they also need nurturing and the right kind of food for a healthier life. For you to be able to know the healthiest food, you must first know which foods to avoid:

  • Chocolates – This is very bad for your dogs because this is equivalent to humans’ taking amphetamines. It can cause your dogs to have a heart attach.
  • Raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts and walnuts – These are also considered to be toxic for your dogs.
  • Sugar – this only adds more calories and provides no nutritional value.
  • Salt – this can lead to kidney problems.
  • Liver – this can be given to your dogs only occasionally as it contains large amounts of Vitamin A, which is toxic to both dogs and humans.
  • Cheese and milk – both can cause stomach problems.
  • Corn and wheat – not good grains for the dogs

Now, it’s time to talk about healthy foods for your dogs. What are they?

  • Meat – dogs can eat all kinds of means like fish, poultry, beef, lamb etc.
  • Rice – this is a good ingredient and this can help dogs who have stomach problems like diarrhea .
  • Barley – this is another good grain
  • Mashed vegetables or fruits – these can help increase the nutritional value of what your dog is eating.

You might have noticed that dogs are quite similar to humans, the food that can cause their health harm are also the same with humans. It is pretty easy to find or give your dog the healthiest dog food, you just have to compare the human body to them as it works pretty much the same, though dogs have smaller bodies which simply means that they are more sensitive to illnesses. If you have puppies, the same food rules apply and following these will definitely help you find the best puppy food.

Most dog owners prefer to purchase dog food for their dogs, you have to make sure that the dog food doesn’t contain any preservatives and it contains nutrtitional values. Always check the label when you’re buying dog food. Keep in mind, they are like human beings, so how you want to be taken care of, you must do the same for them. Give them the healthiest dog food and they will surely grow up to be a very strong and healthy dog.

5 Advantages Of Reading Puppy Food Reviews

If you want to give the best puppy food to your puppy, you must have all the resources that will help you find the best one. Since there are a lot of puppy foods in the market today which can be overwhelming, you have to make sure do a bit of research for you to find the best one. One best thing that you can do is to read some puppy food reviews.

Reading puppy food reviews will help you determine which puppy food is the best for your puppy. At the same time, you will be able to read opinions by fellow puppy owners that can help you a lot. Where can you find puppy food reviews? Where else, but online! You will be surprised to see that there are a lot of reviews out there that will definitely help you in your search for the best puppy food.

The Internet holds a lot of puppy food reviews. Remember, if it’s your first time to own a puppy, do keep in mind that some puppies can be really picky, so you will have to go through the trial and error stage. This is expected, but if you want to lessen the hassle of going through it,reading puppy dog reviews are the best.

Advantages of puppy food reviews:

  1. These reviews can serve as your guide. They will help you find the best puppy food for you.
  2. These reviews can help your filter your search for puppy food, it will make it easier which is better!
  3. The chance to compare prices and what some brands have to offer are given to you through these reviews.
  4. You will be able to save more money because you had the chance to compare prices.
  5. You can guarantee that you will be able to get the highest quality of puppy food.

There you have it, the advantages that you can get from these puppy food reviews. So, there is really no reason for you not to do it, especially if you’re new in this kind of thing. Your puppy needs the care and love that he or she deserves, make sure that your puppy gets that. They will serve as one of your loyal companions as time goes on and you will be a lot of times in your life that you will be thankful that they are there. So, feed them the best puppy food that contains nutrition, vitamins and minerals that will help them have a healthy life.