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Finding The Best Bluetooth Camera

A Bluetooth camera is cool and trendy these days. The technology continues to evolve and make new developments to improve our lives. Bluetooth is a standardized short range wireless communication technology which uses low-power radio frequency. Bluetooth technology allows different devices such as cameras and cell phones to connect to each other and will not even require wires of some kind.

Samsung Bluetooth camera

The Samsung CL65 with BlueTooth is available on Amazon for $296.83. Click on pic for more details.

Bluetooth is one of the best technologies when it comes to data transfer. The most recent cell phones in the market today have Bluetooth cameras which allow the user of the cell phone to receive images, music and videos if paired with another Bluetooth-enabled device. If you have pictures in your devices that you wish to transfer to your computer, you don’t need data cables to connect the device. Instead, you can easily transfer it with the use of your Bluetooth-enabled gadget. However, not all computers have Bluetooth receivers. The best thing to do is to buy a USB receiver so you can connect and transfer files from your device. New laptops being sold in the market are now equipped with Bluetooth, so they will be very convenient for people who transfer a lot of data from the computer to the camera and vice versa.

There are many digital cameras with Bluetooth on Amazon, some come with FREE SHIPPING. Click on this link right here to go to Amazon.

If you have a camera that has Bluetooth technology and your friend has one too, you can easily exchange or share files from your camera by simply enabling the Bluetooth feature and pairing it up with your friend’s device. The use of Bluetooth technology is very advantageous and trouble-free. Gone are the days of using data cables to transfer files. Keeping cables can be pretty tedious and we often hate it when the wires get tangled up. Sooner or later, many of our gadgets such as cameras will be equipped with Bluetooth.

If you are a techie and you wish to keep up to date with every gadget that is being released in the market, it is probably time for you to equip yourself with a Bluetooth camera. It will be a good investment, especially that it makes data transfer more convenient. High end mobile phones have Bluetooth as well. They are sometimes used to synchronize documents and other data to laptops and desktops for backup purposes.

In the near future, cameras with Bluetooth will be a huge hit in the market. These devices will also come in affordable prices to make sure that everyone gets a chance to use it. You should definitely check out a Bluetooth camera and get yourself one so you can see how convenient it is.

There are many digital cameras with Bluetooth on Amazon, some come with FREE SHIPPING. Click on this link right here to go to Amazon.

Bluetooth Camcorder

Bluetooth is one of the most recognizable wireless standards out there. This technology is used to connect our cell phones to wireless headsets and headphones. Today, the technology is being adopted by camcorders. So, if you’re looking for a bluetooth camcorder, you won’t have a hard time.

First of all, bluetooth is a wireless technology that us very common in mobile phones and digital music players. What is bluetooth doing in a camcorder? In a camcoder, bluetooth is used to send still photos to a smartphone. Once the video is on your phone, you can e-mail it or even upload it to your social networking website. Usually, a bluetooth camcorder has an application that will allow you to transfer files easily from the camcorder to your mobile phone.

Aside from this, bluetooth technology in camcorder enables it to work wireless, especially if you’re using bluetooth-enabled accessories like external microphones or GPS units. With the use of a GPS, you can add your location data to your videos.

If you’re looking for bluetooth camcorders, you can find one through gadget stores in your area or you can also check online. Today, there will be a lot of bluetooth camcorders that you will find today. Before you purchase, it will be great if you do a bit of research on the product you wish to buy before you get it. Familiarizing yourself on the new gadgets we have today will be such a wise move. As a consumer, you just don’t buy things, you must know all the important details about the item that you wish to purchase.

Bluetooth camcorders are becoming very popular today. The convenience it brings is such a hit to a lot of people today. Also, you will find that new camcorders that are coming out in the market today uses bluetooth technology. So, if you’re buying today, don’t feel left out and go for a camcorder that has a bluetooth technology in it. You won’t regret it!

Wireless Bluetooth Camera

A wireless bluetooth camera is one of the best things that happened in our modern technology today. This particular type of camera can be used for security and safety reasons. In fact, known security agencies have wireless bluetooth cameras for their missions and other purposes where they will need a camera that they can conceal easily.

There are wireless bluetooth cameras that you can find online. These cameras are more affordable however, higher end models will cost you more money and it will be loaded with more features and clearer resolution for videos or snapshots. If have the right amount of money to spend on a wireless bluetooth camera, you can do so by checking out stores that offer surveillance items and checking them out through the Internet.

Violence has been taking place all over the world today and some people even say that they are not safe anymore in their own homes. A wireless bluetooth camera is one of the best security measures that you can put around your home to make sure that everything in your surrounding is safe and sound. The best thing about this particular type of bluetooth camera is that it is hardly noticeable. People with bad intentions who wants to get in your home won’t even notice it and you will be able to catch them red-handed!

There are many ways to prevent these awful things that can happen in your home and it is always a wise choice that you invest on it because it will definitely be worth it. A wireless bluetooth camera can save lives and can give justice as well.

When buying a wireless bluetooth camera, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with all its features before you finalize your purchase. Ask questions and as much as possible, have them demonstrate to you how it works. Also, if it’s your first time to have this, have a technician from the company where you bought it from and have it installed. Take note of all the details and know all the information about the bluetooth camera.

Bluetooth Security Camera

A bluetooth security camera is specially designed for security purposes. If you wish to put cameras around your home and even inside your home for security measures, then a bluetooth security camera will be perfect. What’s perfect about his is that these cameras are hardly noticeable because of their sizes. A great security accessory that will be very effective and will bring you awesome results.

Buying a bluetooth security camera is such a great idea. There are a lot of these in the market today. Here are some of the best bluetooth security cameras:


  • 420 TV Lines Resolution
  • 3.7mm Pinhole lens
  • Functioning bluetooth earphone
  • Electronic shutter
  • Internal sync system
  • 1/8” color CCD image sensor
  • 420 TV lines resolution

Bluetooth Camera CMOS Security System Spi Equipment

  • AVI video format
  • Can be used as USB drive/camera
  • Color video with voice

There are more bluetooth security cameras that you will find in stores that offer surveillance gadgets and you can also find more online.

However, if you want high end bluetooth security cameras, you have to spend more money on it. Such bluetooth spy cameras that are on the higher end are more accurate and can record clearer videos. Aside from that, it will be loaded with more features. The best thing about this particular type of camera is there are no wires, meaning it can be concealed perfectly. That is why security agencies use this to spy and to catch people in the act. All you have to do is pair it up with a bluetooth device you have in your home.

A bluetooth security camera is very easy to install, and it comes with instructions so you can do it on your own. On the other hand, there are some bluetooth security cameras that will require professional help and normally, the store where you bought it from will send their technician over to install the bluetooth camera and to explain all the information to you. Usually, there is no installation fee but if you want to hire other people, then you will need to pay them.

Our technology is rapidly advancing and people are loving these wonderful changes. A bluetooth security camera is one of the best inventions today because it is for security and safety purposes of everyone. This will help protect your homes and other areas.

Productive Electronics BT-CAM review

Productive Electronics BT-CAM is a Bluetooth camera. This particular Bluetooth camera is compatible with any mobile phone. It can be worn around the body and you will have the ability to record and capture moments. All you have to is clip it on your mobile phone and that’s it. You can record everything you see. You can also clip it on to a DVR so you can play the whole the video you captured.

This body worn camera with bluetooth from Productive Electronics is available on Amazon for $131.67. Click on pic for more details.

Product details:

  • Image device: 1/8” colour CCD camera sensor
  • Video system: NTSC/PAL
  • Resolution: 420 TVL
  • Pixels: 640 x 480
  • Power supply: Optional DC3.6V or 6V
  • 12 months warranty
  • Shipping weight: 1.5lbs

The Productive Electronics Body worn camera with bluetooth is available on Amazon for $131.68 through this link right here.

The BT cam is compatible with pocket DVRs as well. There are also pocket DVDs manufactured by product electronics. You might want to check this out in their Website. The use of this camera is very convenient, you will just have to clip it on and it will record everything you see. You can capture moments easily with this body worn camera.


  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Comes with a Bluetooth system
  • Compatible with ANY mobile phone with Bluetooth
  • Perfect for daylight activities
  • Good resolution

Gone are the days that we use bulky video cameras to capture special moments, with this body worn camera you get to use both your hands because you will just have to press the button in the camera and it will automatically record everything. Once you have captured the video you can transfer it to your mobile phone or in a pocket DVR to play the whole video. Once this is done you have the ability to share the video in different social networking sites.

The Productive Electronics Body worn camera with bluetooth is available on Amazon for $131.68 through this link right here.

Pyle PLCM300BT 7-Inch TFT mirror monitor review

The Pyle PLCM7300BT 7-Inch TFT mirror monitor comes with a built-in Bluetooth and night vision. This is usually put in the rear mirror of your car which will help if you’re backing up your car and while driving. This will allow you to see the back of the car and what to avoid. The main camera can easily be installed in the license plate and this will then give crystal clear videos over an RCA jack.

The Pyle Mirror Monitor is available on Amazon for $89.36 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on the pic for more details.

This camera is perfect for people who are having a hard time backing up their car especially in dark places. This mirror monitor is night vision capable so you can still see the back of the car clearly even if the place is not well-lit. This is also perfect if you are backing up in tight spots and when the visibility is limited. Once you are done backing the image will disappear and your mirror becomes a mirror again. The built in Bluetooth can display incoming calls or you can connect a DVD player or an iPod in it.

The Pyle Mirror Monitor is available on Amazon for $89.36 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

Product (TECHNICAL) details:

  • 7”TFT (16:9) Wide screen
  • Camera dimensions 8.46” W x 1.29” H x 1.37” D
  • Comes with a wireless remote control
  • Resolution: 480 x RGB x 234
  • Dual video input  (DVD/Camera/Game)
  • Anti glare mirror
  • Contrast ratio: 400 CD/M2
  • Rear view night vision camera
  • Screen dimensions: 10.19” W x 4.25” H x 1.81” D
  • Power consumption: 6W
  • Display in-coming calls
  • Built-in Bluetooth system
  • Auto switch PAL/NTSC
  • License plate mount


  • Good resolution
  • Bluetooth functions very well
  • The anti glare mirror is great and can let you concentrate on traffic
  • Gives good picture especially when backing up
  • Good construction quality

The BAD:

  • You may have a hard time installing the device if you don’t know how to install A/V installer (so you might as well get some help with an experienced person)

So, if you’re having some trouble when backing up your vehicle, this is one of the best solutions that you can get. This will also prevent you from getting into accidents which can damage your car or damage an object while backing up your car. Don’t worry, after you have backed up your car your rear view mirrors will go back to normal. This product gives good performance and is very high-quality. So don’t settle for anything else, this one will do the trick. The good thing is, you can play videos and games as well in the monitor. It also comes with a Bluetooth system so it will surely be very convenient. Pyle PLCM7300BT 7-Inch TFT mirror monitor will solve your “backing up” problems!

The Pyle Mirror Monitor is available on Amazon for $89.36 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo review

Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo is an instant mobile printer. This is very handy and you can easily print pictures from your mobile phones or digital cameras. It has a Bluetooth system as well to make the data transfer easier. However, this can only be used by selected mobile phones. This instant mobile printer allows you to share photos in the fastest way possible!

The Polaroid CZA is available on Amazon for $49.99. Click on the pic for more details.

Product details:

  • Automatic image quality optimization with water resistant, tear proof, smudge proof and peel-off prints
  • Prints 2 x 3-inch borderless coloured images in a minute
  • Wireless-capable Bluetooth hard drive interface
  • USB 2.0 drive interface
  • Delivers borderless images that are dry to the touch

Technical Details:

  • Battery: 7.2 volt rechargeable lithium ion
  • User interface: 2 tri-colour LED indicators
  • AC adapter: 9-volt output, universal input 100 V to 240 VAC
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (Class 2), OPP, USB 2.0, USB A connector
  • Print speed: 60 seconds per print
  • Paper size: 2 x 3 inches
  • Paper type: ZINK inkless paper
  • Item width: 2.8 inches
  • Item height: 4.7 inches
  • Item depth: 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 8 oz. without paper including the battery
  • Warranty: 90 days

The Polaroid CZA is available on Amazon for $49.99 through this link right here.

How the Polaroid Pogo works:

For mobile phones: You can easily transfer images with the use of the Bluetooth system. The built-in Object exchange profile or OBEX Bluetooth in the phone and printer will easily connect both devices and enable you to print photographs in a fast way.

For digital cameras: When you will be using your digital camera to print images, it is very easy. Just connect the USB cable to the PictBridge –enabled camera and printer. After this, all you have to do is follow the PictBridge screen on the camera display. Select the images that you want to be printed and you’re done.

This portable printer makes printing and sharing photos in the fastest way possible and it is very small and handy! This particular printer uses Zink technology.  Zink papers are being used to print images. It is very high-quality, durable and colourful and can be done without a drop of ink. The Polaroid CZA-10011B is the first portable device that is Zink-enabled.


  • Provides convenient connectivity
  • Prints good quality image
  • Provides a very speedy printing


  • This printer can only print image quality from digital cameras, if you’re using an SLR and you want to see really high-quality pictures, it is still best if you pick the ink jet printers.

All in all, the Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo is the best portable printer out there. This is the best printer for yours photos from your mobile phones and digital cameras.

The Polaroid CZA is available on Amazon for $49.99 through this link right here.

Samsung CL65 Digital Camera Review

The Samsung CL65 digital camera is the first camera that has Bluetooth in it. It also has a 12.2-megapixel camera optical zoom. Samsung has been a hit when it comes to cameras, and there have been a lot of good reviews and feedback from a lot of people who have used a Samsung mobile phone or its digital camera. The image quality of Samsung cameras is very high-quality.

The Samsung CL65 is available on Amazon for $296.83. Click on pic for more details.

Samsung CL65 is available on Amazon for $296.83 through this link right here.

Product details:

  • Wifi camera/720p 30fps MPEG-4 video
  • 3.5 Inch LCD
  • Optical 5x zoom
  • Bluetooth/Internal GPS Geo Photo
  • Dual Image Stabilizer
  • 12.2 MP CCD Multi Wireless Dual LCD Digital Camera


Technical Details:

  • Maximum Aperture Range: F/3 .6 – 4.8
  • Minimum Focal length: 6.3 millimetres
  • Maximum focal length: 31.5 millimetres
  • Lens type: zoom lens
  • Optical sensor: ½ .33”
  • Included flash type: built-in flash
  • Light sensitivity: ISO 100, IS0 800, IS0 400, ISO 200, ISO 80, ISO AUTI, ISO 1600, ISO 3200
  • Image type: JPEG
  • Shooting modes: Frame video mode
  • Exposure control type: beach, dawn, landscape, night mode, portrait mode, beauty shot,  text, close-up, back light, children, fireworks, Sunset
  • Width: 3.9 inches
  • Depth: 0.7 inches
  • Height: 2.4 inches
  • Weight. 5.5 ounces



  • This camera contains a lot of features
  • Geo-tagging of pictures
  • WiFi
  • High-quality


The BAD:

  • GPS is quite faulty
  • Needs a firmware update

To top everything off, this particular digital camera from Samsung works best for people who love taking casual pictures, not like the professional looking ones. This is also very convenient if you have a friend who has the same camera because you can transfer data with the built-in Bluetooth. You can easily share photos through the Internet because it has WiFi. It’s a digital camera with Bluetooth and WIFI! I bet you can’t wait to go to your electronics store and see this particular digital camera for yourself. The interface is wonderful and the camera is very easy to use. The zoom is perfect. The GPS signal is very quick.

This Samsung camera boasts of high quality images and perfect resolutions. You’ll love taking pictures during your vacations or you just love taking pictures during random moments. If you’re looking for point and shoot cameras, this will be the perfect present for your loved ones or for yourself. So snap away and get yourself a Samsung CL65 digital camera- a camera with loaded features, WiFi and Bluetooth. This Samsung CL65 digital camera has a 3.5 full touch screen, HD video, Micro SD slot, HDMI, USB and comes in Silver. You can find more information and reviews online.

Samsung CL65 is available on Amazon for $296.83 through this link right here.

Bluetooth video camera

Bluetooth video camera is now the newest technology development in the field of video cameras. This particular video camera can be worn around in the body. A quick press on the button will make it record everything you see automatically. The good thing about this is that it can connect to other mobile phones and laptops with Bluetooth technology as well. This is to be able to transfer files from the video camera.

A Bluetooth video camera made sharing video files easily, once you have connected it with your mobile phone or laptops you can now easily upload it to different Social network websites. If you are into blogging and you are making a living just by posting different things to your blog, this video camera will introduce you to the most convenient video blogging. Instead of saying it through words why not let your readers see the whole thing. Another thing is some of these of Bluetooth video cameras doubles as a Bluetooth headset that you can use to receive calls or make calls.

Advantages of a Bluetooth video camera:

  • Easily captures the things you see
  • Can easily connect to Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Gives you the ability to use both hands to do other things while video recording
  • Can also act as a security camera
  • Easy to use
  • Good resolution
  • Handy and portable

These are some of the advantages a Bluetooth video camera will likely give you. However, there are different video cameras with Bluetooth technology in the market today and some of these are being used in different purposes. For example, there are video cameras with Bluetooth technology used for spying while others are simply for capturing moments. While some use it as a headset to receive calls and make calls. There are a lot of purposes a Bluetooth video camera can give. Also, it is very convenient to bring anywhere because most of these video cameras with Bluetooth can be worn around the body. Some of these Bluetooth video cameras can also be connected to portable DVRs or mobile phones if you wish to view, edit and share the videos through the Internet.

The Bluetooth technology gave the people more convenience and applying this technology to different electronic devices has been proven to be really helpful and useful. Most gadgets that are coming out today are Bluetooth enabled. So, if you are looking for portable and handy video cameras, you might want to check some of these video cameras with Bluetooth technology in the market. It is best that you go with the latest technology so you can keep up as well with the latest developments and communication technology is giving us. One step is to check out a Bluetooth video camera.

Benefits of using a Bluetooth web camera

A Bluetooth web camera will allow you to put your web camera in different places. Bluetooth offer wireless connectivity and a web camera with Bluetooth will surely make you enjoy more video calls from friends since you can put the web camera anywhere as long as it stays in the designated meter the Bluetooth can handle. A fixed webcam cannot give you the opportunity to put it anywhere. You will not have the ability to capture images in different places with the use of a fixed webcam.

Bluetooth web camera is perfect for convention or conference environments because of its ability to be moved to different places and with this, people who are currently in a meeting will have the ability to move it from person to person especially if they are talking with their boss through the Internet.

Advantages of Bluetooth web camera:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Can be easily configured
  • Can easily be detected by your computers/laptops that have a Bluetooth system as well.
  • Drivers are very easy to install
  • Perfect for video calls
  • Can also be used for security purposes
  • Provides good video-quality
  • Usually comes with a tripod and a microphone
  • Less stutters and chops

These advantages have proven that this is the new webcam technology that should be considered instead of the fixed ones. This webcam will give you a lot of features and even more convenience unlike the fixed ones. However, we all have different opinions and situations but if you want to be able to move the camera to different places especially if you have frequent video calls, this surely will be the best one for you. If you have frequent meetings or conference with your boss over the Internet, a Bluetooth webcam is highly-recommended. If you wish to place hidden cameras in your home for security purposes, this is the cheapest camera you can buy instead of those spy cameras that will cost you a lot. You don’t have to worry about installing the device to your computer or laptop because it can easily be detected.

There are a lot of brands offering Bluetooth cameras and of course these brands offer different prices and different additional features as well. I suggest that if you’re planning to get one for yourself and you want a little more information on the different brands of Bluetooth webcams, the best place for you to go is through the Internet before proceeding to your local computer accessories store or maybe you can purchase it right away online. Just make sure that you will purchase the product from a reputable Website to avoid scams. Bluetooth web camera is the most convenient way when it comes to video-calling in our present time.