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Log Cabin House Plans

If you are planning to build a log cabin, then you must have good log cabin house plans. Having a good plan will guarantee you a sturdy cabin which is very important.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you draw up some log cabin house plans:

  • What design you want?
  • When do you want it to be built?
  • Do you want it to be a vacation home?
  • Do you want it as a hunting lodge?
  • Do you want it as a guest house?
  • Do you want it as a home for your family?
  • Where can you find a good resource for plans to begin your project?

These are the questions that you should ask yourself before you take on this project. If you want good log cabin house plans, it will be best if you have resources from a professional that has experience in building log cabins. Since not everyone who wish to build a log cabin has an architectural and engineering background, the best thing that you should do is to hire a good log homes construction company to find the best log home plans. Now, how do you find the best company that will give you the best log cabin house plans?

  1. Make sure that the company specializes in making log home kits. You see, logs that go into their construction are fashioned in a factory setting. Each log is pre-cut and pre-shaped to be interlocking, interchangeable pieces.
  2. It is best that you go for a company that produces log home kits made form pre-cut, pre-shaped logs which can be put together in any way.
  3. Do your research by looking for companies online. There are a lot of companies out there and for you to be able to find the best, you must have a list of options.
  4. Ask for quotations and prices. Compare everything and go for the company that offers the best price without sacrificing the quality of their work.

A lot of log cabin house plans today are large and formal and so they end up having an absence of character – cold and sterile. There is an alternative for this that will offer you an all-natural and warm feel.

log cabin house plans

Isn’t it great to settle down inside a home constructed of natural milled logs to help you get back to basics and in tune again with Mother Nature? Keep in mind that there are some companies that only build along a very small few designs of their own. However, there are others who can have a whole portfolio of design plan that they work with. So, it’s now a matter of finding out what kind of log building company deals with the largest array of designs.

Now, you will have an easier time having your log cabin house plans because you can easily have them if you follow these simple tips. Whether you want a small log cabin, log cabin mobile homes and other types of log cabin homes. Just be mindful of what you want and what the company offers and you will definitely have your dream log cabin house.

Little Tikes Log Cabin

Are you thinking of the best gift to give your little one on his birthday? You would want something that will be useful and promote their imagination and at the same time, have your child exposed to nature. The Little Tikes log cabin is the perfect present for your little one.

The Little Tikes log cabin can create beautiful memories for your child and it’s a great imaginary setting. Your child and his or her playmates will definitely have a grand time in this log cabin. They can play peek-a-boo and it comes with a stone fireplace where they can imagine cooking up a stew. They can also curl up by the fire with their cocoa drinks.

The Little Tikes Log Cabin has large windows and a large doorway, making it easier for you to see what your child is up to. It has a play phone as well to get in touch with other kids or maybe have a pizza delivery? Or they can also give you a call and ask you if they you can bring them refreshments as they are very tired from hunting in the forest.

This log cabin is made of sturdy material and it can protect your child and the cabin from elements, just like a true log cabin should. The Little Tikes Log Cabin will offer your child unlimited opportunities to explore and play with his or her imagination.

This wonderful toy will promote a lot of good things for your child. Instead of buying your child electronic gadgets that are such a hit these days, let your child experience real childhood just like you had when you are still a child. Never miss out on the opportunity when it comes to giving the best to your child especially if you have the means to do so. The Little Tikes log cabin is the perfect present or a perfect toy for your child.

little tikes log cabin

The log cabin can serve as your child’s “hideout” or he or she can also have naptimes there, with your supervision, of course. There are a lot of things and advantages that this particular log cabin for kids will do! You will surely find it worthy and don’t worry because it is not too expensive. The Little Tikes log cabin is very reasonably priced. Another best thing about it is that it can last for years and years. It can even be used by your next child!

Prefab Log Cabins

What is the best thing about prefab log cabins? Well, first of, these homes are comprised of materials in whole that are all individually crafted in a factory. They are also thought of as log cabin kits. Each log that will assemble the log home being created in shape according to its own placement within the structure of the finished home, clearly marked accordingly, and then the whole of it will be transported unassembled to the site where it will be built. The best thing about it? It is very convenient and allows simplicity of construction!

Prefab log cabins appeal the most because of its convenience especially people who wish to have such a home. They are very satisfied with the though of having all the pieces made in advance and shipped immediately pieced together. This represents more savings of both time and money.

Prefab log cabins are like having a wooden puzzle, all you have to do is put them all together! Everything you need to build your log home is complete, the doors, windows, flooring as well as built-in structures like cabinetry. Everything are pre-manufactured according to set plans and this allows lower cost in building materials as well as both less time and more simplicity of putting everything together on the building site. Since all the logs as pre-cut and pre-shaped, you don’t have to wait for months to have your log home built, it can only take you weeks!

prefab log cabins

People who are in a hurry or meeting a specific deadline goes for prefab log cabins. In fact, even those who are not meeting any deadlines prefer it. Another best thing about these homes is that there is a lot of room for changes! Some people think that prefab log homes means a “cookie-cutter” approach to log home building, but they were very surprised to find out they can make changes to it according to their design plans.

Prefab log cabins will make everything work. Imagine the time and money that you will save! So, instead of sweating it out and going through the hassle of trial and error, why don’t you give yourself a break and just go with prefab log homes? They will definitely make everything better and less pressure on your part!

Log Cabin Siding

There has been an argument when it comes to log cabin siding. First of all, this siding makes your home looks like a log cabin. Thin log segments are used as siding for your log cabin home for good. It is known that this can provide you solid protection from insects and other elements. Also, it will give your log cabin home a more earthy and rustic appearance. However, the controversy circling around this cannot be ignored, this controversy was recognized by log construction of cabins and homes.

The manufacturers of log homes made from solid logs says that this can’t last for a long time and at the same time, it requires maintenance and care. However, the manufacturers of log cabin siding say exactly the opposite and this triggered an argument. They pointed out that siding doesn’t have the tendency to rot or shrink back from weather and time to create large gaps in between logs that need to be filled with mortar.

People who build log homes said that this would only be true with sub-standard building practices and materials. The use of cedars simply means that there will be no proneness for rotting, no insect problems and no shrinking or expansion despite the weather. Whole-log cabin builders also said that poor construction techniques are the cause of gaps and building it right in the first place will prevent that from happening. The use of log cabin siding is very little to the construction instead of attaching it to the exterior of the home.

log cabin siding

Today, log cabin siding is less difficult to deal with. Usually, they are made from pines or cedars and all the shrinking and expansion due to weather is avoided by treatment of the log splits with kiln drying and sealing it with borate for insect repelling and for UV protection.

There is also a log cabin siding that has full-log ends so they can be able to cross-cross at the corners for that rustic look. Now, if you find a company, make sure to do your research and make sure that they offer what you want.

10 Tips for Log Cabin Kitchens

Now that you have your log cabin set up, it’s time to think about the different parts of your log cabin home. Log cabin kitchens are often the most thought about because who doesn’t want a good kitchen? Whether you will use the log cabin as a vacation home or your permanent home with your family, it is very important that you have a nice kitchen to prepare meals and to store food.

Decorating log cabin kitchens is very exciting and interesting. You won’t definitely have a dull moment! Here are some tips that can help you start your log cabin kitchen project:

  1. Before you buy any materials, there are some details that you have to sort out first. Stick with a theme, this will make it easier for you to design and decorate your kitchen. Log cabin interiors must always be taken into consideration.
  2. If you don’t have a wide kitchen space, try maximizing it by being more practical. Put cabinets that have multiple storage areas and counters. Don’t put pot racks and other low ceiling decorations. They can make the space look even more cramped.
  3. Keep everything simple. Don’t buy big furniture, go for smaller and thinner ones.
  4. When it comes to log cabin furniture, don’t overdo the decorations.
  5. Make sure that the counters are clear, no decorations or anything.
  6. The cabinets must be a little below the ceiling. This way, those things that you wish to put on the counter can be placed above your cabinets. This will also create the feeling that ceilings are tall.
  7. It will also be a good idea to use glass on some of your kitchen cabinets just to show your dining articles.
  8. Purchase a unique sink.
  9. If your kitchen has a window/s, choose a valance made of light material.
  10. A small plant inside your kitchen will help as well.

Those are easy tips to follow when it comes to decorating log cabin kitchens. However, you must also consider the needs of your family when it comes to cooking. Make sure that everything will be convenient and comfortable for you and for them as well.

log cabin kitchens

When it comes to buying appliances for log cabin kitchens, buy something that will match your family’s eating habits. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating your kitchen because you have a lot of things you want to buy, however, you must stick first to the your needs before the wants and have your log house cabin plans ready!

The Best Five Log Cabin Interiors Ideas

Log cabin homes are generally used for vacations. It’s a great vacation home and if you’re going to use it, you would want a good interior for your home to set the feel that you want and to also express your personal style. Here are some log cabin interiors that can help you decorate the interior of your log cabin without the need to hire an interior designer.

Log cabin interiors: (ideas)

  1. Use furniture that is constructed from birch, pine, cedar or pine trees which are stained, natural in finish or lacquered.
  2. When it comes to the fabrics, a country check pattern or a solid bold color will do, depending on how modern your taste is. You can also go for worn leather because this makes a statement and it brings a more “western” element to the log cabin interior.
  3. The lighting should be taken into consideration as well. You can choose from modern lighting or retro lighting. Antiques sound great if you want to add a touch of vintage to your home. Go for metal hanging lamps or natural wood based shaded lamp. An antler chandelier is a great choice as well if you want to bring the wilderness into your home.
  4. When it comes to colors, stick with nature hues such as green, rusty tones, blue, gold, brown, yellow and floral. You can also leave the log poles exposed (which can help minimize painting) and let the warmth of the wood engulf the room.
  5. When it comes to accessories, a touch of something colorful can really bring the rugged element of iron into your decor. Fireplaces are prominent features in log cabin interiors. A fireplace will provide you a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that will make the walls glow. Maybe a bear rug in front of it would also help.

log cabin interiors

These are some of the best ideas of log cabin interiors that you can implement in your log cabin. They can definitely help you make it cozier and more comfortable to live at, especially during vacation months. It will also help if you keep everything organized. To achieve the look of the interiors you want, you have to make sure to set everything up in your log cabin house plans before anything else.

Whether it is for small log cabins or large ones, you can definitely apply these ideas! So go ahead and create the best interior for your log cabin.

10 Advantages of Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Have you seen log cabin mobile homes? If you’re the type of person who’s on the go, then you probably need one for yourself. A log cabin mobile home is also perfect if you live in a country or area where the temperature is usually chilly. The logs will definitely keep you warm. This is also a variation of the home exterior that resembles a cabin. It’s done through the log sidings. You will be happy to know that there are a lot of advantages.

Advantages of log cabin mobile homes:

  1. The overall appearance improves the house by giving it character and distinct style.
  2. If you plan to put it in the market, you won’t have a hard time selling the unit. The physical appearance is popular in the real estate marketplace.
  3. The log cabin siding offers a low-maintenance option.
  4. It is very easy for you to upgrade the exterior of a log cabin mobile home.
  5. The texture of the logs have dirt and grime because they are thicker than the existing siding. This will improve the value of your installation and is a sign of how well your home is insulated. The greater the R-value, the less likely that heat or cool air will escape.
  6. Log cabin mobile homes will give you significant savings when it comes to heating and cooling costs. And that is a big deal!
  7. The insulating value can also improve the soundproof capability of your exterior.
  8. Log cabins can withstand all types of weather.
  9. Log cabins are very practical, especially when you’re often on the go.
  10. Log cabins very convenient and comfortable.

log cabin mobile homes

These are some of the advantages of owning log cabin mobile homes. So if you’re planning to purchase a mobile home for your family or for personal needs, why not consider getting a log cabin? It will certainly keep you warm and cozy. It’s also a nice place to stay in during the weekend. Oh, and make sure you have your log cabin house plans ready!

Small Log Cabins

Do you want to build small log cabins? If you’re aiming to build at least one small log cabin, then congratulations, you are making such a great choice! Whether you’re building it to serve as a family home or a vacation home, you will definitely love staying in one. However, what’s the best and easiest way to build small log cabins?

Building small log cabins can take you months, this is because you will undergo a lot of adjustments and you have to have all the materials that you need. Since you will be building a log cabin, the cabin will be made of logs. This simply means that every log that you will use should be well-designed and elaborate exactly how you want it. This way, you will be able to achieve that small log cabin of your dreams. However, not everyone can go through the hassle and don’t have all the patience to wait for months, there is an easy way for you to build your small log cabin!

You see, there are small log cabin kits that you can purchase that are also known as prefab log cabins Why don’t you get a packaged kit? These home kits are not uniform in design, so you must be aware of this but they can be built along and log cabin house plans and designs that you want to achieve. They might not be uniform when it comes to the design, but they are uniform in parts. This simply means that each log is kiln-seasoned to be pre-settled in shape, then pre-milled to exact specifications, pre-measured and pre-cut to specifications, pre-shaped for interlocking ease, all in a factory setting and then they are pre-built in the factory to ensure their perfect fit.

small log cabins

Using packaged kits for small log cabins can save you a lot of time. The time period will be minimized in just a few weeks which is such a relief to those who are in a hurry and has a certain deadline to meet. This is because buying a packaged kit also means that the work has previously been taken care of for you in the factory. Also, this means that you have less work to do. In short, you just have to pick up the pieces and put them all together! That’s how easy it is!

So, if you’re thinking of building a small log cabin, consider which way you want to go. Do it the easier way and you will be able to enjoy your small log cabin home in the fastest way! Don’t forget to have log cabin house plans as well!