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Quantum Jumping Review

Note: this is just a personal review of Quantum Jumping Program. Click here to go to Quantum Jumping Official Page

Einstein once said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Burt Goldman, or the American Monk as he is known to his fans, is the creator of Quantum Jumping, a technique that proves exactly Einstein’s words.

In this Quantum Jumping review you will find out about the backgrounds of this technique, what it can do for you and how it can change your life. But first of all, what is Quantum Jumping? This technique, based on the parallel universes theory (the String Theory), suggests that there are an infinite number of unique versions of yourself in a different parallel universe. Different choices, lifestyle alternatives presents to you differently in each universe; there is a supermodel version of yourself, a mogul, scientist, rock star, Oscar winner, admiral, astronaut, athlete, the possibilities are endless. And this course teaches you how to reach out to those better versions of yourself, in order to improve your life in this existent universe. Sounds like Star Trek, I know! But it’s better, because it is in real life!

Burt Goldman started cultivating his knowledge since he was only 19 years old and he went through different steps until his 80s when he can absolutely say that he has 100% perfected the technique. He studied about controlling the energy, the teachings of Kahuna, the art of meditation, hypnotism, hand acupressure, mind control, Feng Shui. Gathering and combining all of his learning, he created the Quantum Jumping, a course designed to improve yourself.

The course contains 6 CDs that go through different accomplishments from success, achieving goals, relationships, becoming fearless to abundance. People have used it to change different scenarios in their lives, as this Quantum Jumping review will unveil.

In a few words, as the author himself states it, Quantum Jumping will allow you to meet the more successful, healthy, talented version of yourself and ask all those questions you have kept in your mind all of your life; and then use the same method to become what you’ve ever secretly wished you could be.

Through meditation, the course disciplines you in order to find your better self and apply all his abilities and wisdom that got him there in the first place. You will meet the athletic you, and find the answers on staying fit and sexy, even though until now you might have lead a pretty unhealthy, sedentary life. You will meet the millionaire you, and find out what ideas stroke him and led to that multimillionaire company. You will meet the talented you and he will teach you how to play the piano like a pro, or inspire you to paint better than Salvador Dali.

Some people compare this course with The Secret, a method that uses the Law of Attraction. Quantum Jumping also incorporates that law, but the possibilities are immeasurable, since you will circuit an infinite number of Universes. Many perceived The Secret as a scam, and so the Quantum Jumping will appear in their eyes, too. The thing is they might not be ready for it…

But here comes a big warning: don’t just buy the course, toss it somewhere in the house and come one lazy Sunday afternoon, go through it mindlessly. Above all, it is meditation and reaching the alpha state that will take you to that encounter with your alternate self. You need to reach that creative, relaxed, calm state and then put to action all the enlightenment of the course.

The purpose of this Quantum Jumping review is to inform and prepare the buyer with all the observations regarding this subject. No regrets should accompany you while purchasing the course. Just a few testimonials of people who allowed this technique to change their lives (taken from the official page):

I Have Gained Confidence To Pick Up Girls, Diego Carranza from Long Beach CA
My Life Has Become More Focused, Sherry Heim from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Added More Clarity & Clearer Perception, Lars Christensen from Denmark.
Restore Calm And Eliminate Fear From My Life, Keith Creel from San Antonio, Texas
I Have Far Exceeded My Original Goals, Lawrence Howard from Sylmar Ca., U.S.A
Showing Me Clues To My Possible Future, Nelson Beltran from Grosse Ile, Michigan

These are all common people, who understood the importance off the course, followed it by heart and have successfully changed their lives.

You can be one of them too. Allow Quantum Jumping to help you find answers to those intense questions you’ve had all your life. Make room in your life for all the peace, clarity, wealth, health and love you never thought you would have. Check it out today!

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