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Tension Wrench: All You Need To Know

A tension wrench is a tool that’s essential for lock picking, and especially for picking the commonly used pin cylinder locks. Its purpose is twofold. It can hold picked pins in place, and when all the pins are set, the wrench can then be used to turn the inner cylinder to open the lock. It is also a tool that allows the user to exert a small amount of torque that’s about the longitudinal axis of an object running perpendicular to the wrench itself. This is typically shaped in a letter “L”.

There are a lot of these tension wrenches available in the market today. You can even make your own. Security agents are usually the people who use them. This is for easy access to some properties that need to be opened immediately for security purposes. This type of wrench can be used to pick locks, but remember that it is illegal to pick locks if you’re not authorized.

Tension wrenches come in a wide variety of types and sizes. This is due to the many varying sizes and shapes of lock keyways. The lock keyway demands a specific configuration. Wide keyways can accept large tools while the narrow keyways can be so small that only Euro style stainless steel tension tools will fit on them. When it comes to tensions wrenches, each person has his or her own preference. For example, a locksmith may prefer a flexible lockpicking wrench while the other one may prefer the rigid type.

Here are the different types:

  • Standard tension wrench (this is the L shape)
  • Twist wrench
  • Long twist wrench
  • Line wrench
  • Double-ended wrench
  • Wishbone wrench
  • Tulip door knob handle wrench

Tension wrenches are also known as torque wrenches or tensioners. Most of them are made from spring steel to give enough subtle vibrations and displacements to the handler. They can come in handy, especially if you lost the keys of your car, home or any other valuable things that come with a lock. It is also a good idea to have one in your house just in case. Pick the standard type as this can go with anything, or you can buy it as a set. It is really helpful and useful. A word of warning, never use this to open properties that aren’t yours.

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Digital Torque Wrenches

What is a digital torque wrench? This is a tool that can be used for almost anything that needs to be done on an automobile. A digital torque wrench specializes more in the automotive worl but there are also other types of torque wrenches that can be used in different purposes. Before you purchase this particular tool, you must first familiarize yourself with it like the torque pressure power and other features.

What are the things that you should know about a digital torque wrench?


  1. Common features – one of the most common features of a digital torque wrench is its ability to shiled the device from oil and grease.
  2. Fast work – a digital torque wrench promises a faster way for you to remove all of the parts from the vehichle.
  3. A-must have – this is definitel a-must have for all people who enjoys working on cars.

A digital torque wrench is like your miracle tool because there are thousands of different problems that can be fixed just by the use of this tool. The best thing about it is that it is using advanced technology which is very apt with our modern days today.

A digital torque wrench is very easy to set up and once you’re done setting it up, you can let the wrench do its work. In fact, there is no need to check the torque setting, an indicator such as a beep will let you know that the correct torque has been applied. A very helpful feature that a lot of digital torque wrench users love. There are other models of digital torque wrenches that you can connect to a computer for more accurate measurements.

As you can see, a digital torque wrench is a very convenient tool and is very suitable today. This also increases the work force of a lot of people who use this for their work although they charge more when they use such hi-tech devices. However, you will feel very satisfied with their service and it will be done in a faster time.

Insulated Torque Wrench

What is the purpose of an insulated torque wrench? This tool is used to ensure proper torque control and also, eliminate the possibility of product failure due to shorting, arcing or other electrical damage. Insulated torque wrenches are for those ligh-threatening high voltage and low volate electrical assembly applications where over-torque condiions and are not tolerated and operat safety is a-must.

If you are looking for an insulated torque wrench, you can find a lot of them in your local hardware but if you don’t have time to visit physical stores, you can always shop online. Here are some insulate torque wrenches that you must keep an eye on because they are considered to be the best among others.

Mountz 1000V Insulated Torque Wrench

  • Built to protect against volatges up to 1,000 volts
  • Availbel in cam-over wrench models and break-over wrench models.
  • Designed with non-conductove plastic insulation

Cementex 50250TW38I Torque Wrench 50-250 in-lbs 3/8” Drive

  • Accurate torque settings
  • Two calibration adjustments to allow easy and precise torque settings
  • Dual scale models give readings in in. -lns/Newton Meters or ft.-lbs/Newton Meters
  • Spring-loaded or twist-locking collar locs scale of desired reading and remains in locked position.
  • Heavy-duty, reversible ratchet models have quick shift lever to allow easy single-hand shifting

PEL Double Insulated Torque Wrench

  • Meet or exceed ASTM F1505-01 and IEC 900 standars for insulated hand tools
  • Impact resistent and flame retardant materials used
  • Two-color insulation will make inspection easier and this will add to overall safety.
  • Helps meet OSHA requirements
  • Tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1000 VAC Maximum Exposure

Those are some of the insulated torque wrenches that you can purchase today.

Aside from all the models of insulated torque wrenches listed above, you can also get yourself an insulated torque wrench kit. This way, all the necessary tools will be in one package and there is no need for you to buy another one. An insulated torque wrench is good, but what if you need a different kind on insulated torque wrench? However, some still prefer buying separately while others go for the easy road, buying a kit. The choice is up to you, for the kits, you can also buy them at your local hardware store or through the Internet as well.

Ratchet Wrench

A ratchet wrench is specially designed to help technicians for loosening and tightening nuts or bolts that a common wrench or pliers cannot do. That is one thing why this particular tool is very important. Aside from that, there are more things that you need to know about this tool to realize how important it is to have this in your home, office and vehicle.

One advantage of a ratchet wrench is that it has several important parts like:

  • Extender arm
  • Adopters
  • Removable joints
  • Removable socket of different sizes that fit into nuts or bolts of corresponding sizes.

Another advantage is that a ratchet wrench makes everything easier when it comes to tightening and loosening any nut through reverse movements because there is no need to remove the wrench itself from the nut and that’s all thanks to its ratcheting mechanism.

One best feature of a ratchet wrench as well is that it has a square fitting that you can attach with the ratchet that can fit on the required nut or bolt needed. For you to be able to make sure that it will hold tight on the socket, it has a spring-loaded ball mechanism. This is one best feature a ratchet wrench has but there are two things that are more important than this, they are the universal and the adopters.

The universal and the adopters of a ratchet wrench plays a very important role. Universal joints features two joints that have the capability to blend almost 90 degrees for the wrench can reach any corner and move into any direction. The adopters, on the other hand, are used to fit sockets and the one who link one drive size to another drive size.

Aside from a ratchet wrench, there are other wrenches used for different purposes:

  • ratchet open geared wrench
  • impact ratchet wrench
  • inline ratchet wrench
  • air ratchet wrench
  • flex ratchet

These are all important wrenches that you can use to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of different sizes and each has different mechanisms to get the job done.

The good thing about a ratchet wrench is that it is often used in tight corners or narrow spaces where some of those wrenches can’t reach. That is also why it is very important that you have a ratchet wrench at home.

Locksmith Tools

If you want to pursue a career as an automotive locksmith, you must have all the necessary locksmith tools for you. Your locksmith tools should be technologically advanced tools and equipment to replace or make new locks for vehicles.

Being a locksmith

These locksmith tools will enhance the efficiency of your process and it will also increase goodwill of your firm. Today, almost all the models of vehicles are fitted with advanced remote keyless systems, so being a locksmith, you must have all the tools that are needed for replacements and decoding the transponder keys.

Since you are not yet a locksmith yet, it’s okay that you don’t have all the tools and equipment yet that you will need because locksmiths usually start that way but over time, they will build up tools that are worth a thousands of dollars. Being a locksmith, there is more that a slim jim, lock picking kit and a few key blanks.

Your locksmith tools

Key blanks can take up much space and money and there are many categories of this that you must have in handy. Aside from this, you will also need a machine to actually cut the keys and these vary in size and price depending on what he wants. You will need a lot of supplies to keep up the key blanks, from tags to key towers, expect that you will spend a large amount on these. Also, you will tools to pick and change and install locks and this will require picking sets, tools and locks themselves.

Newer vehicles today will require a machine to code the keys. Being a locksmith means you should really have all the necessary locksmith tools because you never know what car you will fix, an old one or a new one. A professional locksmith should have either of the two ready. It’s part of the job. However, you must remember, if you don’t have enough budget to fund all these tools, you might want to start from something small first like most locksmiths out there, then work your way from there.

Lock Picking Tools

What are the most common lock picking tools do we have today? Knowing these common lock picking tools will be just fine since you will just try to get your door open or for minor purposes only. You will be surprised that there are two main tools:

  1. Tension Wrench
  2. Lock Pick Tool

What is a tension wrench?

This is a small piece of metal that is shaped into a 90-degree turn or “L” shape. A tension wrench is place into the lock and used to turn it once you have worked the lock. It works just like a key because it has to be able to turn the lock but it has to be small enough to fit in the lock. Tension wrenches are for security and you can find tension wrenches in hardware and locksmith catalogs as well as some places online, or you can even make your own! To make your own, you will need to use a small Allen wrench and file down one side so it fits into the lock you are working on.

Lock picks

For lock picks, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes but for most simple locks, you will only need a simple pick. It will only be a small flat piece of metal that can fit into a keyhole, usually with a rise or bump toward the end. You just have to rake the bump across the pins in the lock and you have them up while you try to get them to set into their holes. Once you have all the pins set, you will use the tension wrench to open the lock.

Aside from this, there is also a lock picking tool that looks like a hot glue gun and a pistol that will work on some locks. It uses the same concept as the tension wrench.

Lock picking tools can be very expensive to purchase but you can also make your own lock picks. It is always a wise choice to always have one in handy just in case you left your keys and you don’t have any way to get inside but to pick your lock. Lock picking tools should only be used for security purposes only and not to invade properties of other people.

All you need to know about torque wrench calibration

Do you know anything about torque wrench calibration? This is important as this will offer safety and effectiveness of your home and car repairs as well as the functionality of the torque wrench.

Prepare your torque wrench, vise, string, 20-pound weight, calculator and marker.

  1. In the center point of the wrench head that can be found of the back of the torque wrench, mark this spot.
  2. Measure from the center point to the point at which you apply the most pressure when using the wrench.
  3. Write down the measurements either in inches or in feet.
  4. Use the vise to clamp the wrench horizontally.
  5. Hang a 20-pount weight from the handle of the wrench with the use of the string.
  6. The weight along the handle of the wrench must be moved until it measures exactly 40 foot pounds or 480 inch pounds.
  7. Measure the distance from the center point on the head of the wrench to the string and write the measurement.
  8. Divide the measurements you have take with the calculator to find the calibration ratio.
  9. Your torque wrench must be set for a specific application by multiplying the required torque of the bolt by the calibration ratio.

Calibrating your torch wrench is recommended. A torque or a tightening force is critically important when working with any fasteners that will be subject to some kind of load. The bold will need to be preloaded with the correct amount of force so that it will break or come loose and fall off.

Torque wrench is used when tightening automotive engine as this is commonly used in this particular field:

  • Cylinder head bolts
  • Connecting rod cap bearing
  • Crank cap bearing
  • Cam shaft
  • Crank case

This torque wrench needs to be calibrated as well because this is used in industrial machines such as factory equipments.

Although it is said that a torque wrench is often calibrated if it has been damaged as it is very possible that it lose its calibration that is why you will need to calibrate it once again. However, it is very necessary for the correct tightening of nuts and bolts as per screw must have the same measurement. For example, the cylinder head: the surface of the cylinder head and the engine block there is a gasket in between these two, it is important that you retighten the bolts equally because if not there is a tendency that the cylinder head will get deformed which will cause loose compression leading to rough idle, over-heating and this will be the start of gasket damage. That is why it is important that you know how or you know about torque wrench calibration.

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Find a good bike torque wrench

A Bike torque wrench is said to be the best when it comes in beam type. This is because some bike components like bottom bracket need fairly high torques while small hex bolts need much less. Also, beam types are less expensive than any other torque wrenches in the market today. Being the most suggested type of torque wrench; the beam design is very simple and is accurate for both left-hand and right-hand threading. The socket head holds two steels beams, a primary beam and an indicator or pointer beam which remains un-deflected while the primary beam below flexes and moves with the handle. The reading is taken at the end of the pointer. The handle can be moves until the desired reading is attained. Also, these wrenches rarely require re-calibration which is a good thing.

If you have checked different forums on what best torque wrench you should get for your bike, you might have probably seen a lot of beam types suggestions from forum users. As you can see above, the specifications of the beam type is perfect for bicycles as it will give you the best accuracy when fixing your bike.

Also, when working on your bicycle it is advisable to use a torque wrench which will be suitable for measuring inch pounds. When looking for a bike torque wrench, make sure that will be good for face plate bolts, steeper clamp bolts and other low torque bicycle fasteners.

Beam types are perfect for bikes. It is highly recommended by many users as well. There are a lot of beam type torque wrenches that you can find through the Internet. Many choices are listed so you can choose from and brands that offer this type of torque wrenches is highly reputable and you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the quality of their wrenches. Go with the beam type if you don’t know what to get for your bike, since many has suggested this, it is very likely that it will work best for you r bike as well.

Make sure that when you’re looking for bike torque wrench, know your budget and be sure that it will fit your budget. Don’t go overboard especially if the features of the torque wrench cannot be put into use, go for something that will be very useful for you. Also, know your requirements when looking for a torque wrench for you to be able to find the best bike torque wrench for you.

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What is the best torque wrench in the market?

Are you looking for the best torque wrench? Well, there are many types of torque wrenches and models that you can choose from. In order to help you with your search, I will be putting on some models of torque wrenches that may suit your needs or requirements. Have that requirements check list ready and read ahead!

Torque wrenches can range in different prices (of course) depending on the type, brand and model and the job that it is made for. Electronic and split beam torque wrenches are usually the most expensive among these torque wrenches. This is because they offer longer life between calibrations, better accuracy and even past torque logging. These particular type best suits critical tasks which require the utmost attention to detail. Most average torque wrench buyers are not looking for this time because most of them just want an accurate tool but do not require accuracy to specs that they don’t understand.

GearWrench 85052 3/8-Inch Torque Wrench – this is expected to be reliable, accurate and simple to use. It has the ability to do all the things that you need to do in one package. A well-built and durable this will give you that positive “click” when you have reached the preset torque. It also has a micrometer dial that has an overall good feel but the numbers etched without contrast making them difficult to see.

Husky 39104T ½ -Inch Drive Torque Wrench – it uses a micrometer click style design and the handle is a little longer giving more leverage on higher torque tasks. This will work best for automotive jobs.

SK Hand Tool 74555 1/2- Inch Torque Wrench – SK is the first company to offer head gear wrenches. This tools is known to b every accurate and it is tough enough to keep the accuracy after repeated use. Also comes with a micrometer click design for easy setting and simple fool proof torquing. However, this may be a little pricey.

Craftsman 44978 3/8-Inch Torque Wrench – beam type design means perfect accuracy and is great for occasional use where storage tends to include some bumping and thumping every now and then.

See, there are a lot of models of torque wrenches and you haven’t seen the half of it yet. The best way to get the best torque wrench for you is to get in-touch with your requirements and know the particular “job” you will be using it for. Knowing these things will help you find the best torque wrench out there that will best fit your requirements and budget.

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Benefits of getting a digital torque wrench

A digital torque wrench is a tool that can be used for almost anything, like if you need to retighten and tighten some bolts and nuts, this is very crucial especially in a car engine that every bolts and nuts are in the same measurement or it will get damaged and will not work properly. This tool specializes more in the automotive world but there are also other types of torque wrenches available in the market today. It is best that if you plan to purchase a digital torque wrench that you have enough knowledge about it. You just don’t go and purchase a torque wrench and any other product without knowing how it works and how it can be used.

One common features of a digital torque wrench is its ability to shield the device from oil and grease. We all know that most of these devices are going to be used in a very dirty and hard to clean environment. That is why it is important that you focus on having the wrench as clean and resistant to the dirty grime of a location as possible.

Also, one of the best features of this particular wrench is that you do not have to look at the wrench to know when you reach your desired torque setting.  There are a lot of models that has the ability to set the torque setting that you want and it will beep once you have reached your desired torque. The newer models can be connected to the computer with the use of a USB cord and this will allow you to keep track of previous torque settings making it easy for you to look back on previous work that you have done.

There are many brands that manufacture digital torque wrenches that are available in the market now. As there are many different types and models of digital torque wrenches, you must list down your requirements and your budget to find the best one for you. A digital torque wrench will really lift the tedious task of dealing with bolts and nuts manually. It is also best that you choose a company or a brand that gives a long warranty time period, so when something goes wrong when you’re in the middle of your work, you can send it back and have it fixed for free or get a replacement.

Out technology is really improving and developing new things to make life easier and this digital torque wrench is one example. This will definitely make your life easier and will provide a faster operation time in your business or company with the help of a digital torque wrench.

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