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Trade Show Table Covers

Are you planning a trade show display? Well, you better choose some beautiful trade show table covers. A lot of people don’t think that this is important, yet what they did not know is that these table covers play a very important role.

Most companies that host or join trade shows often commit the same mistake of choosing trade show table covers in black or white. Don’t you think this is too plain? Such covers will not draw the attention of your target audience. The table will certainly look like the other ones on display.

When it comes to trade show table covers, the best color to choose is one that has the ability to get in sync with everything altogether. A color that can highlight the products that you want to promote is a good start.

Trade show table covers come in 6-foot and 8-foot widths. They are called “full style” if they have a back panel or “economy style” if there is no back panel. Most table throws are sized for a 28″ tall, 30″ deep table, but there are custom sizes that are readily available.

Table runners will be perfect as well. These are narrow strips of cloth that are typically 30″ or 48″ wide and can be draped over a solid color table cloth. You can print the narrow runner, which will make it less expensive. This will also be a good option if you are on a tight budget. In addition, you can also put some contrast between the table cover and table runner colors.

Another thing that you should consider when it comes to trade show table covers is the fabric. The standard ones are made from twill, 100% polyester fabric. It is the most popular because of its durability and wrinkle-free characteristics. Aside from this, it comes with a smooth opaque finish. Another fabric material option is snug, form fitting, stretch table covers called an Ultra Fit.

Now that you have those things figured out, it is time that you pay attention to the print of your trade show table covers. As we all know, most people don’t normally have theirs printed and this is one big mistake. Having yours printed will attract more attention and people will be able to easily recognize what products you are promoting.

One tip that can help you with trade show table covers is that when you’re shopping for some, make sure that it will go well with your banners or other materials that will be present during the show. The color is vital, so make sure that you pay attention to it.

Keep in mind that these trade show table covers should not be taken lightly. As mentioned above, this can create such a huge impact that can help boost your company’s sales and promotions.

Table Covers

Are you looking for nice table covers for your trade show? If you are, you must keep in mind that table covers are so important because these can make your table stand out from the crowd. Today, there are a lot of new fabrics to choose from.

Types of table covers:

  1. Poly stretch covers/spandex – perfect trade show tablecloth fabrics because of its vibrant full bleed color print that will allow your message or brand to be seen on all sides with no wrinkles and no folded over flaps.
  2. Zipper back/open back – this will allow trade show exhibitors to hide theor products, papers or boxex and keep their trade show area neat and clean looking.

If you are planning to go for spandex fabrics as your table covers for your trade show, they are available in 13 colors with or without print:

  • Black
  • White
  • Royal Blue
  • Magenta
  • Hunter Green
  • Mango
  • Chocolate brown
  • Eggplant purple
  • Sandalwood
  • Lime green
  • Crimson red
  • Burgundy
  • Cream

The print method is spandex fabrics is a digital print on a thin vinyl film that is die cut and heat applied onto the fabric. It is machine washable and will not come off. Spandex table covers are outstanding on 42 inch tall cocktail tables.

On the other hand, poly stretch fabric is a white fabric that can be digitally printed on the stretch fabric. It starts off as white and it can be printed any color that you want. The digital print is direct to fabric print.

The poly stretch and spandex are designed to fit standard 8 foot by 30 inch and 6 foot by 30 inch folding tables.

So, it’s up to you to choose which table covers you should use for your trade show table. Go for the best, something that will be great for what you are promoting. This way, people won’t miss it and they will be drawn to your table.

6 Table Skirting Ideas

Do you need some help with table skirting? If you do, then you are definitely on the right page! Here are some table skirting ideas that will help you turn those tables at that event into something amazing!

  1. Gathered top design – this will look great, with this, the fabric will be drawn together at the top by the threads sewn into the fabric. Tighten the garter because it will give it a fuller and more poufed bottom.
  2. Knife or accordion pleat – this particular design has narrow folds and they are all pointing at the same direction which fit around the top edge of the table. The skirt bottom can be full like a gathered top or you can have it pressed so the pleats will extend to the floor.
  3. Box pleat – this is a series of pleats that folds back-to-back. The bottom is not as full and this will give it a neat, tailored apperance. This particular table skirting design will be perfect for business meetings and trade shows. There is also the French box pleat and this one has narrower pleats that can create a fuller effect at the bottom. You can press it so it extends to the floor.
  4. Valances and scalloped drapes – these can go over the skirt. Also, it can add color to the design of the table. You can use this to create an overall color scheme or allow for companies to have better branding in a showroom.
  5. Overlays – these are square pieces of fabric that are layered on top of th etable and over the skirt. It can add interest to the table design or draw focus to a specific area on the table.
  6. Table toppers – the use of these will be great as well. Cover the entire table top and hang over the table edge a few inches on all sides. These are used for more color scheme and branding.

These table skirting designs will help you decorate your tables and make that even look wonderful and in sync! In fact, table skirts are one of the keys to a great looking event! Even without any other decorations, table skirting can change a room full of bland mismatched tables and chairs into a beautiful recpetion hall or an attractive showroom.

Table Toppers

Table toppers are such a great way to decorate your tables. If you love inviting people in your home and serving dinner, then what better way to make the mood more festive and special by table toppers?

When it comes to table toppers, there are a lot of designs to choose from. There are also a lot of colors that will definitely catch your eye. The lovely patterns, the elegance it brings and the wonrderful ambiance it brings is just enough for you to decorate your own tables at home. A lot of people think that these toppers are only meant for events but you can use it for your home. It will be perfect if you have a formal dining area. However, if you don’t, there are cute ones or casual ones that will go well with standard dining areas or tables.

For events, these table toppers are very in demand. However, there is also no need for you to buy because there are rentals out there where you can rent toppers for that event of yours. It’s much cheaper.on another note, if you do hold a lot of events at home, it’ll be much wiser is you invest on a couple of these. This way, you don’t have to call the rental company and pay for it because you will have them ready.

If it’s your first time to think about table toppers, you will definitely be surprised how these simple fabrics can change the whole area. It adds spice to the event and it also makes the theme even more noticeable. For home use, you will love its ambiance. There are a lot of these that you can purchase today. However, if it’s your first time and you don’t have any idea yet on what to choose and what’s best for that table or event of yours, researching online is the best thing to do. You will also be able to find great companies that offer table toppers and they have a lot of great ideas that you can incorporate in your own home or event.

Table Skirts

One effective way to dress up a table is through table skirts. They are very similar to tablecloths but the only difference is that they do not cover the top of the table but instead; it is wrapped around the edge. When shopping for these, you have to make sure that you’re choosing properly because it can go a long way in imparting a stylish and demure look to the whole area. You can also enhance the trim by adding more trims, embroideries and borders.

Table skirts consist of two parts:

  • Table topper cloth
  • Skirt

They tend to drape to the floor and hence, bringing out a smart cozy look to the table. Usually, they are used as decorative equipment but it also offers other functions.

Table skirts are very popular and there are now more styles that are being introduced in a regular manner. There are four accepted styles:

  • Table runners
  • Covers
  • Drapes
  • Stretch covers

The stretchable skirting style was introduced very recently and they can be completely stretched over the table and thereby, leaving no wrinkled on the tabletop. After you lay the stretch table skirting, you can zip the rear to give it a wrinkle free tight appearance. The zipper can conceal items underneath the table and they are widely used for business conventions, birthday parties and other events.

Now, when you are choosing table skirts, always keep in mind the type of fabric and the quality of the fabric. Also, prioritize as well the table skirt color and make sure that it will go well with the area and the theme, if there is a theme. Also, you have to always keep in mind that these table skirts have the ability to improve the overall appearance of a room or an area. You will find catchy colors bit you should always consider the wall color and the table color before you choose a table skirt.

There are a lot of table skirts that you can find in the market today. However, if you’re a beginner, you can always look for ideas online. This will be a great start that will lead to finding the best table skirt.

Options For Round Tablecloths

Are you planning to buy round tablecloths? If yes, then there are a few things that you should know. First of all, you need to be very careful when it comes to the shape of the cloth. It has to be round in order to maintain balance. The best thing about them is that you can adjust the length in many ways according to your requirement.

Here are some of the options for you when it comes to round tablecloths:

  1. You can choose the ones that have a length that reaches the floor. They can also have frills at the hem. They can be designed to have thick borders with embroidery. You can pick a plain satin cloth and use it at full length. This will look very ordinary, and using a cover with a printed pattern will be a great option. Such round tablecloths can be often seen at weddings and social events.
  2. Another thing that you can do is reduce its length according to your requirements. You can also choose any color combination, but make sure not to choose large prints. Go for soft shades that don’t have large prints.
  3. If you are creative, then you can design your own. Just make a suitable design and get it printed on a good fabric. Satin is the most preferred material because it looks good even with a dull base color.

Round tablecloths can still be found in a lot of places. Although their use became less popular, they are still being used in weddings and other events. There are a lot of these tablecloths in the market today, and there are a lot of designs and sizes to choose from. If you have a round table at home, putting on a round tablecloth over it will be perfect because it will also serve as protection, especially if the table is made of wood.

When it comes to events, you have to make sure that the round tablecloths you choose will go well with the event theme. You don’t want things to clash. In addition, making everything go together will be perfect and will make the whole place look even more beautiful.

Getting To Know More About Table Pads

What are table pads? This may refer to a number of things. These serve to cover and protect the surface of the table. Normally they go beneath the tablecloth if there is one. There are various table pads available today that ranges from rigid-surfaced tabletop pads that fold up along the hinges to soft vinyl covers that sits over the top.

What are the materials used for table pads?

  • Simple cloth
  • Vinyl or hard plastic
  • Water proof weave
  • Soft felt
  • Wool (for poker tables)

Aside from table pads acting as surface protector, there are some themed table cover pads that can add more functionality to the table. For example, for card came enthusiasts, the felt poker table pads will interest them and these of over the top of whatever table you’re using and give the effect of a card table that you would find in a casino.

Also, there are smaller table pads that are available, which are called dining table pads or place mats, which are small cloth, or vinyl table pads that sit on top of the tablecloth. The purpose of this is to capture any drips or spills that may happen at the dining table and to also prevent the tablecloth from being stained.

You can also find large, hard, table cover pads that fold up along hinges as mentioned above. These are useful for people who own a fine wooded table that you wish to prevent damage to the surface during day-to-day use so you have an undamaged surface to present guests with on special occasions.

Today, you won’t have a hard time finding table pads because they are all over the market. You can also find great designs and styles online, as there is a wider selection that awaits you through the Internet. You can also find them in malls and other home stores that offers dining ware and other things home related. Just make sure that you keep all these in mind because it will definitely help you find the best table pads for your table and something that is appropriate to your needs.  There are also trade show table covers that might interest you.

Learning More About Table Linens

Table linens are very beautiful and everyone wants fine linens. Why? This is because such linens are very smooth, elegant and made from linen or cotton. There are differences between the two materials that every linen lover or those who plan to purchase linens should know. Linen comes from the flax plant and it has a lightier and crispier feel to it. Also, it is absorbent and lint-free. On the other hand, cotton comes from the cotton plant and it is more substantial and prone to more shrinkage than line. However, both fabrics are still highly absorbent, durable and they become softer with use.

Plain white table linens are used for formal occasions and damask weave is considered the most formal over the Jacquard weaver. However, linen or cotton, it considered appropriate for formal occasions. So, if you have a formal occasion to host, these table linens are perfect for you.

You should know that table linens come in many colors and they are very ideal to use for holidays, seasons or themed table settings. When you are shopping for table linens, here are some things that you should remember:

  1. Fabric – look for tablecloths or table runners and other table linens that are made from natural fibers because these are softer and more luxurious in appearance. As mentioned above, linen and cotton are the two most common materials that are very affordable but you should know that both requires more care to keep then looking good. However, there are linens that are made from synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon. If you choose linens that are made of cotton, keep in mind that it will need gentle washing and ironing for it to look crisp and clean. On the other hand. Synthetic linens can easily be washed and they don’t wrinkle that much. When talking about longevity, natural fabrics are more durable because they can withstand use for many years.
  2. The drop length – the drop length of table linens will indicate the amount of fabric that hangs down from table edges reaching the floor.

Learning these two wonderful tips will help you find the best linen for you among the many designs and lengths of table linens in the market today. You can also put linens on trade show table covers for an elegant look just as long as it will match whatever it is that you’re promoting.

6 Tips For Table Runners

The popularity of table runners is growing because it adds a nice, aesthetic touch to any table. It can be something simple or elegant and these cab be placed on any kinds of tables. If you are looking for table runners, there are some tips that will help you find the perfect one for that table of yours.

  1. Since there are a lot of table runners out there and that fact may overwhelm you, it is better that you choose a runner that will look perfect with the rest of your table ware and that includes napkins, plates, glasses and silverware. You have to make sure that all the colors and designs will match perfectly and it should fit in with the overall them of the area.
  2. If you will be using table runners for an event, pick something that will go with the event or something appropriate. Simple table adornments will be perfect for small gatherings but if you are buying table runners to be placed permanently on a table, floral cotton or country-style table runners are the best.
  3. If you will be using the table runners for multiple occasions, it is always best that you choose a versatile design. You will find a lot of these and if you think you will be getting a new table soon, there are adjustable runners that you can purchase.
  4. As you know, you can use these table runners with tablecloths. If you have a plain tablecloth, you can use runners to make it even more beautiful and lively. Make sure the edges of the two will meet.
  5. Before you buy table runners, always make sure that you measure the table properly. A table runner should hang off of each side of the table at equal lengths.
  6. Whatever the occasion is, only use tale runners that are made of quality materials. Linen, lace cotton and silk are great choices.

Now, you will be more knowledgeable when you’re out shopping for table runners. You can also use these if you join trade shows frequently because you can use these for your trade show tables and also, you can also put runners on your trade show table covers. It will look great and will even make your table stand out.

So, if you want to get some ideas on perfect table runners, why don’t you do some research online? You will definitely find a lot of runners being sold online and you can also have ideas on what to put on that table for the occasion.

What You Need to Know About Trade Show Tables

Do you want to make your trade show tables look more fun and draw more attention from people and especially your target audience? Luckily for you, you are on the right page!

Here are some of things that you can add to your trade show tables:

  1. Table top display
  2. Pop up display
  3. Literature display
  4. Risers
  5. Banners
  6. Table runners

These things can strategically be combined in order to make a compelling trade show table exhibit. Having some of these things will definitely help you accomplish your goal.

However, before you think about those things, there are some things that you should consider first when it comes to trade show tables.

  1. Purpose of the table
  2. Its relation to other displays that you wish to put on the table
  3. The things the table will hold
  4. The size of the table

Now, whatever the function of your trade show tables, have the design incorporate the elements that will make the whole table work for you. For example, if you’re promoting a product, you can use colorful table runners, risers and pop up displays to create interest and drama into the table. On the other hand, if you are using the table to give information, go for a table top display that will best showcase the information and at the same time will make the whole thing convenient for possible customers to take literature pieces that they want. For demonstration purposes, keep all the features simple. A solid colored table runner will do the trick and maybe some literature displays in a corner.

When it comes to trade show tables, the simplest tip that you can get from experts or well-experienced people who often participate in trade shows is to keep everything well matched. It will also be great if you stick to a theme or something that is related to what you’re promoting or demonstrating. You have to keep in mind as well that trade show table covers will play such an important role so choose colors and designs that will go well with your displays, banners and others.

Designing and making your trade show tables aren’t hard. All you have to do is keep all these tips in minds and you’re all set to set up that table of yours. Expect to have a lot of interested people coming to you as well!