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Turtle Tanks

If you love to have some turtles as pets, then you better get them the right kind of turtle tank to ensure that they will live long and healthy lives. There are many kinds of turtle aquarium in the market today. You can easily find them at online shops as well as pet stores in malls. It’s important that you choose the right one so as to prevent future problems. To help you out, I gathered some of the important details you need.

As mentioned, turtle tanks come in different forms. Some are made with glass while others are made with fiber glass and other glass-like materials. If you want to build your own terrarium for turtles, this is the most important aspect to take into consideration. Furthermore, the tank should be made from strong materials that can hold off pressure from the water. A great tank will have a large space where the turtle can move freely and will still look nice wherever it’s placed in the house.

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Preferably, the size of the turtle tank should be three to four times the turtle’s length. The width should be twice the turtle’s length and the height should be 1.5-2 times its length. Add to that, allow 8-12 inches above so that there will be no way for the turtle to get away. If you are going to add more turtles in your tank, increase the dimensions by 60%-80%. Adding up decorations such as plants and stones will also raise the size requirements. Size is important because it gives your pet turtles enough space to move around and swim freely without any obstructions. Along with the right amount of water, put some solid ground as well where your turtles can bask under.

Turtle tanks are available in many different styles. If you prefer a customized tank, there are also some made-to-order units. You can design the tank yourself or you can ask for assistance if you’re new. Generally, you can buy a readily available turtle aquarium and then just get decors to make the tank one of a kind.

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Water Turtle

There is a growing number of people who wish to have a water turtle, but if you’re new to this and you love the idea of owning a pet turtle, specifically a water turtle, you should know that there are different types of water turtles.

First of all, a water turtle falls into two sub-categories:

  • Aquatic
  • Semi-aquatic

A water turtle that is aquatic is well-equipped for living in the water and it rarely goes on land, just to lay eggs. On the other hand, water turtles that are semi-aquatic are better equipped to be on land and do spend some amount of time on land, search for food or laying under the sun.

Here are the types of water turtles:

  • Red Eared Slider Turtle – this type of water turtle is commonly found out in the wild throughout the United States. They are very calm which makes them great pets. Also, they are ha hardy species and they have modest maintenance requirements. The name for this water turtle came from the bright red stripes along the sides of their heads and can come in albino.
  • Painted Turtle – this type of water turtle can also be found in North America. It is considered to one of the most visually appealing turtles because of its red and yellow stripes all over their bodies. There are also four different sub-species of the Painted Turtle, the Midland Painted Turtle, the Western Painted Turtle, the Eastern Painted Turtle and the Southern Painted Turtle.
  • African Side-Necked Turtle – also known as African Mud Turtles, there are a total of 15 different sub-species within the species. This water turtle is considered to be cute because of its pug nose and it appears to always have a smile on their face because of their upturned mouths. Aside from this, they are tough, curious and very adaptive.

Isn’t it interesting and fun to have a water turtle as a pet? You should see all the types because you will definitely fall in love with one. In some cultures, having a turtle as a pet is considered to be lucky.

The Importance of Large Turtle Tanks

Large turtle tanks are often advised for people who own turtles. Turtle tanks are the best shelter for turtles at home. If it’s your first time to own a turtle, you still have it small but remember, the turtle will grow and you surely don’t want to buy another turtle tank so that your turtle can move around.

Large turtle tanks can be easily found in many pet stores and through the Internet as well. In fact, most people buy large tank immediately to save more money because there will be no need for them to buy another one when their turtles start to grow. This is the practical choice of many and it hasn’t failed them so far.

Large turtle tanks help turtles to grow. There are a lot of advantages that you can get from these large turtle tanks and your turtles will benefit a lot from it. Also, having a large turtle tank will make it easier for you to customize it and your turtles will have a larger place to move around, which is very important.

Finding large turtle tanks today is not difficult. Other turtle owners prefer to make their own turtle tanks so they can customize it the way they want it to. Turtles should be well taken care of and in order to do this, one must be able to provide them a good shelter that they can grow in.

Large turtle tanks will allow you to put more accessories inside. Since turtles are great climbers, there will be more room for you to put little ladders or anything that they can climb on. You can also put some climb vines or tomato plants. Aside from this, you will be able to have a better landscape that your turtles will love and will make them feel at home.

So, if you’re looking for the best turtle tank for your little pet, large turtle tanks will be the perfect choice and you will definitely love it! Your turtles will love it as well. Give them the best shelter and they will grow healthy!

4 Tips for Custom Turtle Tanks

If you have a pet turtle, then your turtle should be well-sheltered and the best place for a turtle to hang around is inside a turtle tank. There are plenty of turtle tanks for sale but most turtle owners wish to find custom turtle tanks. However, finding custom tanks will be a difficult task since there are only the standard ones being sold today. Since having a turtle as a pet is really not a popular choice for some.

So, if you have trouble finding custom turtle tanks, then, maybe it’s time that you make your own turtle tank. It’s very easy!

Here are some tips to help you with your own customization of turtle tanks:

  1. Size – you must first determine that size of the tank. It will be great if you go for a size that is not smaller than 20 gallons. An ideal size will be about 75 to 100 gallons because turtles will need a lot of room to move arouund.
  2. Substrate – use sand instead of gravel for your turtle because turtles have the tendency to eat the gravel and this can cause health problems.
  3. Temperature – turtles are cold blooded which means they cannot create their own body heat. Your turtle will need the right temperature so your their bodies can function properly. Get a good heat lamp for your turtle/s to bask in and it is also important that you have a water heater so that the water will not get too cold for your turtle at night.
  4. Dry land – it is very important that your turtle has a good place out of the water.
  5. Diet – turtles have a very complicated diet and they will need to have a good assortment of fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Turtles are great pets and one must take care of them properly if you wish for them to grow healthy. With those tips, you will be able to make your own turtle tank and customize it the way you want it to. Its easier than searching for custom turtle tanks in the market today.

Turtle Tanks for Sale

Are you planning to get a turtle? If you do, then before you get one, make sure that you have a turtle tank ready. This will be the shelter of your little friend and there are a lot of turtle tanks for sale that you can purchase.

Where can you find turtle tanks for sale?

  1. Pet Shops – this is the best place to find turtle tanks for sale. Since the store specializes in pets, they will have all the accessories that you need. You can also try purchasing a turtle tank from the store where you bought it from, if they have turtles for sale, they surely have some turtle tanks for sale as well.
  2. Internet – this is the second best palce to find turtle tanks for sale. You can even find more styles and designs online. However, you must always consider the person or website you’re buying it from and you have to make sure that they are trustworthy.

Those two are the best places to find turtle tanks for sale. Owners of turtles are not very common since not everyone wants to take care of a turtle. That is why it will be quite a difficult task for you to find turtle tanks if you don’t know where to look.

Some turtle owners just make their own turtle tanks because that way, they can customize it the way they want it to. If you know your war around creating things, then why don’t you just make your own turtle tank? However, if you’re not, then there’s no choice but to buy a turtle tank.

When you’re looking at turtle tanks for sale, you must be aware that there are some things that you should keep in mind so you can be sure that you will be purchasing the right turtle tank.

  1. Determine the size of your turtle – before anything else, the size of your turtle is very important. However, you also have to keep in mind that your turtle will grow so you will have to allocate more space for your pet. So, you have to estimate everything first before you finalize your purchase.
  2. Amount of turtles – you might love your turtle and you wish to have another one, and maybe another one? You have to make sure that your turtle tank can accommodate the number of turtles you want to keep.

Those are just two very important things that turtle owners should always keep in mind, especially newbies in this area. This way, you won’t get too overwhelmed with the various turtle tanks for sale that you will find because you will be confident that you will be getting the right one for your turtle.

How To Find A Good Turtle Tank

Turtles are great pets to have. They are small, cute and are very low maintenance. They also reproduce fast and don’t make any noises. They also feed on feeds and plants so it is not difficult to feed them. Many people nowadays have turtles for pets. But before deciding on getting a pet turtle, it is important that you study the habitat of the turtle first. You can look at a certain spot where turtles reside and study them. You will be needing these facts and observations when you start creating your own turtle tank.

A turtle tank is a turtle habitat. This is where pet turtles reside and are being kept. This is otherwise known as a turtle aquarium.

A turtle tank is totally different from a fish aquarium, though. Since turtles grow bigger than fishes, the size of the aquarium is way bigger too. A turtle tank is considered a very important consideration in keeping turtles as pets. It is said that the best tanks are the long breeder tanks wherein the depth of the water should be a little more than the depth of the turtle so that when it flips over, it won’t get drowned. Thus, it must be kept in mind that the size of the turtle tank must just be enough. It must not be too big for the turtle and must not be too small for it.

It is also recommended that the water in the turtle tank should have a good and strong filter. It isn’t enough to have this though. Even if the filter in your turtle tank is strong, it is still important that you change the water every now and then. Turtles could be really messy creatures and they tend to mix their waste materials with the water.

The turtle tank must also be equipped with a heavy lid and fluorescent light. It is also important that the fluorescent light has a timer so that the heat or the temperature inside the tank could be set and adjusted. This will be good for the turtles.

The insides of the tank must have adequate amount of sand and water so that the turtle can have a dry place to rest on. You have to make sure too that there are no sharp edges on planks and divisions so that the turtle won’t be hurt.

Also position the plank or the place where the turtle would possibly dry itself closer to the sunlight. This will be quite good for the turtle and it will be dried up easily. This dry spot or area of the turtle tank also serves as a nest to the female turtle. She can nest her eggs here and avoid them from getting wet.

Decorate your turtle tank too. Although the turtle won’t be able to appreciate this, your turtle tank will look beautiful from the outside. It will also be a beautiful for display purposes. Don’t put more plants in the turtle tank. This will only make the turtle tank look messy and the turtle will just eat it. You could probably add design and style to your turtle tank by adding colorful rocks and stones. This will make the tank look attractive.

Everything you need to know about small turtles

Small turtles just love to dig and most of the time will disappear under their tank or vivarium. Small aquatic turtles are the even the worst when they are given a chance to dig up. Though digging is normal for them, covering their vivarium with plants and moss will decrease the chance for them to dig deep. In the wild these small turtles can dig and live with it which is why it is important that we provide them that kind of environment they normally grows into.

If you are going to set up a vivarium for small turtles, you need to put some soil on it. Soil has a special component that can actually decrease the odor. It can also help develop their claws the natural way. The soil can absorbs the urine of the turtle which has an offensive smell. It can also provide natural humidity due to the frequent watering of the plants and the soil itself.

You also need to place an aquarium light which will provide your small turtles the heat and the UV source they need. Make sure that you will place the manual kind with an on and off switch. Since small turtle can feel over heat under the direct heat of the sun, by giving them an aquarium light, they will be able to get just the right amount of heat their bodies need. Just replace the light as soon as you notice black spots on the bulb.

The top of the vivarium should be kept open for good ventilation. During the hot season, you need to water the vivarium and the plants more often to prevent over heating since vivarium can produce more heat than tanks and enclosure. Make sure that you give your small turtles fresh and clean water every day. This will not only help them to stay alive but it will also prevent them to acquire certain diseases. If you are going to use water bowl for drinking, see to it that it has the right size and shape. See to it as well that your small turtles will have an easy access to it without flipping on their backs.

It is better to place the water drinking bowl on the other side of vivarium. This will allow the drinking water clean for a long time. You’d be surprise just how dirty that water drinking bowl can get every day if you will place it on the vivarium. If you are going to place some decors on the vivarium such as stones and plants, your small turtles will surely love it though they will not yet be able to munch on those plants. Just make sure that you water these plants every day so as to prevent bugs and other pests to infest it and so as your vivarium.

If you want to see your small turtles to grow into a healthy and mature turtles, then these tips I stated above should be carefully considered and follow.

Turtle aquarium: information and reviews

A turtle is any of numerous aquatic and terrestrial reptiles with trunk enclosed in a bony shell. It is common nowadays to have a pet turtle but it needs a lot of care because if not taken care properly, it might die soon. Turtles are so sensitive to their environment thus pet owners should care about that too. The most common type of turtle in pet stores is a Red Eared Slider. Before you buy one, remember what I said earlier, turtles require a lot of care and effort. However if you already have one, you might consider buying a turtle aquarium. Fish aquarium differs from a turtle aquarium because turtles mature much bigger than they look.

A glass turtle aquarium of 25-50 gallons or more is most appropriate for a turtle. As a pet owner, you should also think through that the most significant elements of turtle keeping are the selection of a fittingly sized tank. Another, the deepness of the water should not be the size of the turtle so when the turtle needs to flip over, it will not get trapped in shallow water. And lastly, the water in the turtle aquarium should have a good and dominant filter.

Turtles have a habit of being an untidy eater that they excrete straight into the water. That is why it is compulsory for pet owners to keep changing the water pretty often. This is another concern when setting up a turtle aquarium. You will also need an area that is completely waterless where the turtle can tow out and dry itself. Placing a spotlight over this area is comparable to imitating the sun and will hearten the turtle to relax. However, locating the turtle aquarium in direct sunlight is risky in case the turtle is not able to get into the water immediately. Another purpose why a completely dry land area is a necessity in your turtle aquarium is that the female turtle that is carrying its eggs will look for a dry space to put in the ground her eggs. In the nonexistence of a dry area, the female turtle will try to hold her eggs as long as possible. Then she will drip the eggs into the water itself. And if the female turtle holds her eggs for too long, she may develop sickness. Reproduction within the body may also occur, and this will lead to enormous poison.

Embellishing your turtle aquarium will look awesome but you also have to take into consideration the embellishments such as plants, gravel or sand in your aquarium. It actually requests a little of wits when you set out to ornament it. If you have plants that go into a turtle aquarium it requires to be strong and small. These plants should be able to endure the weight and continual activity of the turtle. Actually, these are just decorations. A turtle aquarium usually does not need plants, gravel or sand. These will just add to the effort in cleaning the container. Furthermost turtles develop fit when there are least decorations inside the container.

Where to find the best turtle cages

They say having a pet is like having a baby. Like babies, a pet needs the love and attention of their owners. Pets need to be taken care of. They need to be fed on time. They should have a good house and they should be comfortable once they are already staying in your place. Sometimes, your pet can be your friend or even your family. That is why it is known that some couples adopt a dog and they even register it under their names as their son or daughter. Aside from dogs, turtle nowadays are also everybody’s pet. Kids love it so much because they are fragile when they are little and it seems that they are not harmful.

Turtles can have a turtle aquarium where they can have a place to swim and a place to dry up. A turtle also needs light, thus putting a spotlight as an alternative for the sun is actually advisable in a container. Aside from aquarium, turtles can have their turtle cage as well. If you are a pet owner and you are the type of person that loves to travel, and you want to bring along your pet turtle with you, then you can actually put on your turtle into a turtle cage.

Turtle cage is really a good container where your pet can breathe fresh air. If you are out like nature tripping, you can open the turtle cage and let your turtle pet, stroll in in a while. But make sure before you do that, you need to put a sticker or a marker at the back shell of your turtle. You might slip while your turtle is walking somewhere and all of the sudden you might loose you own pet. That sounds funny but it’s true. Even though turtles are well known to be slow walkers but when you let then out of the turtle cage and they are comfortable of the environment, they also walk fast. Amazing right?

Contrasting to turtle aquarium that needs a lot of effort to clean, turtle cages are the other way around. Since it is just a cage, turtles just get out from it whenever the pet owners want. It is reptiles’ behavior to go into the water as well as in dry area. A turtle also needs to exercise like as. If you have a turtle, it is more likely advisable to have a big turtle cage. Turtles actually grow healthier in a wide space.

Turtle cages can be bought in any pet stores around. As a pet owner, you should also make sure that your pets are at ease. And you should feed them on time. You don’t want your baby to get hungry, don’t you? Therefore, it is indeed true that if you have a pet, you have to give the affection and the care that they need. Remember, God created man first before animals so that there would be somebody who could take care of them. Men were created with understanding, and that understanding will lead men to be responsible of the creatures of God. It might be a dog, a cat or a turtle. Love your pets like you love yourself.

Everything about custom turtle tanks

Turtle can make great pets. But in order from them to live long and healthy you must provide them the right care and supplies for them to survive. You may start by making your own custom turtle tank. You should buy the right size of turtle tank that will support the level of the water plus the numbers of your turtles and the size of each one. Try to get larger size of tank or aquarium so that you won’t have to replace it each time your turtle grows. This will help you save a lot.

If you are going to set up a custom turtle tank, you need to get a 20-gallon water tank and make sure that you will not place it directly in the sunlight. Make sure that you will install a submersible water filter and heater to ensure that the water stays clean and in the right temperature. Bear in mind that turtles need clean water in order to stay healthy and to live long. Next thing you need to do is to build a high platform wherein your turtle can use to climb off from their tank. Arrange flat and smooth stone platform so as to avoid any wounds or cut from your turtles. See to it that your tank has a deep level section of water, a medium level of water and a shallow level of water. This way you turtle can move freely without flipping on its shell.

Make sure to fill the tank with water just deep enough for the turtle to swim around. Make sure as well not to include some vines and other climbing things on or around the tank to prevent your turtle from escaping. Always put the screen or glass lid of the tank. Now for decorations, you can place and put some plants and stones on the tanks. But wash the plants first before you put it on the water especially if you ware going to place plastic plants. These plastic materials may leak out harsh and dangerous chemicals that can harm your turtle or worst can even kill your pet turtle once it reaches their intestine and internal organs.

It is very important that you place some basking area on your custom turtle tank. This will be your turtle’s basking place. As we all know basking is juts one of the many ways turtle do in order to stay healthy and alive. You should also add a safe turtle dish on the tank. Make sure again that this was not made from any harsh or plastic materials that can harm your turtle. There are certain food dishes that are design specifically for turtles and these dishes are all safe.

It is important that you follow these things I discussed above in building a custom turtle tank. Bear in mind that when you are building your own turtle tank, the life and health of your pet turtle is in your hands. So if you want to make your turtle happy and strong for a long period of time, follow these tips I stated above.