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Water Softener Reviews

Before purchasing a water softener, it is very important that you do some research first. One effective way to learn more about water softeners is through review sites. Those who are looking for a water softener system usually do not know what brand to purchase. It will probably be more practical if you check some water softener reviews in case you don’t know what brand to go with or if it’s your first time to buy.

water softener reviews

You will not have a hard time finding water softener reviews because there are a lot out there, especially on the World Wide Web. These reviews will usually talk about how a water softener works and how to operate it. There are also some reviews that are directly from individuals who have used them. It is said that it’s much better to read reviews from people simply because they tend to have honest opinions. The downside is that they aren’t exactly expert reviews. However, they are sometimes better than those that are just promoting the product.

Reading water softener reviews can play an important role in your search for a water softener. You can potentially save more money and find the best one if you read reviews. You also get to compare different items and prices from different manufacturers. It is always a good idea to have a pen and a piece of paper with you when you are reading reviews. This way, you’ll be able to list down your possible options and concentrate on then when you’ve gathered enough information.

Keep in mind that most water softener reviews boast outrageous claims for their products, yet not all of them will be the right ones for your home or business. In order to avoid this, you have to do your homework by further reading consumer reviews on different websites and magazines.

When you are reading a review, you should always check which brand and type of control valve the water softener system uses. You also have to make sure that it is made by a manufacturer with a good reputation. For your information, the control valve is the heart of the water softener and it is the most expensive component to replace. The valve measures the water usage and decides when to regenerate the resin bed. Many water softener reviews have all the components included in their reviews, so take note of this specific part.

You also have to look at regeneration. This is how the unit cleans or replenishes itself. Determine whether you want your system to regenerate on demand. Otherwise, it has to be fitted with a timer. Demand-based units are more efficient, especially when there are more than two people in the household. Nevertheless, they are higher in price.

Moreover, you have to find out how easy or difficult it is to install and how much the manufacturer would charge if you’d rather have them install the unit for you. Also take the time to compare the warranties offered by different manufacturers and check what components the warranty covers. While you’re at it, look for information on the cost of replacement parts. A good water softener system should last up to 10 years. Your repair bills may build up if your unit breaks down after the warranty expires.

Aside from reading water softener reviews, you can also ask for recommendations from family and friends. There are more households nowadays that use a water softener system, so you might get a higher chance at getting a referral from a trusted person.

Water Softener Systems

Hard water can be very harmful and can be a cause of a lot of hassles. You see, hard water can clog the pipes, reduce the lather that produce soap quality and it can also react with soap and it will result to creating a sticky scum. In short, hard water is not advisable in the househould. That is why people get water softener systems.

Water softener systems, as the name suggests, it can soften hard water. The use of these systems can help you be rid of the problems brought by hard water. Since hard water contains magnesium and calcium, a water softener system will replace magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. Sodium ions will reduce the chances of pipe blockage and reduction in the formation of soap lather.

Water softener systems function in a simple way. A thorough explanation is this:
Water runs in your home through a pipe system that is imbibed with small plastic beads. These plastic beads are made up of zeolite. Once the water touches these beads, the magnesium and calcium ions are replaced with sodium ions. That is why the water softener beads should be changed in periodic intervals because the zeolite in the systems wears out eventually. Once the zeolite wears out, there will be nothing but magnesium and calcium ions left on the plastic beads and this will act against the ability of water filtration systems and makes the water go hard again.

Water softener systems are gaining popularity today as more and more people learn how it works and the benefits that they can get from it. The demand for these systems are getting pretty high and because of this, big companies are alerted and some of them started to make their own version of water softener systems. Today, there are a lot of water softeners that one will come across which can be such an overwhelming process especially for first time users.

It is advised that people who are planning to purchase water softener systems for the first time must do some research online first to become familiar with water softener systems and the different brands. There are also a lot of reviews online that can help determine the perfect water softener system.

Morton Water Softener

The Morton Water Softener is considered by many as one of the best water softeners out there. Its patented technology “Look Ahead” is one aspect that’s distinct to the brand. The unique innovation that Morton has integrated into its water softener systems has given it an advantage over its competitors. In fact, this specific feature has become the performance standard for water softeners available in the market today.

morton water softener

The “Look Ahead” technology of Morton water softeners makes it a user-friendly and cost-saving device. This technology is incorporated in the operating platform as a predictive behavior system. It is the one responsible for the collection and analysis of the family’s water usage pattern. It outlines a predictive usage template where the time and amount of soft water that will be needed is established. Very convenient indeed!

The technology allows a Morton water softener to accommodate the requirements of the entire household by operating like a centralized vacuum cleaner. Due to its patented technology, the regeneration is done in an efficient manner. Salt is independently expended based on soft water consumption. This predictive system avoids salt pellets wastage and is translated to huge savings. It also allows you to override the program and recharge it immediately, especially during times with abnormal water usage.

Morton Water Softener Models:

Morton System Saver Demand Controlled Water Softener MSD30D

  • Can handle water holding with very high water hardness rating
  • ideal for large households
  • 30000 grains capacity per gallon
  • adopts a whole house system
  • Space saving compact design


  • 27000 grains capacity per gallon
  • Space saving compact design


  • Has the largest grain capacity
  • Can service a higher household size
  • 34000 grains capacity per gallon


  • designed for smaller households
  • 20000 grains capacity per gallon
  • programmer time with a vacation mode feature

Rainsoft Water Softener

Consider a Rainsoft water softener when looking for a water softener. Their water softeners will provide you with much more than ordinary softened water where calcium and magnesium are removed. Rainsoft systems also have the ability to filter ferrous iron from the water, thus reducing discoloration and scum. The company has earned more than 75 US and international patents, making it one of the leading manufacturers in the water treatment industry.

rainsoft water softener

The Rainsoft water softener has an automatic bypass function that can be triggered during regeneration to provide a constant supply of uninterrupted soft water. There is no need for you to wait until the family has used the bathroom, only to find out that the water system is regenerating. If there are guests staying in the home, there is a guest button which can give you extra soft water. It has a flow rate of up to 21 gallons per minute, and it can provide soft water for even the busiest household.

The resin beads used in a Rainsoft water softener has a high capacity. It contains carbon to further remove impurities from the water, which leaves it clean and polished. All of their water softeners have a microprocessor that monitors the system’s salt level and initiates regeneration when needed. This can assure you that you will receive a constant supply of soft water whilst never wasting salt, water or electricity.

The water softener is a fully automated system, which makes it one of the most hassle-free furniture today. There is a computer that is in charge of monitoring the water and initiating regeneration when needed. This also includes a memory of 72 hours in case of a power cut. All you need to do is add salt, and the system will alert you when this is needed.

The Rainsoft Water Softener is very convenient and easy to use. In fact, there have been a lot of good reviews about it. The company has managed to gather loyal clients along the way, and these clients have managed to stick with them up to now. Rainsoft is indeed a reputable company that offers high quality water softeners for the whole household.

Calgon Water Softener

The Calgon water softener is used to neutralize the water hardness. This hardness can cause elements like calcium and magnesium salts to be restricted from forming because of the sodium phosphate contained in the water softener. The main function of this particular water softener is to remove the excess of calcium salts that are present in the water. Their water softeners are commercially used for cleansing properties in various industries like laundry and water purification plants.

calgon water softener

The Calgon water softener started when it was launched in 1956 by Jeremiah Colman. He went into business in 1814 milling flour and went on to make starch and laundry blue. After a decade, Johann A. Benckiser put up a chemical business and the two companies become rivals for two centuries. In the 1849s, Isaac Reckitt also started dealing in household products, mainly starch, washing blue and polish. His company expanded rapidly and went international after 40 years. In 1938, Reckitt merged with Colman and it became Reckitt & Colman Ltd. In 1956, Benckiser launched Calgon water softeners. The two companies merged to produce Reckitt Benckiser.

The use of a Calgon water softener has resulted in long lasting of clothes, smoothening of skin and has improved the cleansing action of soaps and other detergents considerably. An increase of water hardness makes it hard for soaps and cleansing agents to form lather thereby decreasing the efficiency to a great extent. Calgon water softeners are mixed with water and are used as preventive agents. It is comprised of two ingredients like polycarboxylates and sodium hexametaphosphates, the Calgon water softeners help in softening of the hard water and also help in reducing the acidic property of water.

It is advised that people who will be using a Calgon water softener, to be very careful because of its strong neutralizing property. It must be kept safe and away from children at all times.

Sure, there are a lot of water softeners in the market today and reading some reviews would help a lot and this can also lead you to find the best water softener for your household or company. However, the Calgon water softener has earned a lot of good reviews from individuals who had the chance to use it and it seems like they are very happy with this water softener.

Fleck Water Softener

Looking for a water softener? Why don’t you check out a Fleck water softener? The company has modernized their techniques of water softening. There are various models that will provide households the benefits of properly handled water systems. Also, it is known that their models are environmentally-friendly and you can expect up to 50% reduction in salt usage over other water softener salt models.

fleck water softener

A Fleck water softener possess a wide range of characteristics. Each water softener in their collection line focuses on one essential feature of water softening and they come in a big range of sizes. Aside from this, they have add-ons like media guard KDF 55 and 85 that you can attach to your water softener so it can filter water and remove chlorine, heavy metals and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Here are some of the series of Fleck water softeners:

Fleck 2510 series

  • On-demand position
  • Residential use
  • Comes with an ‘on-demand’ meter for users to minimize salt and water waste
  • Price starts around $500 for the 24k grain capacity models up to $1200 for the 110k model.

With these water softener models, you can preserve water as well as limit the quantity of water wasted. However, they are regulated by simplified electronic components. The size of the tanks determines the prices of these water softeners.

Fleck 5600 series

  • Can count water usage even with power failure
  • Price starts around $450 for the 24k grain model up to $800 for the 96k grains

Fleck 7000 series

  • Made for commercial use
  • The series have a supplementary capabilitu of running 35 gallons per minute

Fleck 9000 series

  • Dual tank, high capacity water softener
  • It is designed to work even when regeneration is being carrie dout
  • The two tanks allow the control valve to switch the water supply to the second tank when the first tank is being backwashed.
  • Can soften up to 21 gallons of water every minuter and has a variable grain capacity from 24000 grains to 110000 grains depending on which model is chosen.
  • Extremely efficient and economical option for large residence and small manufacturing establishments.

A Fleck water softener can meet all your needs. However, if you still want more choices, you can always check out some water softener reviews to help you with your search for the best water softener.

GE Water Softener

GE water softener is considered to be one of the best water softeners available today. More and more people are purchasing a water softener because they want to experience soft water! You can experience this with the GE water softener. GE has a lot of water softener models that consumers can look at. So, why should you pick a GE water softener?

ge water softener

First of all, GE water softener is very easy to use! We all know that not everyone can install a water softener on their own and the best thing about GE’s water softener is that the unit comes with a simple-to-use installation kit. This means that you can easily install the system on your own, you just have to follow the instructions.

Next, the GE water softener comes with a “days-to-empty”feature. This display and status light flash when there is less than 15 days’ worth of salt remaining in the tank. It signals its time to refill the salt. Very convenient! Aside from this, their water softener are easy to maintain. You can quickly refill the salt by pouring it into the salt storage opening. The large tank reduces refills. It uses up to 60% less salt than conventional softener.

A GE water softener is also easier on your water heater. Soft water results in less hard water scale buildup in water heaters and up to 25% less energy consumption. Aside form this wonderful things, GE water softeners include GE SmartSoft technology to learn your family’s water usage patterns so you will always have soft water when you need it. A bypass valve allows you to use non-softened water to wash cars or water lawns. This technology applied in a GE water softener can also help consumers save on salt, water and energy.

It looks like the GE water softener is the best water softener system out there. Even though there are a lot of water softeners out there, many people prefer GE also because of its reputation. To also help you when it comes to choosing the best water softener, there are water softener reviews that you can read online which will really be helpful and useful.

Pelican Water Softener

If you are looking for a water softener, you might want to consider the Pelican water softener. Pelican water is a factory-direct source for the complete line of Pelican water purification products. They have whole house water filters, salt-free water softeners, iron removal systems an complete well water systems.

pelican water softener

Why should you go for a Pelican water softener?
First of all, it can provide your family good quality of water filter or softener. We all know that in our present time, the water quality in our environment is rapidly getting worse because of a lot of contaminants are being largely produced. Because of this, the water will be polluted with a lot of substances whether it’s chemical, biological, metal or any other dangerous and poisonous element to the human body. Demands for good water in increasing both for drinking and water to be used in appliances the use water.

The Pelican water softener can provide soft water which is the result of reducing hard ions from the water which will be consumer and used for the whole household. The amount of hard ions in the water at the plumbing can reach to an enormous number. In fact, there is approximately 80 grains of hard water per gallon when it’s not softened in the first time. The consumption of this kind of water can increase the risk of damaging the healthy life and any other appliances in your home.

Aside from this, the Pelican water softener can offer more safety and protection to the appliances in the household. It can offer protection up to 80 grains per gallon, unlike other water softeners. Also, this particular brand of water softener is an environment-friendly system. It doesn’t require the use of any additional devices for it to work and it doesn’t require electricity as well.

Choosing the Pelican water softener means you are going for a worth investment. You get to save more money in the long run. Lastly, another thing about the Pelican water softener is that this particular water softener is manufactured by Pelican Water Technologies and the company has been serving the public for almost 40 years. When it comes to reputation, it seems like Pelican Water Technologies has reached the highest reputation ever for still being here after four decades. This simply means that their brand is very trustworthy.

To help you learn more about different brands of water softeners or more reviews about Pelican water softener, you can always check out other water softener reviews online. The more resources, the better!

The Best Water Softener

Everyone wants the best water softener. However, finding one means you have to know how to look for one which simply means that you will need knowledge on water softeners. In this article, you will be able to know how to find the best water softener.

The first thing you have to do is have your water tested. If you’re on City Water, you can call the city water department and ask them regarding the hardness of the water in your home. Usually, they refer to water hardness as PPM or Mg/L. On the other hand, if you’re on private well and you don’t know the hardness and iron content, you can get a sample and take it down to a pool supply company and have it tested for hardness and iron. Doing these things will make you one step closer to finding the best water softener.

best water softener

Next, you should be familiar with the valves and you must choose the best one. If you are in an area where there are a lot of lightning surges, you should go for an econdominder mechanical meter, but if not, you are allowed to choose depending on your preference.

Aside from these steps, it is very important as well that you know that there are different types of water softeners. The most basic system has a single tank and regeneration is initiated on a timer. The regeneration can be set to occur during the night when water is not needed because this type of system can’t present soft water while the system is regenerating. There are also disadvantages to this kind of system which is mainly caused by the fact that it operates on a timer. As for the timer works by estimating the amount of water used, there is potential for salt wastage if the system regenerates too often, or hard water entering the house if the opposite occurs.

There is also a single-tank system where regeneration is initiated on demand. A meter measures the amount of water passing through the system and initiates regeneration when a set amount has passed through. The third type is the twin-tank with regeneration initiated on demand. As this system has two tanks instead of the usual one, when one tank has reached its capacity, the other one can take over, leaving the first free to be regenerated.

Knowing all these will guarantee you that you will be able to find the best water softener available today. You can also read water softener reviews as this can also help you a lot.