Choosing a good PowerPoint projector

During meetings and other office activities, a PowerPoint projector is definitely a-must have. This particular projector will make you present a very professional presentation. It is best that when you’re choosing a projector for your PowerPoint presentations, the right resolution is very important because the wrong resolution on your projector can reduce the sharpness of the images in a drastic manner.

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In most PowerPoint projectors, you will notice that it consists of “native” resolution. This kind of resolution will work best. The right resolution for your projector is very easy to determine. Another thing to consider is the ambient lighting where the projector will be used. You should always consider the physical size of the screen the PowerPoint will project.

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A PowerPoint projector works with a light source. This light source shines a very powerful white light that is usually from a halogen bulb or LED through a prism. The lights strength is measured in lumens. The light beam passes through a projection technology that will convert a video signal into an image. Liquid crystal and digital light processing are the 2 kinds of modern projectors in our present time. An image will be projected through the lens onto the screen.

As said above, there are 2 commonly used projectors for PowerPoint presentations and those are the LCD and DLP. LCD projectors will work best if your presentation will have static images. For full animations and moving pictures, a DLP projector will work best for your presentation. Knowing these things will enable you to find the best projector that will suit your needs and to be able to display your presentation neatly. If you will be making a PowerPoint presentation with the use of a projector and in front of thousands of people, use a projector with a brightness level of 6000 lumens. This will help the people that are seated far away to see what presentation you are making. However, for typical office presentations and your audience will be around 40 to a hundred people, 2000 or 3000 lumens brightness level will work best for you.

Lastly, if you will be needing a PowerPoint projector that will allow you to move it from place to place without making any mess, a DLP PowerPoint projector will be the best one for you as this weighs below 3 pounds only. You can easily carry it which will be very convenient. There are many PowerPoint projectors out there being offered by different electronics brands, you just have to find the right one for you by following some of the information listed in this article. This will enable you have more understanding on a PowerPoint projector especially if you’re planning to get one.

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