Christian New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year means a New Start, and this saying goes to Christians as well. However, there Christian New Year’s resolutions that will improve your relationship with God. What are the common Christian New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Improve your prayer life – How do you do this? Simple, just pray. It is very easy as long as you believe in God and you know that God will help you with everything and he’s the reason for everything. Get closer to God; you don’t have to go to chapels or churches just to pray. You can do this everywhere and every time. Get closer to your creator and you will feel inner peace once you have established that communication with your creator.
  • Read the Bible – For Christians, this is very important. The bible lays all the information you would want to about God. You will learn more about his life, his teachings and his apostles.
  • Get more involved in Church – sure you go to the every Sunday mass, but maybe you can do a bit more for this church? As your Christian New Year’s resolution, why don’t you help your parish?
  • Help people – this is very essential when it comes to being a Christian, they should know how to help people and they should be able to help them even in the simplest and smallest things. These things will come back to you, double.
  • Strengthened your faith – God will give us obstacles that sometimes we think we cannot go though, we think everything is too much but this is just God’s way to strengthen your faith and trust Him, He will not do something that He knows that is not good for you or something that you cannot go through.
  • Bring a friend to Church – why don’t you let others know where you find that faith and what keeps it together, let them meet God and let them participate in the Church.

The Christian New Year’s resolutions will give ideas to all those Christians out there, and even if you’re not a Christian you could also try to implement these resolutions to your life too. You might just get something from it and learn more about life. God really is powerful, all we need is more faith and more trust, He will never leave us in the dark side without any sign of hope. Everything happens for a reason as they say, and God gave you obstacles to conquer because there’s a reason behind it.

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