Connecting HDMI and RCA device with the use of an HDMI to RCA cable

Looking for an HDMI to RCA cable to connect an HDMI device to your RCA device or vice versa? Fortunately, there are plenty of these cables that are being sold today. HDMI technology is gaining so much popularity nowadays but a lot of people cannot simply afford to replace their old devices for a new one. Now, if you have gotten yourself an HDMI device yet you’re still using some RCA devices or devices with analog outputs, then you shouldn’t worry because you can connect both devices with the use of a simple cable.


An HDMI to RCA cable will allow you to play or view your HDMI files to another device that utilizes analog outputs. Also, it will allow you to transfer files that you need. However, if you transfer an HDMI file to your RCA device, it won’t be in HD technology unless you’re transferring from RCA to HDMI. So, how do you connect it?


Here are the steps to connect both devices with the use of an HDMI to RCA cable:


  • Gather the end of the HDMI of the cable and connect it to the HDMI input device.
  • Gather the red RCA plug to the red slot on your RCA device.
  • You will find another yellow RCA plug and connect this to the yellow slot on your RCA device, same with the white RCA plug to the white slot.


…And you’re done! That’s how easy it is!


Now, if you’re looking for an HDMI to RCA cable, you will find that there is a lot of this kind of cable online. You can also find it in your electronics store. However, most people find it difficult to get a hold of this cable because not all electronics stores have this in stock, that’s why they rely on the Internet. One thing that a person who will buy something from the Internet is that to remain cautious and only purchase from a reputable website or seller. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to pay a lot of money for this cable, as it is very affordable. There are also a big chance that if you purchase an HDMI device today, it is very likely that it will come with an HDMI to RCA cable but not all devices have this. It will be better that when you’re buying an HDMI device, you must ask first if it comes with this cable and if not, buy it from them for an easier way.

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