Different kinds of antique bottles

Antique bottles provides different purposes depending your needs. You see, there are antique bottles such as ink bottles, cologne bottles, bitters bottles, barber bottles, bottles for whiskeys and other alcoholic drinks. These bottles can also serve as jars for pickles and storage for medicines. Also, antique bottles can also carry water and more as long as it fits.

More about antique bottles

These antique bottles come in different sizes. It also comes in different designs that are really beautiful. These bottles will bring nostalgia to your home or wherever you wish to use these bottles. There are many antique bottles out there. So, if you’re looking for antique bottles, a wide selection awaits you. These bottles can be great decorations for your home or something to keep your liquids stored and other small items.

Wide selection of antique bottles

Here are some of the antique bottles that you can choose from:

  • Boat Ink antique bottles – these bottles are shaped like a boat and this comes in a wide range of colors. This can store your pens on your office desks.
  • Case Gin antique bottles – back in the days, such bottles were delivered to bars in cases of 12. The rarity of such bottles depends on the seal.
  • Lightning stopper antique bottles – also known as swing stopper or swivel stopper. These bottles cotain a different and ancient kind of closure which makes it very popular.
  • Milk glass – used to contain creams and ointments.

These are some of the antique bottles that you can find in antique stores and auctions. You will also find a wider selection online. However, the list can still go on because as said above, there are a lot of antique bottles that one can choose from.

These bottles will be a great addition to your home and these will surely bring back old memories. If you’re a fan of the old days, then why don’t you store some antique bottles in your home? These are not too expensive and you can buy a couple of it in one purchase and you can come back for more!

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