Different kinds of Antique brooches

There are different kinds of antique brooches. Every woman takes pleasure on these antique brooches and who can blame them? These antique brooches are really one of a kind and comes with very intricate details that will not be missed by anyone. Antique brooches are ear ring-like pieces that can be attached or clipped on clothes.

How antique brooches are used

However, some women have different uses for antique brooches, some of them use these in a more experimental fashion like making it as ornaments on their shoes, bags, belts, wrist bands and also to accessorize plain accessories.

As said above, there are many kinds of antique brooches that you can choose from. With these many kinds, women will have the pleasure in choosing among the many antique brooches in the market these days. The kinds of brooches depends on how valuable it is, this means how long a particular brooch has been around.

Kinds of antique brooches

There are Victorian antique brooches which are designed during the reign of Queen Victoria of England and this took up all of the 63-year period from mid-1830s to the 1900s. The design of these Victorian brooches shows its appreciation to romance with its ornate and bodily curves. Most of the brooches during the Victorian era have coral accents and there are some in locket forms.

Another are the Edwardian antique brooches which came out after the reign of Queen Victoria of England. King Edward was the heir to the throne as he is the son of Queen Victoria and just like his mother, he promoted great style. During his reign, it is noticeable the emergence of soft and flowing designs, stones that have a pale and delicate color and brooches, a lot of brooches.

The Albertian brooches should not be forgotten as well. These antique brooches are black and mostly indicates a kind of mourning. This is because these brooches started when Prince Albert of England died. The Elizabethan brooches on the other hand, are adorned with pearls, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Most of these antique brooches are said to be gifts from fellow monarchs to the Queen.

Lastly, there are the Roman Period brooches. Romans are known for their very artistic and skillful nature and it shows on their brooches. Most of their brooches have loop attachment which will enable them to be compatible to any kind of clothing. Also, the designs of their brooches are made from crude materials and are gigantic in size. This is because these brooches are meant to secure the robes of Romans back in the days.

Now you know the different kinds of antique brooches and you will be more knowledgeable when you are out shopping for one.

Antique brooches


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