Different types of wood used for farmhouse tables

Farmhouse tables fit perfectyl in traditional kitchens. If you love antique items or you want your home to be as traditional as possible, a farmhouse table is what you need to complete the traditional feel and look. Farmhouse tables are made from different wood materials and this is one thing that is very important for you to consider when looking for a farmhouse table in the market today.

Pine farmhouse tables

Pine farmhouse tables are a good choices if you like a large and traditional style of furniture. This solid pine material can give a rustic look to any room. However, pine is one of the more expensive types to buy as it offers a lot of benefits such as being durable and attractive. This is a great idea for a large family. Also, you can get a farmhouse table made from this material with chairs and these chairs are also made from solid pine and are usually straight-backed or a Windsor style.

Oak farmhouse tables

Another wood material that is used for some farmhouse tables is the oak wood. This is very traditional and it offers durability and an aesthetic look. When it comes to the cost, it varies depending on a couple of factors. First, it will depend on wood quality and the quality of craftmanship that it took to make the piece of furniture will also affect the price.

A lot of people nowadays love a farmhouse table in their homes. Simple but sturdy are the two best qualities of farmhouse tables. However, finding original antique may be difficult as this is very rare and if you are really determined to purchase one, you must prepare a huge amount of money. On the other hand, if you just want something that resembles a farmhouse table, you can find reproductions of this. Antique collectors are the usual people who purchase real farmhouse tables because of the value but if you just want one in your home and you don’t have the budget for it, finding a reproduction is much easier but don’t expect it to have the same value as real antique farmhouse tables do.

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