Different types of wrenches

There are different types of wrenches as these wrenches are very useful and are used often. Wrenches can hold and turn all types of threaded parts such as bolts and nuts. It can also keep leverage and balance and comes in American Standard inch and Metric sizes.

Here are the different types of wrenches:

  • Open-end wrenches – this particular wrench have different openings on each end and have different size as well. Also, this is used to reach behind or below blind surfaces. It has open-end jaws on both ends and most jaw opening is offset from the shank portion of the wrench by 15 degrees. The length of the wrench can only be determined by the size of its jaw opening.
  • Box-end wrench – a closed wrench that has an enclosed opening which allows the user to hold the faces of the bolts and nuts.
  • Combination wrench – a double-ended tool that is used for performing specific tasks. One end on the wrench is box-end while the other is open-end. Both ends are specifically designed as well to fit on bolts of the same size.
  • Adjustable wrench – a very flexible tool and is use by many. This particular wrench allows the user to use it on different sizes of fastener heads. However, it is less-stable compared to a fixes-sized wrench and it can easily hurt the user or damage the fastener.
  • Socket wrench – if you know how a hollow cylinder looks like then this particular wrench looks very similar to that. This particular wrench allows the user to remove it easily and safely than other wrenches. It can be used in ratchet handles, tee bars and knuckle bard.
  • Allen Wrench – a L-shaped tool that is commonly used on fasteners with hexagonal hole in their heads. Also, its shape gives the user the ability to turn nuts and bolts with hexagonal recesses. An Allen Key set is a life saver.
  • Pipe wrench – this particular wrench has self-tightening properties and it also has hardened serrated jaws that can automatically fit onto a soft iron pipe and pipe fittings.

Get useful tools when looking for different types of wrenches

These wrenches are often used in auto shops and construction sites and indeed have been a helpful and useful tool. Good quality wrenches should be made in steel alloy as to prevent excessive torque from stripping or damaging the bolt. Knowing the different types of wrenches is a very useful knowledge especially those who wish to work in auto industry or construction. It is very essential to know all these so you will have an easier time selecting a wrench that will suit your needs. Since there are quite a lot of types of wrenches, you will be able to classify which one will work best for you with the help of this article.

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