Dog Vacuum: Great Tips On How To Use A Dog Vacuum

Are you still looking for more ways to clean your dog’s hair from your carpets and other fabric made furniture? How would you like to see your house free from wispy pet hair? If so then this article regarding dog vacuum will surely help you as it will tackle some great tips on how to vacuum clean your dog’s hair from your carpets and other furniture.

Good thing there are now several kinds of dog vacuums that can actually make your life easier. Before cleaning a wispy pet hair filled house without it is a total nightmare for the owner. But with the help of modern technology, having dogs and cleaning their hair are no longer a burden. Below I gathered some useful tips on how to dog vacuum your place.

Here are the dog vacuum tips you need:

For your carpets (first set of tips)

  • Tip #1: Prepared the room for vacuuming
  • To clean your carpets, make sure that you prepare your room for some hard vacuum clean job. Make sure as well that you pick all your stuff in the room and keep it someplace else. By doing this you will avoid more dust build up as you vacuum clean your carpets plus you will avoid things that can block your vacuum cleaner and cause further problems.
  • Tip #2: Once you cleared your room form all your stuff, get a clean toile brush and start brushing on the area where the carpet meets the wall. This is the particular spot where dog hairs often get stuck. Using your clean toilet brush, make sure to remove all visible cotton like pet hair balls on it before you start vacuuming the carpet.
  • Tip #3: Now it is time to start vacuuming the carpet. Juts make sure that you replace dirty and full vacuum bags before you start.

(Second set of tips)

  • Tip #1: Use a rubber broom or a squeegee to remove some visible dog hair from your carpet. Use quick strokes toward your direction to get those visible cotton like dog hairs from your carpet.
  • Tip #2: When sweeping plush carpets, make sure to use different strokes to get all the pet hair that were stuck in it.
  • Tip #3: Now use your dog vacuum cleaner to get a thoroughly clean of your carpets. Just make sure that you place a clean and empty vacuum bag before you start.
  • Tip #4: Wear latex gloves and stroke the carpet to make sure that you remove all of your pet’s hair.
  • Tip #5: Lastly use a sticky roller lint brush to remove the last strands of pet hair that get stuck in your carpet.

Cleaning your carpet should not be a burden especially if you have a dog vacuum that will make this task a lot easier. Now you can both enjoy your dog and a clean house without the worries and troubles from those wispy and cotton like hair balls getting stuck in your carpets and rugs.

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