Everything about custom turtle tanks

Turtle can make great pets. But in order from them to live long and healthy you must provide them the right care and supplies for them to survive. You may start by making your own custom turtle tank. You should buy the right size of turtle tank that will support the level of the water plus the numbers of your turtles and the size of each one. Try to get larger size of tank or aquarium so that you won’t have to replace it each time your turtle grows. This will help you save a lot.

If you are going to set up a custom turtle tank, you need to get a 20-gallon water tank and make sure that you will not place it directly in the sunlight. Make sure that you will install a submersible water filter and heater to ensure that the water stays clean and in the right temperature. Bear in mind that turtles need clean water in order to stay healthy and to live long. Next thing you need to do is to build a high platform wherein your turtle can use to climb off from their tank. Arrange flat and smooth stone platform so as to avoid any wounds or cut from your turtles. See to it that your tank has a deep level section of water, a medium level of water and a shallow level of water. This way you turtle can move freely without flipping on its shell.

Make sure to fill the tank with water just deep enough for the turtle to swim around. Make sure as well not to include some vines and other climbing things on or around the tank to prevent your turtle from escaping. Always put the screen or glass lid of the tank. Now for decorations, you can place and put some plants and stones on the tanks. But wash the plants first before you put it on the water especially if you ware going to place plastic plants. These plastic materials may leak out harsh and dangerous chemicals that can harm your turtle or worst can even kill your pet turtle once it reaches their intestine and internal organs.

It is very important that you place some basking area on your custom turtle tank. This will be your turtle’s basking place. As we all know basking is juts one of the many ways turtle do in order to stay healthy and alive. You should also add a safe turtle dish on the tank. Make sure again that this was not made from any harsh or plastic materials that can harm your turtle. There are certain food dishes that are design specifically for turtles and these dishes are all safe.

It is important that you follow these things I discussed above in building a custom turtle tank. Bear in mind that when you are building your own turtle tank, the life and health of your pet turtle is in your hands. So if you want to make your turtle happy and strong for a long period of time, follow these tips I stated above.

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