Everything you need to know about small turtles

Small turtles just love to dig and most of the time will disappear under their tank or vivarium. Small aquatic turtles are the even the worst when they are given a chance to dig up. Though digging is normal for them, covering their vivarium with plants and moss will decrease the chance for them to dig deep. In the wild these small turtles can dig and live with it which is why it is important that we provide them that kind of environment they normally grows into.

If you are going to set up a vivarium for small turtles, you need to put some soil on it. Soil has a special component that can actually decrease the odor. It can also help develop their claws the natural way. The soil can absorbs the urine of the turtle which has an offensive smell. It can also provide natural humidity due to the frequent watering of the plants and the soil itself.

You also need to place an aquarium light which will provide your small turtles the heat and the UV source they need. Make sure that you will place the manual kind with an on and off switch. Since small turtle can feel over heat under the direct heat of the sun, by giving them an aquarium light, they will be able to get just the right amount of heat their bodies need. Just replace the light as soon as you notice black spots on the bulb.

The top of the vivarium should be kept open for good ventilation. During the hot season, you need to water the vivarium and the plants more often to prevent over heating since vivarium can produce more heat than tanks and enclosure. Make sure that you give your small turtles fresh and clean water every day. This will not only help them to stay alive but it will also prevent them to acquire certain diseases. If you are going to use water bowl for drinking, see to it that it has the right size and shape. See to it as well that your small turtles will have an easy access to it without flipping on their backs.

It is better to place the water drinking bowl on the other side of vivarium. This will allow the drinking water clean for a long time. You’d be surprise just how dirty that water drinking bowl can get every day if you will place it on the vivarium. If you are going to place some decors on the vivarium such as stones and plants, your small turtles will surely love it though they will not yet be able to munch on those plants. Just make sure that you water these plants every day so as to prevent bugs and other pests to infest it and so as your vivarium.

If you want to see your small turtles to grow into a healthy and mature turtles, then these tips I stated above should be carefully considered and follow.

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