Everything you want to know about an Aquatic Turtle

Are you planning of having some turtles? Do you have any idea which kind of turtle you want to keep as your pet? Do you know how to take care of them? If not, then this article will help you a lot as it will tackle one of the many kinds of turtles and this is the aquatic turtle.

Aquatic turtle is considered to be one of the most delightful pets you may have. But id does not mean that they can be easily taken care of. They need more attention and care than most ordinary turtles. They require more labor than any kinds of turtles.

The required housing for aquatic turtle depends on its size and how many you are planning to keep. You can choose from glass aquaria, plastic containers, stock watering tanks and pond liners. If you are going to build an outdoor enclosure, make sure that it has some shade available. Never placed or put your tank or aquarium under the heat of the sun or directly to the sun as it may overheat easily. Bear in mind that the more you make your tank or your aquarium simpler the more can easily clean it. Try to avoid gravel or sand substrates as this may only make your cleaning hard. If you are going to set up a more elaborate tank or aquarium, make sure that it has filtration, bottom drainage and low stocking densities.

Clean Water
It is important that you only use clean water to ensure the health of your aquatic turtle. It is also essential that you change the water regularly. Partial water is not acceptable as this may only add up more dirt and algae and this can harm your aquatic turtles. If you have smaller tank or aquarium, it means you have to change the water more frequent. But if you have a larger tank or aquarium then you only need to change the water less. But if you are going put more aquatic turtles on the tank or in the aquarium, it is important that you frequently change the water even if you are already larger size of tank.

Feeding can also affects the cleanliness of the water so make sure that you change the water after you feed your turtles. Some foods have foul smell that can make the water dirty. If you are going to feed your aquatic turtles in their enclosure then you have to change the water within 12 hours of feeding. Now if you want to keep the water clean, then opt for another container wherein you can place your turtles and feed them there instead on their tank or enclosure.

Diet and Nutrition
Now if you want to make your aquatic turtles live long and healthy, make sure that you provide them the right diet and nutrition. Make sure that you fed them with varieties. You can feed your turtles some goldfish, guppies, trout, bait minnows and smelt. You can also feed your aquatic turtles some earthworms and night crawlers since these are very nutritious.

Treat your turtles right and they will surely live long and healthy.

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