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Jeep stroller parts consist of the wheels, seats, brakes, chassis, handle bars, harness and storage. These parts make the stroller give out more functionality, safety and convenience. All these stroller parts of a Jeep stroller are very essential. These parts should be clearly checked before buying. It is unfortunate that most parents get blinded by the features of a particular product and they don’t pay much attention on the stroller’s parts. However, Jeep is known to be made of high-quality materials and you need not worry but you still need to know the different roles of these parts.

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Wheels – this is very essential as this determines the maneuverability of the stroller and it will help you determine if it will take a lot of effort to push the stroller or a little effort will be enough. It is said that strollers that have bigger wheels are more difficult to turn in small and cramped up places and is also less maneuverable. Remember that every stroller has a different set of wheels. Some are larger, some are smaller some even comes in only 3 wheels.

Seat – this is very important because this is where your baby will sit and you need to check if the seat will be comfortable enough. It is recommended that you opt for a fully reclining seat so when baby wants to take a nap, you can recline it and give him or her a more comfortable nap even when on the road or in public places.

Brakes – this should be checked as well as this plays a big role on safety. Jeep strollers have a reliable braking mechanism so don’t worry. Some also comes with front and rear brakes.

Chassis – this plays an important part when it comes to the durability and strength of the stroller. Stability can also be determined if you check the chassis. Jeep strollers’ chassis are made from strong materials but keep in mind that this particular part is not replaceable.

Harness – another stroller part that is very essential when it comes to safety. We get it that your little tot may get a little bit rowdy on the stroller especially if he or she is having some tantrums, protection him or her with a harness will provide you peace of mind that he/she will not fall off or run away and it will be very safe for your baby as well.

Handlebars – this helps with the comfort you will get when pushing the baby stroller. Jeep strollers have adjustable handle bars and come with padding for maximum comfort.

Storage – this will give you the convenience of putting other baby things in the stroller instead of carrying it around while pushing the stroller. You may also put your other things like shopping bags in the storage of the stroller usually found under the seat of the stroller.

Jeep stroller parts are very important as these are the parts used to make a durable and safe baby stroller.

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  1. Sean

    I need a tube for front wheel of stroller size 12 1/2 x 2 1/4. Is there a place in Victorville CA 92392 where I can go?

  2. Byron Lapola

    HI; Please I am looking for the removable seat from the stroller Jeep -Mod: JLO31-XGA1. Please let me know if You can help me.
    Thank You

    Byron Lapola


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