Finding the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners are very convenient to have in your kitchen; it will give your knives the sharpest edge.

Electric knife sharpeners have features like multistage sharpening, diamond abrasives and precision guides. The first stage of the electric knife sharpener shaves off the metal more. The other stages will then realign and sharpen the edge of your knife completely. These stages will help you determine the stage wherein you can sharpen your knife, whether its serrated or bevelled, these electric knife sharpeners comes in manuals to give information to the user what kind of knife should undergo a certain stage and what it should not undergo.

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It is also advisable not to press hard on the blade because this will lose uprightness of the edge you are creating. These electric knife sharpeners also need to be empties of metal shavings. It is also best to use a clean knife when sharpening to prevent build-up on the surfaces.

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Electric knife sharpeners are very convenient because you don’t have to use the knife sharpener that can give you wounds. Different brands now hold electric knife sharpeners in their collection and it is still affordable that almost everyone can avail of the electric sharpener. It is also preferred by most people because of its convenience it offers to users.

Here are some instructions on how to use an electric knife sharpener:

  • Know which side of the sharpener is front and which is the back. If you ran the blade into the wrong side, it will most likely damage the blade of your knife.
  • Know what the slots in your sharpener do.
  • The machine should be put in a sturdy counter with enough room to put the knife through the sharpener.

How do you sharpen a knife with the use of an electric knife sharpener?

  1. The blade should be inserted in the first slot to sharpen the blade. Pull the blade towards you.
  2. Draw the blade through the electric knife sharpener and pull it steadily towards you.
  3. Lift the handle toward the tip of the blade so the curve will be sharpened.
  4. Sharpen the blade evenly. Right after sharpening the right edge of the blade, do the left side.
  5. Draw the blade though the remaining stages using the same technique you did on the first stage.
  6. Be careful when using an electric knife sharpener and make sure that there are no people or children playing around.

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