Gazebo String Lights: Tips And Tricks

The use of gazebo lights as an added accessory to the gazebo has been generally considered by a lot of people who plan to have and have gazebos. The gazebo lights do not only serve as an ornamental feature but is also very useful when there are tasks to be done in the gazebo. These lights enable the gazebo to be an added place to hang out with in the garden. You will not be inconvenienced much whether you plan to be reading, writing or playing board games in the gazebo because it will be bright there. Your evening dinners will also be in a festive mood.

Gazebo lights come in different forms and styles. They could be candles, colorful lanterns or gazebo string lights. Gazebo string lights are commonly used because they provide the brightest illumination and are the most convenient to style. They are smaller compared to lanterns, and they give better illumination than the candles. Gazebo string lights are also decorative. They could be easily tied to the gazebo posts to make the gazebo look like a beautiful ornamental garden feature.

There are a variety of gazebo string lights to choose from. You can choose the decorative LED lights, sphere lights or the LED string lights. Most gazebo string lights are water proof and have light bulbs that are very easy to replace. Most of them are also energy saving and will really let you save money.

For these lights to work you must have a long extension cord, or you could situate your gazebo near your power supply. There are however, gazebo string lights that are battery-operated just in case you don’t want the hassle of using the extension cord. But if you can’t help using one, just make sure that you limit the number of extension cords because they could be a cause of interference on the walkways.

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Make sure too that you measure the distance of the area around the gazebo that you want to cover with the string lights. Most gazebos have standard measurements but it is still important that you measure yours first before buying the cover and the gazebo string lights. You can ask someone to stand on one end and you on the other then measure the distance using a tape measure. Record the length and width to get the correct size of your gazebo and for later reference when you buy your gazebo cover and gazebo string lights. For a square gazebo, the standard measurement is usually ten feet by ten feet. For a rectangular one, it is ten feet by twelve feet.

For easier installation of the gazebo string lights, you can use hooks. Make sure that all your string lights are fastened tightly around the posts of the gazebo. Also make sure that they are properly outlined according to the design and style that you have in mind. After you have done all these, turn on the lights to see the effect.

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