Goodyear Rebates

Goodyear, a renowned tire manufacturer and seller is not only known for providing outstanding performance and excellent tires to its customers, but also for the rebates that they offer to their purchasers from time to time. Tire customers are often on a hunt for Goodyear rebates since they know that these discounts mean they pay only a small amount of the total cost. Usually, such rebates are provided to customers within a few weeks of their purchase dates. Typically, the rebate is maximized when the payment for the tires is made before the maturity date.

No matter what you are purchasing, getting rebates is always a delight. By offering these huge discounts from time to time, Goodyear has been able to attract and sustain a line of loyal customers over the years, giving it an edge over competitors.

Types of Goodyear Rebates

There are several different types of Goodyear rebates, but we will focus on two active discounts which are currently being offered to Goodyear customers. The company has a policy of setting up a time frame every year during which it provides $160 rebates to all tire purchasers. It is a good idea to purchase tires during this time frame due to the high rebates. The other type of Goodyear rebate is only eligible for military customers. Military customers get special consideration at Goodyear and therefore, shopping for tires here is a good choice for anyone in the military.

Other types of Goodyear rebates include winter discounts and bulk buying discounts. Winter discounts include rebates of up to $100 for tires purchased during the winter. As the name suggests, bulk buying discounts are available to customers who buy in bulk or whole sets of tires. The rebates can generally range from $40 to $160 and therefore, it is the duty of the customer to choose the right rebate that is going to be the most cost effective for them.

Goodyear cares about its customers and for convenience and ease, it allows its customers to apply for Goodyear rebates online. All that you have to do is fill an online Goodyear rebate form that can easily be found on the website. Once the form has been updated, you can search the website for different kinds of rebates and at the same time, find out about the status of the current rebates.

However, there is one important thing that all Goodyear customers should keep in mind. Goodyear rebates change from time to time, so it is important that they keep track of the rebates available and know about their current status. Rebates stay valid for a particular time period, so one can only avail of them while they last.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to know about Goodyear rebates before you purchase tires and understand how each one will benefit you. The different types of rebates the company offers never fail to surprise how customers can save money in so many different ways each time they purchase tires from Goodyear.

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