Hickory Furniture Mart

Hickory Furniture Mart is a 20-acre complex and is the area’s biggest tourist attraction in North Carolina. It is considered to be the finest of North Carolina when it comes to furniture, furnishings and accessories from all over the world. Aside from this, the mart features factory outlets, galleries and showrooms that offers over 1,000 lines of furniture and home accessories.

Hickory Furniture Mart – enjoying the four levels

Hickory furniture mart has a unique combination of shopping experience and exhibition hall. In fact, this is an ideal place to spend an hour alone or with your whole family. You can see a number of furniture in different styles and fashion. There is a map located in the four visitor centers that are located at each entrance but you can always just wander around through four levels and just simply enjoy the size of the whole place. Whether you get yourself a map or not, you will surely be able to appreciate the place and what it holds.

More information about the Hickory furniture mart

The four levels of Hickory furniture mart consists of home d├ęcor merchandise where you can grab some home decorating ideas. The great thing about the mart is that it is located near great shopping, dining and lodging places. Also, there is no entrance fee or anything, so you can leave and come back whenever you like. However, if you’re feeling hungry but don’t want to leave the mart, there are two restaurants inside where you can eat.

The Hickory Furniture Mart is certainly a great place to visit when you’re in North Carolina. They also have an online website where you can keep up-to-date with the latest events. You can also know more information on their website as well.

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