How to antique paint furniture

Antique furniture can add an instant class to any room, however, not everyone can afford to buy antique furniture. This way, it is very important that you how to antique paint furniture. You just can’t wait for your furniture to age because you will be probably be old by then or you have other important priorities by that time. This issue should not be an obstacle anymore because you can easily antique paint your furniture to make it look an antique.

How to antique paint furniture: Tools you will need

Here’s how to antique paint furniture: First, you have to gather everything that you will need. A plastic drop cloth, painter’s tape, gloves, Acrylic-base craft paint, clear acrylic aerosol sealer, antiquing glaze, smooth cloth rag and some paper towels. For the Acrylick-base craft paint and antiquing glaze, you are free to choose the color of your choice. Once you have all these ready, you’re ready to get some of your furniture go antique!

How to antique paint furniture: Step-by-step guide

How to antique paint furniture starts with laying your drop cloth over the work area. You will have to secure the drop cloth with your painter’s tape and cover any other items near your work area so it won’t get any paint spills or even stains. Before you antique paint, you have to clean the specific piece of furniture first that you wish to “antique paint”. Make sure that it is free of any dust or dirt and allow it to dry before you start painting.

Now, it’s to get your protective gloves on and apply ample amount of acrylic craft paint. Keep every surface covered and allow it to dry once you’re done. Then, grab your acrylic sealer and spray an even coat. Make sure that you’re six inches away from the surface and allow the sealer to dry once you’re done.

The last thing you have to do is to apply the antique color with the cloth. You have to cover the small sections and immediately use paper towels to wipe off the extra paint. Make sure that the entire piece is covered and you’re done! How to antique paint furniture is very easy, you just have to have the right tools and you’re good to go. Now, there is no need for you to purchase genuine antique furniture that doesn’t fit your budget, you can make your own antique just by antique painting it!

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