How To Become A Building Inspector

Are you looking for information on how to become a building inspector? This article will try to provide you with the information you need. A lot of people want to pursue this career, and they need guidance in order to become one. Below are some simple steps that can help you become a building inspector in the best way possible.

First, you must contact the building department of your city or county government, or contact a certified building inspector near you and ask about the programs in your area. The issue on how to become a building inspector involves taking courses in order to be certified as well as having a license at the same time. Aside from this, having certification and license also guarantees a higher building inspector salary.

how to become a property inspector

Once you’ve found a learning institution, enroll in the building inspector program and obtain the required manuals. When it comes to the tuition, the cost varies from place to place. Now, you have to start reading through your manuals in preparation for the course. It will help a lot if you have a basic understanding of construction, electrical, plumbing and even fire.

With regard to training, keep in mind that it is conducted largely on-the-job. In most cases, it is administered by a certified building inspector who will assist you on how to become a building inspector. You may also be required to absorb the text on your own in some programs, which will include learning the building and safety codes and getting up to speed on current inspection methods.

The next step on how to become a building inspector is augmenting your training with courses in blueprint reading, engineering, construction technology and drafting. These courses may be offered at a local career or community college, or a university. Now, you must pass all the training requirements, which includes a written exam and trial inspection tests.

Next on how to become a building inspector: you must get a liability insurance if you intend to be a self-employed building inspector. If you are planning to work for a company or building department, it will be provided as well.


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