How to Convert HDMI to RCA

Since HDs are the latest trend today, these come with HDMI that older devices can’t support. However, some people usually buy the HD TVs but their DVD players are still the same. So how do you convert HDMI to RCA?

To convert HDMI to RCA:

  • Connect your HDMI video cable output to the HDMI input. Connect an RCA video cable from the composite output of the device to the RCA of your device.
  • Plug in your HDMI output of a Gefen TV GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVIDSHDMIto composite Scaler.
  • Connect the HDMI to an RCA composite input.

This is pretty complicated especially to people who doesn’t know anything when it comes to connecting cables, the best way to do is ask a person who knows about this or where you bought the HD from. You can make this pretty easy just by reading everything and following instructions; another way to make this easier is to familiarize yourself with HDMI especially if you’re planning to buy one. You should know how to convert HDMI to RCA especially if you have old devices that you will use with your HD.

HDMI to RCA cables and converters are available on Amazon. Click here for more details.

HDMI to RCA cables and converters are available on Amazon. Click on the pic for more details.

Buying HD these days can be pretty expensive and not everyone can have their home or entertainment room equipped with HDs. Converting your HDMI to RCA will put new and old together and can still be useful. Some people connect their HDMIs to and RCA via a converter box or a converter cable. It actually depends. Listed above are the How to’s.

Converter box and converter cables can be found thru the Internet for more options, you could also go to for variety. These are very affordable too so don’t you fret. Before purchasing any of these converter cables, make sure that it can support your device because some converter cables can’t support some game consoles, TVs and personal computers. So read the information before clicking on that purchase button, you don’t want to want to spend on something that you will only find out in the end that it’s not compatible.

So connect that old device with your new HD device and have the best of both worlds. As I’ve said, Hds can get pretty expensive but with this way, converting HDMI to RCA, you can still use that old VCR or that old TV or even connect that HD gadget to an old device in order to transfer pictures and videos. Very convenient, right?

HDMI to RCA cables and converters are available on Amazon. Click here for more details.

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