Idiopathic Scoliosis

What is an idiopathic scoliosis? This is the curvature of the spine that occurs in children aged 10 to maturity. The spine may curve either to the left or to the light. Sometimes, this may start at puberty or during an adolescent growth spurt. Idiopathic simply means that the abnormal curve develops for unknown reasons. There is a genetic pre-disposition for some adolescents to develop this. In fact, 3-5% of adoloscents will be found to have some form of scoliosis. Most of these children will be girls in which the curves may be more progressive.

idiopathic scoliosis

Symptoms of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis:

  • back pain
  • leg lenth discrepancy
  • abnormal gait
  • uneven hips
  • one shoulder higher than the other
  • prominent shoulder blade and rib cage when benfing forward
  • visible curving of the spine to one side

If these symptoms are present, there is a big chance that you have idiopathic scoliosis and it is very important to seek treatment because progressive scoliosis, left untreated, can result in significant deformity. The deformity can cause marked psychological distress and physical disability especially among adolescent patients. Also, the deformity can have serious physical consequences.

Idiopathic scoliosis does not cause any pain, neurological dysfunction, or respiratory problems. When ti comes to the treatment, the type of treatment usually depends on the kind of degree of the curve, the child’s age, and the number of remaining growth years until the child reaches skeletal maturity.

Parents should always have their children checked especially during the age when idiopathic scoliosis is diagnosed. This will be best so they will be able to treat the scoliosis in the earliest way possible which can prevent a person from getting stressed and getting worried. This type of scoliosis is not a cause for alarm. The right treatment and a doctor’s guidance will help you through it. There is no need to worry, everything will be okay!

Just remember to have a healthy diet and exercise. Keep your body healthy and you will definitely feel good about yourself. See your doctor regularly and if you have any concerns, seek your doctor’s advise and you will feel better. There are treatments available for you so, don’t worry.

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