Importance of a Building Inspector Certification

Getting a building inspector certification is very important if you wish to pursue a career on this field. A certification will prove that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills for home inspection. Also, this will be the proof employers would want to see when you are applying.

Building inspectors can focus on specific aspects of construction inspection or they can specialize in either commercial or residential properties. There are certificate programs that one can locate and they can acquire a certificate or licence by local government agencies upon completion of the program.

Building inspector certification – Certificate of completion

Building inspector certification programs may vary by school but the curricula and outcomes of each program are alike. There are some programs that focus on preparing students to inspect commercial buildings while others prepare students to inspect residential buildings. Graduates of these certificate programs automatically gains sufficient knowledge of building codes and construction technology to become a certified building inspector. Also, students get to learn the standards published by the International Code Council and they will also receive hands-on inspection training most of the time. Certificate programs can be availed at community colleges and trade schools. It is required that applicants have a high school diploma or GED.

Benefits of having a building inspector certification:

  • You have a greater chance to get a high home inspector salary of building inspector salary
  • You can attract more clients
  • You can attract more employers
  • You can build your own business

Most aspiring building inspectors today aim to acquire a building inspector certification because it promises a brighter future for them. In this particular industry, there is no loss because there are always new houses and buildings being built and there are also a lot of houses and buildings that are undergoing renovation. This simply means that being a building inspector today with a certificate means a lot because you have a bigger chance to earn more money and it also opens up new opportunities for you.

So, a great advice for those who wish to embark on this journey as a building inspector, get yourself a building inspector certification.

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