Jeep Stroller Replacement Parts

Jeep stroller replacement parts allow you to replace any broken part in your child’s Jeep stroller – parts like wheels, brakes, air pumps, and straps. The most common part that is usually replaced is the wheels. This is because the wheels are the main recipient of all bumps and other impacts. Fortunately, Jeep strollers have high-quality materials, although there are times where replacement must be done, especially if the stroller has been used for a couple of years or more. The customers that request for replacement parts are usually people who have been using the stroller for almost 5 years!

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Also, it is unavoidable that straps do not get damaged, especially if your child has been playing with them or has accidentally cut them with scissors. The reason why these parts are being replaced is usually because of unwanted incidents that are uncontrollable. It is natural that children will play with anything they see and there are a lot of kids playing with their strollers outside their homes or while they are having their playtime with others. Wheels might break because they might just push the stroller anywhere.

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Replacement parts can be ordered in Kolcraft’s Website as they are the manufacturer of Jeep strollers. You can easily send them an e-mail or contact them via phone. Their contact numbers are posted in their Website. You will surely get a quick response from their customer service in regards to the replacement parts you requested. Remember that these replacement parts are usually pre-ordered. It will take weeks or even a month before the replacement part will be delivered or shipped to you.

If you have been searching the Internet about Jeep stroller replacement parts you can try or eBay. However, when it comes to replacement parts for Jeep strollers, it is still best that you order them from the manufacturer. This is because parts from manufacturers are designed specifically for the model type of your Jeep stroller while if you buy from others, you will just get a generic brand that might also easily break.

As much as possible, take care of the stroller as it is very valuable and useful. Maintain it and keep it away from your child during playtime because your child will surely play with it. Strollers can get pricey, so you really need to take care of it. Ordering replacement parts can be such a hassle because it can take weeks before it gets to you. However, it is also a comforting thought that there are Jeep stroller replacement parts, giving parents the opportunity to fix their stroller instead of buying a new one.

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5 thoughts on “Jeep Stroller Replacement Parts

  1. Andy Burnes

    I’m looking to find a replacement front tire for the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain stroller. Can I purchase this online anywhere or is there a number i can call? Also, how much is it?
    Thank you,

  2. mehdi

    dear sir ‘mam
    iam intersested in buying parts for one hundered peaces of strollers
    their by i need your companys catalog and the price list?
    thank you

  3. Laura Mastriano

    I need to replace the front tire on my jeep stroller. The stem on the tire is not allowing me to add air to the tire . Please advise on what is needed to arrange this. Thank you Laura


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