Kryptonite Locks

Kryptonite locks are one of the best bike locks out there. Owning a bike doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just park it anywhere. A good lock will have your bike secured and protected from thieves. This is what Kryptonite locks have to offer to all the bikers out there. We all know that bikes don’t come cheap. It is very time-saving and cost-effective to use, so protect and secure your bike as much as possible.

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If you remember, the bike locks before were only chains that get easily stolen by thieves. Kryptonite locks were founded by Michael Zane in 1970. He began to promote the use of U-locks to different bicycle dealers. The company soon expanded its products to different power sports, hardware and snow sports security. It also became famous due to the bikes being left for days with the use of Kryptonite locks. The U-locks have become very successful to all the bike owners out there, and these locks are even more preferred by people because of the security they offer. Although Kryptonite locks also have chains and cables, the U-locks have become the most successful.

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They have designed different bicycle locks for moderate to high crime areas. These locks will offer you different kinds that can suit your needs and will work best in your locality. During an early test of the Kryptonite lock, a bicycle was locked in a signpost in New York City for thirty days! Thieves tried so much to break the lock to get the bike but apparently, there was no success. The U-lock features of Kryptonite locks have been adapted by manufacturers as well but Kryptonite were the original manufactured that produced U-locks. However, there have been a lot of people saying that the lock can be unlocked with the use of a pen. This of course reached the company and then decided to make a lock exchange offer when that happens.

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To conclude everything, Kryptonite locks are the best bike locks. It is widely trusted and known by a lot of people. The negative feedbacks and comments from people are just a way to ruin the company’s reputation which is expected because they have made history and some people want to ruin them. So far, Kryptonite locks are still here and they still stand still through all the speculations that circulated their product and there are even more people trying and buying their locks to give their bikes maximum security and protection. The security and protection given by Kryptonite locks leave people with a peace of mind when they park their bikes outside especially if they are currently in a high-crime area and it is proven that the lock is very durable and won’t be easily broken with any tools.

Kryptonite Bike Locks are widely available on Amazon, most of them with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

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